Wally de Wasbeerhond Bath Bomb from Lush

At the time of writing this review, the Wally De Wasbeerhond Bath Bomb (Wally the Raccoon Dog Bath Bomb) is an exclusive product to Lush Netherlands and as far as I am aware, won’t be released anywhere else.

I was lucky enough to get a hold of 2 thanks to someone incredible.

I couldn’t start this review without sending her a thousand thank yous for going out of her way to get these bath bombs over to me in the UK. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This adorable bath bomb with the face of a raccoon was created and released to raise money and awareness for a very important cause.

Did you know that the fur most commonly worn in Europe comes from the raccoon dog? Did you also know that very recently a number of clothing retailers were found out to be selling ‘faux’ fur items that were actually real fur as bizarrely, real fur is less money to produce? It’s disgusting and cruel. Animals shouldn’t be killed and kept in awful conditions for anything, let alone for fashion purposes.

The Bont voor Dieren are an organisation that are committed to working towards a European ban on the fur industry. All proceeds from the sales of the Wally De Wasbeerhond bath bomb minus VAT are going towards Bont voor Dieren’s fight. (You can read more about what they do here.)

From now on, I am going to refer to the Wally De Wasbeerhond bath bomb as just the Wally bath bomb just to make reviewing and reading this review a little easier for the both of us.

The Wally bath bomb shares its scent with Lush’s popular Daddy-O Shampoo as well as the Violet Cream bubble bar. Some of the ingredients included in the bath bomb are both violet leaf and Pakistan rose absolutes as well as bergamot and canaga oils.

Its scent is warm and delicious, it’s very similar to Parma Violet sweets!

As soon as the Wally bath bomb touches the water there is a gentle hiss of bubbles, at first the bubbles are plain white then as the bath bomb dissolves, they slowly become more and more pink.

Wally is a very slow dissolver, 10 minutes after putting it in the water mine was still fizzing away although much smaller than it started out.

Once it has fully dissolved, the water it leaves behind is a beautiful, light-pink and it feels silky-soft to touch. The violet within in it makes it such an incredibly relaxing bath. The Daddy-O scent is one of Lush’s most uplifting and inviting fragrances and is one I often find myself craving.

Other than the fact that this bath bomb is raising awareness and funds to help the fight against the use of animal furs in Europe, my favourite part has to be its scent. I don’t think I have ever owned a stronger scented bath bomb. I could even smell it as the postman handed me over the well-sealed box of them.

I actually left the closed box of them downstairs in my living room when I went up to bed that night. Amazingly I could still smell them while I lay in bed. After use, the scent also stays on your skin for the longest time after getting out of the bath too, I love it!

Lush really need to release more violet scented products, it’s a really underestimated ingredient that adds so much to a product’s final fragrance. It also seems to work in any format Lush put it in, be that a shampoo, bubble bar or bath bomb.

Why Lush haven’t made this bath bomb available to purchase in other European countries confuses me as I know it would sell brilliantly and would raise so much more money for the cause?!?!!

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Orangutan Bath Bomb from Lush #WestTobaForest

Lush are well known for doing a lot of work for charity and the Orangutan Bath Bomb is the latest of their charity bath bombs to be released.

The Orangutan bath bomb is raising money for the Sumatran Orangutan Society – you can read more about the work they do as well catching up on what has happened since Lush’s last fundraiser for them, through the selling of the Orangutan soap back in 2017, here: www.orangutans-sos.org.

While the Orangutan bath bomb is linked to the Orangutan soap it does not share the same scent. The Orangutan bath bomb shares its scent with the Lush Halloween classic, the Lord of Misrule bath bomb.

Like the Orangutan soap the Orangutan bath bomb is shaped like a mini orangutan. It’s quite a small bath bomb at only 90g but its attention to detail is beautiful. It contains, black pepper oil, Sumatran patchouli oil, vanilla absolute and kukui nut oil.

It has a strong and musky, peppery-herbal like fragrance. If you like the Lord of Misrule scent, you’ll love a huge amount of the upcoming products from this year’s Halloween line, there are a lot of Lord of Misrule scented newbies on the way!

