Celebrate Shower Gel from Lush

Celebrate Shower Gel
Celebrate Shower Gel was (and still is to some extent) one of the rarest, most sought after Lush shower gels ever made. When it was first released it was an exclusive product to Lush Japan. I’m not completely sure of the exact ins and outs but from what I understand, Lush UK didn’t have the rights to make it. With it only being available to buy within Japan the demand for it world wide was through the roof. Unless you could get someone in Japan to ship it to you directly it was near on impossible to get hold of.

Back in 2016 Lush UK released a shower gel as a part of their winter line called Bubbly. It’s not the same as Celebrate shower gel but it does come from the same scent family. As there are so many beautiful Lush scent families to choose from it is impossible for me to pick just the one favourite, anything Celebrate scented is however always a hit with me.

Lush Kitchen reached 3 years young back in March 2017 and to celebrate they brought out Celebrate shower gel as a surprise! It was a dream come true for me and I did not see it coming. For me, it was a sit down and fan yourself type of surprise, Lush is my life, don’t judge me. Just as I had come to terms with the fact that I would probably never get my hands on a bottle, I did! Thank you Lush Kitchen, you rock my world!

As soon as you open the lid of Celebrate shower gel you are greeted with the comforting and refreshing scent of warming cognac, sweet orange and zesty lime. Much like the Bubbly shower gel, Celebrate is a fairly thick formula, to me it feels like more of a cream than a shower gel.

The smallest amount of Celebrate shower gel goes a very long way, this is a great trait to have in a product you love, especially when it is also a very rare product! it lathers up in your hands effortlessly and works even better with a shower pouf or washcloth. As you work it onto your body the scent really hits you. It’s a very delicate citrus fragrance that I can never, ever get enough of.


My skin adores it, as does my nose. Using Celebrate shower gel is great anytime of day but I love to use it of an evening after a long, hard day. It not only lifts my mood but also eases me into a relaxed state of mind, helping me wind down for bed time. Its scent reminds me of happy times. The first time I experienced the Celebrate scent was when I used a Golden Wonder bath bomb, I fell in love with it within seconds of using it and have been desperate to try every Celebrate scented product since.

I am curious as to whether Celebrate shower gel will be making a return as a part of 2017’s Winter line now that Lush UK have got the okay to make it here. I honestly wouldn’t mind either Celebrate or Bubbly though, they are both very good shower gels that I find work just as good as a shampoo too.  I would however be really upset if neither came back this year.

I can clearly see and smell why the Celebrate shower gel is so sought after and I am so thankful to the Lush Kitchen for pulling so many strings and finally giving us UK Lushies a chance to experience it!

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Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub from Lush

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub.png

Ever since trying my very first Lush lip scrub I  have been hooked.

I don’t even bother looking at other brands anymore as no other lip scrub exfoliates, hydrates and softens my lips better.

I am a frequent user of Lush lip scrubs as I have an awful habit of biting my lips in my sleep. I like the Lush lip scrubs over others because they require minimum effort while covering everything your lips needs to look their best.

Being in a little tub, Lush lip scrubs can easily be slipped into your hand bag ready for you when you need it. They are a quick and easy way to exfoliate dry or chapped lips on the go.

The Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub is a part of 2016’s Lush Winter line and it is one of 2 releases. Unexpectedly to me, Sugar Plum shares its scent with The Comforter Bubble Bar.

I love the Comforter bubble bar I however am indecisive in regards to the shower cream equivalent because I find the scent too strong. Once I have however used it and the scent has dampened somewhat, I begin to warm to it. It’s definitely more desirable for me an hour or so after using it.

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub 3.png

The Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub like the shower cream is very strongly scented. This worried me a little as the thought of putting it near my mouth made me feel a little bit sick.

The smallest amount however goes a long way and I found that when it was on my lips its scent wasn’t nearly as strong as it is in the pot.

The main ingredient in Lush’s lip scrubs is caster sugar. To this day I am still amazed something so basic and natural can do such a good job at exfoliating.

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub 2.png

To use a lip scrub, place the smallest amount on to your finger then gently buff it on to your lips. The sugar helps smoothes and soothes any bits of your lips that don’t appear perfectly polished.

Once you have then finished buffing your lips you then add a dab of Lush lip balm.

Over all I am really impressed by the Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub, it is not as moisturising as others I have tried such a Bubblegum or Chocolate, it however still leaves my lips looking smooth and at their best.

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