Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel from Lush

The mad Christmas rush has officially frazzled my brain, today I have been sorting the mini mountain of Christmas cards. It was therefore no surprise when I accidently started this review with ‘Dear Berry Berry Christmas…’ *sigh*.

Back in September I decided to leave all of the reviews for the Lush products with ‘Christmas’ or ‘Santa’ in their name for December, I thought this was a great idea until I got to December and realised that a lot of the products I had left to review all share a scent. Please forgive me if my blog reviews are a bit repetitive over the next week or so!

The Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel is probably my favourite of the new shower gel/creams that are brand new to Lush this year (2017). There has been quite a few newbies but Berry Berry is the one that stands out the most to me. Consistency wise it reminds me of the Bubbly shower gel, thick yet silky smooth.

Decorated with a pinch of natural shimmer the Berry Berry shower gel is also super pretty to look at, I love when the sun catches it, it beams of Christmas magic. Its green colour and sparkly bits make me think of big, twinkling Christmas trees.

Containing cranberry, sweet wild orange and blueberry juice it’s not hard to see how Berry Berry got its name. If you have a fetish for berries, you need look no further…

Upon first sniff I thought that Berry Berry was very alike the Plum Rain shower gel, it however doesn’t share many ingredients with it at all, this left me very confused. Some people have agreed with me comparing it to Plum Rain whereas others have said it’s nothing alike. It’s so peculiar how the same scents can smell so different to others, I guess that is what makes Lush so moreish though!

Once you begin to lather the Berry Berry Christmas shower gel in your hands you are hit with a fragrance-wave of blueberry, it is at this point that you realise Berry Berry is a lot more crisp than the Plum Rain scent, a quick whiff wakes me up just as well as the avobath bath bomb does.

A little of the shower gel also goes a very long way which is always something I like in a Lush product. Since September I however have well and truly over indulged on Berry Berry, as has my husband. Just because a small amount of this shower gel goes a long way it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a little bit more than needed in the shower! I find its scent and how it feels on my skin so refreshing that I can never resist squeezing out an extra blop.

It was the first of the Christmas shower gels to have an empty bottle in our house. Therefore I feel safe in saying that I think the Berry Berry Christmas shower gel is BERRY, BERRY good!

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Once Upon A Time Body Lotion from Lush

Once Upon A Time Body Lotion.png

I’m still heartbroken from finding out that Lush didn’t bring the So White Bath Bomb back for Winter this year. However when I heard that Lush had brought out a body lotion that shared its scent I softened towards them a little. The sweet scent of fresh, crisp apples will always be welcome in my bathroom, whatever the format. The So White scent gets me every time, I can never, ever resist using it once I’ve caught a whiff.

The brand new Once Upon A Time Body Lotion is pastel green in colour and is of the same consistency as the Celebrate body lotion. I was surprised of its colour as I expected it to be a lot like the So White shower gel, white. Its name also got me very, very excited for obvious reasons, it’s my dream Lush product!

I have noticed that the Once Upon A Time body lotion doesn’t have many of the same ingredients as the So White bath bomb and shower gel. This made me a little weary, I thought that maybe it being So White scented was a false claim. At the Lush Showcase I tracked it down before any other product and was relieved and excited upon finding it as it smelt just as good as the bath bomb.

Once Upon A Time2

Even though the bath bomb didn’t make a return this year its shower jelly equivalent did, Santa’s Belly is yet another Winter product that shares the So White scent. As soon as I had bought Once Upon A Time all I wanted to do was go home and use everything I had in its scent, finishing off with the Once Upon A Time body lotion of course.

After using Santa’s Belly in the shower it does leave my skin a little dry, I feel clean and fresh but I just need a little bit of extra moisture. Once Upon A Time body lotion has solved this problem for me, I can now put the body lotion on after I have got out of the shower and the best thing about it is that I am just adding to the Santa’s Belly, So White scent instead of masking it with another completely different scented body lotion. I hate combining scents if I can help it so this small fact makes me very happy indeed.