With the Orangutan bath bomb being so small it is quite expensive BUT it is for charity so I can’t really complain. As I said earlier too, its design is incredibly intricate, it would have taken quite a while to make its mould with the 3D printers that Lush use.

As soon as the Orangutan bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of orange foam. Like the Avobath bath bomb, the Orangutan bath bomb isn’t a bath bomb that creates any bath art. Its unique selling point is definitely its design and the cause it has been made for.

Being honest as always, in use this charity bath bomb wasn’t as exciting as past charity products, especially when it is compared to the likes of the charity bath bomb from a few years ago, the IRL bath bomb but that’s just my personal opinion. I know that some customers prefer the less colourful bath bombs.

While the Orangutan bath bomb doesn’t create any bath art, it does turn the bath water a bright orange colour.

The Orangutan bath bomb dissolves very quickly; In less than 2 minutes of it being placed into the water it completely fizzles away.

I love how beautiful the Orangutan bath bomb is to look at. It’s lovely to also see that the sales of the Orangutan soap from 2017 have already made such a difference.

Overall it’s a good bath bomb for a good cause. I’d like to end this review with a huge thank you to the Sumatran Orangutan Society for all that they do for the Orangutans. Sadly we’re still a long way from being able to take Orangutans off of the endangered species list but I’m hopeful things will continue to improve with all of the Sumatran Orangutan Societies hard work.

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#TBH365 Bath Bomb from Lush

The #TBH365 Bath Bomb is yet another wonderful, limited edition, charity bath bomb released in May 2021 by Lush. #TBH365 is an abbreviation of the statement, Teach Black History, all year round. This fundraising bath bomb is raising money for a social enterprise called The Black Curriculum.

The Black Curriculum was founded back in 2019, its main purpose is to address the lack of Black British history within the UK national curriculum.

All proceeds (minus VAT) made from the sales of the TBH bath bomb will be donated to The Black Curriculum.

The Black Curriculum deliver art focused Black history programmes and provide teacher training to facilitate social change. The programmes they deliver are suitable for all young people aged 8-16. Here is a direct link to their website if you’d like to find out more information. (The Black Curriculum)

I left school back in 2006 and honestly cannot remember studying any black history in length at all. I think we joined in with Black history month all of once and it was more or less just one or two lessons. As someone who has always been very interested in history (my history GCSE teacher hated me and would disagree, but I do generally enjoy the subject) I find this appalling.

If it wasn’t for campaigns like this, so many people do, would and will remain ignorant to the inexcusable fact that the teaching of Black history just isn’t given the right or in some cases any amount of coverage within schools.

For the purpose of this review, I am going to refer to the #TBH365 bath bomb as the TBH bath bomb from now on, just to make writing and reading this review a little easier. I don’t know about you but too many hashtags and numbers are making my eyes go funny!

The TBH bath bomb shares its scent with the Charity Pot/Grassroots Lush-scent-family and contains a carefully selected list of ingredients that work together impeccably. – Geranium, rosewood and ylang ylang oils alongside a generous helping of vanilla absolute means its fragrance is best described as a warm yet gentle-floral and vanilla rich affair.

The TBH bath bomb is designed to look like an open book, it is decorated with the, The Black Curriculum’s Logo and also includes an etched ribbon-bookmark and is a HUGE bath bomb! You can see just how big it is in the photo of me holding it. – I have actually seen several people snap their bath bomb in half using each piece in 2 different baths.

Sporting a beautiful blend of pretty colours, red, orange, yellow and white; I was excited to see what bath art the TBH bath bomb would create. Not only is TBH designed with bright, warm, and super inviting colours but it also has a very generous amount of hypnotizingly-sparkly gold shimmer in!

The bath art that the TBH bath bomb creates is truly stunning, my photos in this review do the bath bomb no justice at all. As the bath bomb is quite big, it takes a long time to fully dissolve BUT once you’re in the tub with it, it doesn’t take long for you to drift off into a state of pure relaxation.

