Calacas Body Lotion from Lush

Calacas Body Lotion

When it comes to Lush I know I throw the love word around a lot, I just can’t help myself, especially when a product is Calacas scented… The Calacas scent has been released in a wide variety of product formats, my favourite so far being the, The Enchanter bath bomb. In my personal opinion the Calacas scent is the most refreshing, uplifting and zingy scent Lush have yet to create. Ever since I very first experienced the Calacas scent through the shower gel, I have been hooked and have since promised to try every Calacas scented product that I can get my hands on.

For the Calacas Body Lotion Lush have carefully combined oil of lime, neroli, cooling aloe vera and olibanum to make one of the most gorgeous, hydrating and energising body lotions I have ever used. If your skin is in need of a hydration boost you need look no further.

As soon as you pop open the lid of the Calacas body lotion you’re greeted with its sharp and zesty mood boosting scent. People often describe the Calacas scent as just like fruit pastilles, I agree to some extent I however believe its scent is so much better than just fruit pastilles.

A little amount of the Calacas body lotion goes a very long way. Once applied the scent stays on your skin for the best part of the day. It also leaves you with soft, smooth and gloriously hydrated skin. I am devastated that Lush didn’t decide to bring this body lotion out as a part of this years (2017) Halloween range, with the Lush Kitchen being in limbo at the moment I really don’t know if I’ll even be able to get hold of a pot of it ever again.

As said above, a very small amount of the Calacas body lotion does go a very long way, this means I at least have enough of it left to get me through the next 4 to 6 months (if used daily.) Overall I am a huge fan of the Calacas body lotion, it smells great, hydrates and soothes my skin perfectly and goes on to your skin, soaking in effortlessly. I really hope that Lush find a way to release this body lotion again as it really is such a good body lotion.

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