Once Upon A Time3

I have used the Once Upon A Time body lotion every day since I got my pot at the showcase back on the 5th of September and it’s incredibly hydrating. My normal go-to body lotions have always been Celebrate and as of last year (2016) Sleepy. It’s nice to have something that smells completely different to use, what makes it even better is that the quality of Once Upon A Time is just as high end as the aforementioned body lotions too!

A little amount of Once Upon A Time goes a long way, when people say this about a product that isn’t solid there is a common misconception that it is runny, I wouldn’t say the formula was runny though, it’s just the right consistency and is quick and easy to rub in. Its scent also stays on your skin for a good 5 to 6 hours after applying it which is a bonus when you love the scent as much as I do. I will most certainly be stocking up on this before Winter 2017 is through.

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The Experimenter Egg Bath Bomb from Lush

The Experimenter Egg Bath Bomb part 1For Easter 2017 Lush decided to turn some of their most popular regular shaped bath bombs into egg shaped ones. The Experimenter Egg Bath Bomb is of course an adaptation of the more than colourful Experimenter bath bomb.

The Experimenter Egg bath bomb is probably the hardest to photograph out of the Easter line, no matter which way you try to put it down, it is impossible to get all of it in one shot. I didn’t want anyone to miss out on what it looks like so have added a photo below that shows it from every angle, this was not an easy task. (I hope my attention to detail and crazy high levels of Lush geekness pleases at least one other Lushie!)TEEBB All anglesThe Experimenter bath bomb was originally released and presented as an Oxford Street , London exclusive at the opening of Lush’s flagship store in 2015. The high level of demand for this colourful product grew at such an unbelievable rate that Lush decided to make them readily available both online and in all Lush stores.

Knowing this, I wasn’t at all surprised when I see that for the Easter period of 2017 they had decided to adapt it into an egg shape.

Sporting an array of 5 colours the Experimenter products both hexagonal or egg shaped, demands everyones attention and with very little effort. For the plainer coloured bath bombs I always tend to write in my reviews that they get overlooked because of other, more colourful bath bombs. The Experimenter is one of those bath bombs and seeing it in the shape of an egg got me very, very excited!

Experimenter egg

As soon as the, The Experimenter Egg bath bomb hits the water a wave of its smoky, sweet scent hits you, it’s quite an acquired scent but is one I have grown to like from using the original Experimenter bath bomb. Back when I very first tried the, The Experimenter bath bomb its scent overwhelmed my senses, I now however really enjoy it. The best description I have heard of its scent is saying that it smells just like marshmallows cooked on an open fire. Smoky with a delicate kick of vanilla.

The colours and pretty bubbles that spurts out of this Egg bath bomb makes for a very entertaining bathing experience. I know people think I am bonkers when I get excited over things you just plonk in the bath but if you see this bath bomb in action you will understand why I love Lush Cosmetics so much.

Not only does it create beautiful and bright bath art but it also contains popping candy, I love how it charges around the bath leaving a trail of bath art while pop, pop, popping away.
Experimenter egg 2

Is the, The Experimenter Egg bath bomb any different from the original The Experimenter bath bomb? not really. It was however interesting to see it in an alternative shape. With it also being a little bit bigger than the original it seemed to put on a much longer show.

I recommend using the, The Experimenter Egg bath bomb as fresh as possible. Lush products are very good at lasting well passed their shelf life dates I however think you get the most out of this one if used as soon as possible. It makes for a memorable and exciting bath!

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Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar from Lush

Lush’s Mother’s Day 2017 range contains 4 bubble bars, 3 of which are brand new, never before been released. The Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar is the biggest of the 4 and anyone who has read my previous reviews on the larger sized bubble bars know that I like nothing better!

The first thing you notice about the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar is its bright, bold and beautiful colours. My inner 6 year old rejoices at the combination of pink, yellow and blue. Sharing its scent with the Frozen bath bomb I knew before I’d even got hold of one that it had great potential, no pressure Lush…

Size wise it’s just a little smaller than the giant bubble bars such as The Comforter or Brightside. I would actually love to see further giant bubble bars become staple store products as they are what originally got me hooked on Lush Cosmetics.