Once the TBH bath bomb has fully dissolved you are left with bright orange, shimmery-gold-water that I couldn’t help but swirl around a bit before I got out, the way it swirls around is just so incredibly mesmerising.

The bath bombs gentle scent remains on your skin for a good few hours after leaving the bathtub, it also left my skin feeling hydrated and appearing brighter and completely refreshed. Overall, I am over-the-moon in-love with the TBH bath bomb. It is made to raise awareness and funds for a brilliant cause, creates captivatingly beautiful bath art all while also smelling absolutely delicious! …Oh how I wish it wasn’t a limited edition product.

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IRL Bath Bomb from Lush


IRL Bath Bomb2

IRL is an abbreviation of the phrase, ‘In Real Life’. Famous YouTuber Zoe Sugg has collaborated with Lush to create a bespoke, limited edition, Digital Detox Day product – The IRL Bath Bomb. The idea behind the IRL bath bomb and Digital Detox Day is to raise awareness about the negative impact social media can have on our mental heath.

Digital Detox Day has been penciled in for the 5th of September. The idea is to take yourself away from your phone for 24 hours, in a bid to help people develop healthier relationships with their  devices.

Money from the sales of the IRL bath bomb will go towards a fund taking applications for grants from small, grassroots groups who work on mental health issues.

I will leave several links directing you to further information in regards to Digital Detox Day and the campaign at the end of this review as I am sure you are eager for me to get my actual review started so without further ado…

The IRL bath bomb is yet another Lush product that I judged too soon. When I first see it shared in photographs on Instagram I thought that its pale colours meant that it was going to be really wishy, washy in the bath, not giving off any colour or Bath art at all.

I have never been so wrong in my life! As soon as the IRL bath bomb hits the water white, orange, hot pink and blue sizzle out of it, slowly covering the waters surface with a blanket of pretty colours and fizzing bubbles.

 Like a little speedboat, the IRL bath bomb charges around your bath leaving a trail of the most beautiful blend of swirling colours on the waters surface. The photos I took and have put in this review, do the IRL bath bomb NO JUSTICE AT ALL.

Containing a long list of dominating floral-fragranced-ingredients; Orange flower, neroli, mimosa, gardenia & lavender oil I expected the IRL bath bombs scent to knock my socks off, its scent is however very light and not overpowering at all.

The IRL bath bombs scent is new to Lush and created specifically for this bath bomb. I can detect the rose absolute the most, the lavender and neroli oil are noticeable too, they blend really well together rounding the scent off, softening the rose absolute.

When asked to describe IRL’s scent, Zoe Sugg said “If escapism had a smell, this would be it.” I couldn’t have put it any better myself, it’s fresh, uplifting, mood-boosting and calming all at the same time.

As the IRL bath bomb fizzes away it fills your bathroom with its gentle, relaxing fragrance. IRL’s bath art is comparable to the likes of the bath art created by the Roller bath bomb, the colours and swirls it makes are just as mesmerising and bright.

Once the IRL bath bomb has dissolved the water is left a milky violet colour. I loved how my skin felt when I got out of the bath, IRL is really moisturising without being at all oily. After a good soak I’m left feeling fresh as a daisy.

Overall I really am impressed with the IRL bath bomb, it is by far the best bath bomb to come out of 2020 (a very bold statement although the year isn’t quite done with yet!)

I wouldn’t normally favour floral scents and would nearly always opt for something fruity instead but there is just something so calming about IRL’s fragrance. I’d love for Lush to make this a permanent product as it truly is a work of art.

As promised please find the following links, they will direct you to further information in regards to Digital Detox Day and the campaign.

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Agbogbloshie Bath Bomb from Lush

Agbogbloshie Bath Bomb

You may have noticed that this bath bombs name is a bit of a mouthful, it however isn’t a name created by Lush to annoy us, it is in fact the nickname of the largest electronic waste dump in the world. The Agbogbloshie Bath Bomb was yet another product showcased at the 2018 Lush Summit. I had actually watched a BBC documentary on Agbogbloshie prior to the Lush Summit so already knew a little bit on the cause and inspiration behind this product.

