Plum Rain Body Spray from Lush

Plum Rain Body Spray

The Plum Rain Body Spray shares its scent with Lush’s much loved Plum Rain shower gel. The scent is actually fairly new, it made its debut in its shower gel form at Lush Oxford Street back in July 2016, since then it has become a main line product and at the time of writing this, is available in all UK stores as well as online. Due to its skyrocketing popularity, Lush not only treated us with the creation and release of the Plum Rain body spray but over last year’s Winter period also treated us to 2 brand new, limited edition products that also shared the gorgeous Plum Rain scent. The Hedgewitch soap and Plum Snow bubble bar.

Plum Rain body spray has a long list of fruity ingredients, the osmanthus absolute, petitgrain oil and Sicilian mandarin mix is a little odd BUT upon first sniff incredibly moreish. Scent wise, I believe Plum Rain to be one of the most interesting fragrances Lush currently have on offer. The scent is refreshing and warm while also being very, very inviting, I can never get enough of it. Its scent is completely different from anything Lush has created before now. It’s a very sour fruity fragrance BUT not at all unpleasant.


To use all you have to do is squirt the Plum Rain body spray over your body or clothes. Just 1 or 2 squirts is all you need, I’m amazed that such a small amount leaves you smelling absolutely gorgeous all day long. I can understand why so many people like the body sprays more than the perfumes. They have the same level of strength (scent-wise) and you get so much more for your money. Just a few refreshing squirts of Plum Rain is all that it takes to set you up for the whole day. I got married last year (2017) and I decided that Plum Rain would be my wedding scent. A decision I do not regret. Now its fruity fragrance will forever remind me of my wedding day.

Another great thing I have found with not just Plum Rain but all of the body sprays is how long they last. I honestly don’t know why Lush didn’t create more body sprays long before now as they really are such wonderful products. As I mentioned above they are so much more cost effective than the perfumes and all of them have such an amazing scent throw. I really hope Lush create some more body sprays soon as they are quickly becoming one of my favourite Lush products.

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Author: Lulu

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