Chamomile Lawn Soap from Lush

Chamomile Lawn Soap.png

The Chamomile Lawn Soap from Lush is 1 of 4, 3D printed soaps that were in the Mother’s Day 2018 collection. One reason it has taken me so long to get to the point of reviewing each of these soaps are because of how pretty they are. I simply just didn’t want to rub away at their beautiful and intricate designs. Never-the-less soap is meant to be used and eventually I got around to giving them a go.

The Chamomile Lawn soap has 3 perfect chamomile flowers etched into it. Each soap is a bold, grassy green colour and packed full of calming ingredients making it the perfect soap to use after a long, hard day. Containing lavender, chamomile and neroli, Chamomile Lawn helps you wind down, relax and sets you up for a restful evening and hopefully good night’s sleep.

Scent wise the Chamomile Lawn soap’s most noticeable ingredient has to be the neroli oil. With Chamomile Lawn containing both lavender and neroli oil it is easily mistaken as sharing its scent with the Unicorn Horn bubble bar. Both are indeed very similar, the Chamomile Lawn soaps inclusion of chamomile oil however gives the soap a much stronger more rounded scent than the Unicorn Horn, it’s an almost earthy scent in ways.

The unique shape of the 4 Mother’s Day, 3D printed soaps not only makes them easy to display but also helps when it comes down to gripping them during use. I was worried that its size would cause me to have problems keeping a hold of it in use, this however wasn’t at all a problem.

Normally I would rarely use a bar of soap for anything more than just washing my hands. I however found that Chamomile Lawn lathered up easily and had a really creamy consistency so I decided to use it in the shower. A little of Chamomile Lawn also appears to go a long way, this unfortunately wasn’t the case for all of the Mother’s Day 3D soaps, we will however save that for their own review!

Although I didn’t find using Chamomile Lawn in the shower a particularly moisturising experience, my skin did feel well cleansed and soothed after use. A quick splash of Lush’s Dream Cream once I was out of the shower, helped hydrate my skin where the Chamomile Lawn soap had left me needing a hydration boost. I like to pair Chamomile Lawn with the Dream Cream body lotion as their scents are fairly similar. Overall I really enjoyed this Mother’s Day soap, it’s as good in use as it is beautiful.

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