Situated in Ghana, Agbogbloshie is where most of the world’s electronic waste ends up. Burning the waste is a quick and easy way to strip anything from it that could be sold on for very small amounts of money. For so many people in Ghana this is their only source of income and how they survive.

The burning of this electronic waste puts toxic chemicals into the atmosphere affecting air, land and water. Exposure to these toxins are extremely hazardous and not just to humans but to the environment too. The toxins created from the burning of the electronic waste are said to inhibit the development of the reproductive system, the nervous system, and also the brain. Concerns about human health and the environment of Agbogbloshie continue to be raised and this bath bomb represents the issue. Despite of all of these frightening facts nothing in Agbogbloshie is yet to change.

The Agbogbloshie bath bomb is the same size and shape as an iPhone. In a world where we are obsessed with technology, (especially our phones) this bath bomb of course caught most people’s immediate attention. Apart from its shape, the first thing I noticed about the Agbogbloshie bath bomb was its royal-blue-colour. Colour Wise, it’s a shade of blue that is very similar to the blue in the Intergalactic bath bomb.

The best part of this bath bomb is however its scent. Luckily for us (the consumer), the Agbogbloshie bath bomb’s scent is far, far away from the toxic stench that the people of Agbogbloshie have to breathe in. It in fact, shares its scent with the Calacas shower gel (which happens to be one of my all time favourite Lush scents!) Calacas is a hugely popular Lush scent and has featured in several other bath bombs before now. The, The Enchanter, Monsters’ Ball and Skullduggery to name a few.

The Calacas scent is refreshing, uplifting and zingy. Lush have carefully combined oil of lime, neroli, cooling aloe vera and olibanum to make this gorgeous and energising bath time treat. Although the Agbogbloshie bath bomb was a super quick fizzer I managed to get a shot of it bubbling away.

Even after the Agbogbloshie bath bomb has fully dissolved its scent remains right up until the last drop goes down the plug hole. My skin was left delicately fragranced and well hydrated too. If you did want to spoil yourself, after using this bath bomb I’d recommend putting on some Calacas body lotion, that is if you have some hanging around!

My most favourite thing about Lush is being able to layer up certain scents with different product formats, the Calacas scent is just so incredibly moreish I don’t think I will ever get bored of it. Overall I think the Agbogbloshie bath bomb is a great new member of the Calacas scented product family. It was perfect in the bath and also taught me a great deal about Agbogbloshie and how things need to change.

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Mermaid Bath Bomb from Lush

Mermaid Bath BombI have never been so excited and thrilled to get hold of a Lush product more than when I did the Mermaid Bath Bomb. Its name won me over from the get-go, anyone who knows me personally knows that I live in a world where mermaids, unicorns and all things magical are always very, very welcome.

If you didn’t know already, the Lush Summit is an annual charity event hosted by Lush, all proceeds made from the sales of the products that are there, go to that products chosen charity. The Mermaid bath bomb was raising money and awareness for a charity of the same name, Mermaids. Mermaids raise awareness about gender nonconformity in children and young people while also providing support for both them and their family.

The first thing that I noticed about the Mermaid bath bomb was how similar it looked to one of my all time favourite Lush products, the Intergalactic bath bomb. Mermaid actually looks like it is the love child of the Intergalactic and Avobath bath bomb. It’s a pale, gentle green like Avobath and a mix of colours just like the Intergalactic, it’s so beautiful to look at, so much so that I think bath bombs should have babies together more often! 😉

Mermaid’s ingredients include lemon myrtle, ylang ylang and grapefruit oil which happens to be the exact same 3 essential oils that are found in Lush’s Baked Alaska soap. Scent wise, I’d say that the Mermaid bath bomb is almost identical to the Baked Alaska soap I however find it a lot crisper.