I mentioned above that the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar was a part of the Frozen scent family. Lush Cosmetics master scents. Once a scent is mastered, over a very long period of time (sometimes years) they create an abundance of products that share that mastered scent. This is where the Lush term ‘scent family’ comes from, if a product shares the same scent as another new or old one, it’s a part of that scent family.

The Frozen scent has proved extremely popular over the last 3 or 4 years and there has been a handful of products produced with its scent, my favourites being the bath bomb and Snowie bubble bar.

Although products share a scent, some may differ ever so slightly. I am first to admit that my nose isn’t up to much, I however feel that the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar is more alike to the Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioning hair perfume than the Frozen bath bomb. To me, it smells slightly sharper. Less fruity and more floral.

The smallest amount of the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar goes a very long way, this is a common feature to most Lush bubble bars and the main reason why I love them so much. Copious amounts of bubbles are created with just a few chunks, I can easily get 6 to 8 baths out of just one bubble bar. If you want both bubbles and brighter coloured water I however recommend using a little bit more, the more bubble bar you use the greener your water will be.

There is no right or wrong way to use a bubble bar, if you want to use a whole half of one for one bath then go for it, I tend to use as little as possible as I like to spread out my baths because I have a lot… I find that 9 out of 10 of the bubble bars are more than capable of being spread out.


A Your Mother Should Know bath leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and in better spirits. Even when you only use a small amount there are oodles of fluffy white bubbles, the bath water is also a great treat for your skin, it brightens, softens and makes it appear perfectly polished.

Overall I am very impressed with this bubble bar, it’s cost effective, has an uplifting fragrance and is more than pleasing on the eye with its bright colouring. I don’t think I love it in quite the same way as I do the Snowie bubble bar but I have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the Frozen scent through yet another brand new Lush product.

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Christmas Angel Bath Bomb from Lush

Halo there, welcome to my very first Lush review of 2017. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are 3 days in to your best year yet, may it be filled with lots of Lush, happiness and good health…

I’ve been poorly myself so am getting back into blogging  after the Christmas break slower than I expected, hopefully I will be on the mend soon as we’re hurtling right into my impending wedding day a lot faster than I’d like, weddings don’t organise themselves… #HelpABrideOut

Although this review is a little late for Christmas, I wanted to get it up on my blog as I am very confident that the Lush Kitchen will feature it again as it always sells well and for good reason!
christmas-angel-bath-bombThe Christmas Angel Bath Bomb is a dusky pink, Angel shaped bath product that smells of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream.

Its design is undeniably cute. I love that Lush sometimes bring out products that aren’t just a ball of bicarb, giving their products faces and making them into characters gives them a desirable edge that provides them with an advantage when it comes down to sales.

The Abombinaball bath bomb, Mumkin bubble bar and Monsters’ Ball bath bombs are all perfect examples of best selling, character products.cabbgroupIf you’re into the super colourful bath bombs such as The Experimenter then the Christmas Angel probably isn’t for you. When I first got into Lush I thought the more colourful the bath bomb the better. With time I have however learnt to appreciate the not so in your face bath bombs.

Once placed in the bath, the Christmas Angel’s delicate mint-chocolate-chip ice cream scent immediately invites you in. It instantly begins to froth, slowly making a soft, milky-pink layer on the top of your bath water.

Hidden within the Christmas Angel’s ingredients is organic cocoa butter, soya milk powder and almond oil making it one of the most hydrating bath bombs I have ever used.


Not only does it hydrate, soften and pamper your skin it also leaves a subtle yet devastatingly moreish scent on it. Its scent although very delicate remains on your skin long after getting out of the bath, it always leaves me craving another.

Christmas Angel is notoriously slow to dissolve, some may not like this, I however quite enjoy the slow ones as I feel like I get that little bit longer to relax and enjoy it.

I’d love to see the Christmas Angel bath bomb in another format, a shower gel or body lotion equivalent would be out of this world.

Overall I really do like this bath bomb. Its scent and the light pink colour it leaves your bath water has a very calming effect on me. I also think it would work well in a cooler bath that you’d maybe have in the Summer months. This bath bomb is worth stocking up on and I will be buying it at every opportunity I get.

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