The long list of fruity ingredients are perfectly suited to this light and airy looking bath bomb, once it hits the bath water waves of pastel shaded colour erupt from it. There are greens, pinks, oranges and bright yellows. The bath bomb dances around the water’s surface sending out swirls of bubbly, colourful patterns, I was left mesmerised by its beauty every time I tried it.

As much as I love the bold and bright colours that burst out of the, The Experimenter bath bomb, it’s nice to experience the Mermaid bath bomb’s less intense colours. Its citrusy scent intensifies some what once in the water too, it however like its colour isn’t at all overpowering. It’s gentle enough to lay back and relax in, yet refreshing and tangy enough to give you a boost, the grapefruit oil in it packs a subtle but very revitalizing punch.

*UPDATE in process, photo temporarily unavailable*

Although the Mermaid bath bomb is quite a fast fizzer it does create some very pretty bath art. A long soak in a Mermaid bath leaves your skin hydrated and refreshed. Even once out of the bath I could see a difference in my skin, it definitely appeared brighter and revived. I regret bitterly that I didn’t pick up several more of these bath bombs, not only are they in support of a great cause but are also a very enjoyable product.

Like the Tiger Tiger Burning Bright bath bomb, I think it is a crime for Lush to not make more of these, please, please, please bring these out online Lush, to not only raise further awareness for the Mermaid charity but to also let the world have a chance of using this beautiful bath bomb.

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Orangutan Soap from Lush

Orangutan Soap

Whether you are or aren’t a fan of Lush, the one thing you can’t fault them for is the amount of charity work that they do. It’s so refreshing to see a company that doesn’t solely obsess over making profit just for themselves. Lush’s most recent charity-product is the Orangutan Soap. All proceeds (minus VAT) made on the sales of these soaps are going towards the Sumatran Orangutan Society. Their aim is to buy 50 hectares of old Indonesian palm plantation so that they can restore the land back into native forest. This will give the Orangutans a much needed extension on their dwindling home and habitat.

Currently there are only 14,600 wild orangutans left in Sumatra, the decline in forest space is slowly but surely working towards making the orangutan in Sumatra extinct. To help raise the money for this product Lush have made 14,600 orangutan shaped soaps to sell, this means that each soap made represents one of the remaining Sumatran orangutans. This  really hit home for me, it made me realise just how close we are getting to losing the Sumatran Orangutans forever.

The first thing I noticed about the Orangutan soap was its intricate design. It truly is a work of art, the attention Lush have given just on its detail alone is more than impressive. It resembles an orangutan so accurately, it even has delicate lines all over it to represent the orangutans fur. Lush have almost made the orangutan shaped soap too pretty to use, I bitterly regret not ordering 2 for myself now. One to use and one to leave on display.

The Orangutan soap contains patchouli and orange oil giving it a musky and smoky scent with a layer of orange sweetness. In some ways it reminds me of the Supertramp and Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar. The patchouli is definitely the most dominant ingredient within it, there is however just enough orange and coconut oil in it to soften the strength of the patchouli slightly.

When using the Orangutan soap I was surprised at how quickly it created a workable lather. Although the soap has quite a strong scent, after using it its scent doesn’t remain on your skin for very long. It is however more moisturising on your skin than I had expected, the addition of coconut oil has made a real difference to how the soap feels on the skin. I wouldn’t say the soaps scent was a favourite of mine but it isn’t at all unpleasant, I can imagine it working very well with the Lord of Misrule bath bomb. That isn’t a cocktail I could try myself though as that bath bomb triggers my migraines. If anyone does try the two together, I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the pairing.

Overall I really do like this soap, the scent doesn’t blow me away but it’s perfectly sculptured design does. A lot of time and effort was clearly put into the making of this product, I hope that the Sumatran Orangutan Society benefits from the sale of this soap even more than they had hoped.

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Chameleon Bath Bomb from Lush

Chameleon Bath BombThe Chameleon Bath Bomb from Lush Cosmetics is a bath bomb that was created way before I became a fully fledged Lushie, all proceeds of its sale went towards a campaign that was raising awareness on the cruel reality of domesticating wild animals such as the Chameleon. I had personally not heard of the bath bomb before but when the Lush Kitchen added it as a bonus product to their weekly menu last week, I couldn’t resist buying a few.

Containing grapefruit, mandarin and ylang ylang oil the Chameleon is yet another citrus fruit scented product. I know some customers are growing tired of the citrus products as of late but they are perfect for this particular time of year. There isn’t much left of Summer now… Luckily I can never get enough citrus and after just one sniff I fell deeply in love with the Chameleon bath bomb’s bright and cheerful scent.


Grapefruit, mandarin and ylang ylang oils are the perfect blend of essential oils to help uplift, recharge and brighten your mind, body and soul. As the Chameleon bath bomb dissolves in the water a wave of sweet orange scent dominates the room. After using it, I cannot express how much I enjoyed it just on scent alone. To date, the Chameleon bath bomb’s scent is my most favourite of all of the Lush products I have tried so far. A bold statement that I am more than happy to shout from the rooftops!

If you’re a fan of the recently discontinued Lava Lamp bath bomb‘s scent then the Chameleon bath bomb is right up your street, Lush appear to have taken the best parts of the Lava Lamp and Golden Wonder bath bombs scents and thrown it into the Chameleon bath bomb. Its scent is mouthwateringly good.


Due to the Chameleon bath bomb’s size (similar to the Rocket Science bath bomb) I thought it would be a very quick fizzer, although it is quick, it took longer to fizzle away than I had expected. As the Chameleon comes into contact with the water, a purple splash of colour spills out of it. Its shimmery green coating adds a glistening effect to your bath water, underneath the shimmery green coating the Chameleon is a bright pink.

The way the water sits once the Chameleon bath bomb has fully dissolved reminds me of the multi tonal water you get with the Magic bath bomb. Chameleon isn’t much of a bath bomb if you’re looking for out of this world Experimenter style bath art, it is however very pretty and when you lay back in its waters you can feel your worries melting away.

Overall I am truly dazzled by this bath bomb, its scent is irresistible, the fact it moisturises your skin so well is a huge bonus. Its scent stays on the skin hours and hours after using it. I am blown away by its scent and the longevity of its scent too. Lush really need to bring out more products with this bath bomb’s scent.

A body lotion, shower gel, or even a shampoo bar, just the idea of other products with the Chameleon scent leaves me salivating!

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Fox Bath Bomb from Lush

When I very first see this pretty, little Fox shaped bath bomb I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a few. I adore the character products that Lush create, past favourites include the Spring Bunny, Ickle Baby Bot and the Butterbear bath bomb.

The Fox Bath Bomb was a Lush Summit product exclusive back in February 2017. It was a charity bath bomb that was brought out to not only raise some money but also to spread awareness of the cruelty that the fox is up against when Fox hunting is in question.

With the UK’s general election only a few days away, foxhunting has been a frequent topic of conversation. Currently it is illegal to participate in foxhunting in the UK but there have been talks about making it legal again.

Even though this bath bomb is now no longer available, Lush are still pushing their campaign on it, I’m not here to preach politics but I will say that I am dead set against foxhunting. In all of the UK Lush stores they currently have posters displayed that read, ‘Dear 16%, we find foxhunting cruel. Sincerely, the 84%’

Once as a child I was sat in a car and we drove past a huge gathering of horses, riders and foxhounds. It was one of the most eeriest experiences I have ever had. It was almost as if I could smell the fear in the air. I am not a lover of foxes, in fact I am petrified of them, I would however never condone killing them just for fun.

No matter how much I love Lush and their products, sometimes there is the odd few that I don’t get along with. Unfortunately the Fox bath bomb is one of those products. I want to kick myself as to look at, it is such a beautiful and sweet design, the fact that it is also fronting a campaign I believe so strongly in makes me feel even worse, I however cannot get on with its scent. The scent it has is from the ‘Lust’ Lush-scent family meaning that the Fox bath bomb isn’t the first Lush product to have its scent.

The Fox bath bomb is heavily fragranced with jasmine and ylang ylang. I’m not entirely sure what it is about the mixture of those two ingredients that upsets my nose so much but I have tried and tried to like it with no joy. 9 times out of 10 I grow to appreciate a  product’s scent but as for the Lust scent, I don’t think it is ever going to happen.

Please do not take my word for it though, I have seen many Lushies raving about the Lust, Lush-scent. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that you’ll feel the same. Recently the Lush Kitchen created an online poll of Lush scents in a bid to find out our favourites so that they could create brand new products with the most popular scents. The Lust scent came 5th, this proves that there are in fact a lot more people out there that love the scent, than there are people (like me) that hate it.

Although I didn’t stay in the Fox bath for very long due to me not liking its scent, I couldn’t help but notice how quickly it had softened my skin. It’s a fairly quick fizzer too, the quicker it fizzles away the quicker you can lie back in the bath and get your relax on! 😉

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Error 404 Bath Bomb from Lush #KeepItOn

The Error 404 Bath Bomb is back for a really great cause and with a brand new scent!

All of the profits made from the sales of it go to the Digital Fund supporting Access Now.

The people behind Access Now defend the digital rights of users at risk around the world.

They are campaigning to make having internet access a human right.

Globally, internet has become an essential to everyday life, switching it off for a country completely is not just an inconvenience, it’s life damaging.


Shutting down the internet doesn’t just make it impossible to have a cheeky browse of your Instagram feed, it stops ALL online communication for everyone and every thing.

Without internet access families are torn apart unable to communicate with each other, emergency services are unable to share vital information, even businesses lose out on money.

Whole countries are silenced with one flick of a switch. Complete internet shutdown causes absolute chaos.


All profits from the Error 404 are going to the Digital Fund and they aim to raise a grand total of £250,000.

The Digital Fund support grassroot activists and charities protecting the ‘freedom of expression in the digital era,’ while also ‘fighting to keep the internet free, open and safe.’

Lush have previously done several campaigns like this before and all have been a real success.

The selling of the May Day bath bomb and the Love Soap were the most recent off of the top of my head.

I love companies that give instead of just take, take, taking.


The old scent of the Error 404 wasn’t one of my favourites so I was happily gloating when I found out that they had changed it. Its new scent is very strong, I was a little taken aback when I first had it in my hands, I however have decided that I do in fact like it, a lot.

Scent wise I’d describe it as burnt toffee. I know that doesn’t sound overly appealing but it’s just how my nose has envisioned it. It’s sweet, smoky and warming which is all I look for in a bath bomb during the cold winter months.

Error 404 is decorated with a coating of golden lustre, lustre sometimes puts people off of a Lush product, I even used to avoid them myself. I now know that there really isn’t anything to worry about with them, it’s exactly the same type of lustre you find in makeup, bronzers or highlighters, harmless.

I cannot emphasise enough that you do not need to be scared of the shimmery Lush products. Using them doesn’t make you look like you’ve had a fight with a fairy and lost. I promise!

Once in the water the scent of Error 404 fills your bathroom. It becomes a much more gentle scent which I really liked.

The water turns an aqua blue colour. Once the coating of gold lustre has dissolved a green layer is revealed. Other colours then come out of the bath bomb, blue and gold. The patterns it creates are so pretty and made me think of peacocks.

The calming pastel colours and the scent of 404 are a match made in heaven. My skin is silky smooth once I get out and I also feel warm, refreshed and super relaxed after using it.


Once the bath bomb has finished you find a surprise paper insert with a message.

I got a little impatient with mine and accidently ripped the corner and smooshed the text, whoops… It should read: ‘Visit AccessNow.org/KeepItOn to fight internet shutdowns #KeepItOn’.

Until this campaign started I was ignorantly unaware that internet shutdowns actually happened. Now I know about them and I am aware of the negative impact they have on a country, it has made me feel so grateful for what we have here in the UK. I will now always think twice before I moan about poor signal on my phone or laptop.

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