Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly from Lush

Lush Cosmetics’ world famous Shower Jellies were first introduced to the world as an alternative & very unique shower product back in 2005. Back then I was a teenager of 15 years and my only worries were about boys. As for Lush Cosmetics they had just reached the tender age of 10 years young…

I still can’t quite get over the fact that I was 5 when they first opened their doors. The speed in which Lush have grown not only in the UK but worldwide makes me feel so OLD.

In just over 20 years they have literally changed the cosmetics industry for the better.


The concept behind the idea of a jelly product was inspired by the British, party food favourite, jelly and ice cream. Growing up in the 90’s & 00’s jelly was unavoidable at most children’s parties.

Lush are always one step ahead of every other company when it comes to new ideas. I am led to believe that someone high up at Lush was tucking into a nice bit of jelly and ice cream when they had the shower jelly brain wave.

Seeing as I could talk or write myself into winning an Olympic gold medal I decided to shorten this post up with a quote directly off of the Lush website itself. That way I can get on with the review of the very first shower jelly I had the pleasure of trying…

‘Shower jellies are a fantastic, versatile alternative to soaps and shower gels. You can: squish them into a pouf for a thick, creamy textured lather; chop them up into little one-wash sized cubes; chill them in the fridge or freezer for reviving cooling or get up close and personal by lathering them straight over your body.’

To be perfectly honest I did not get the concept of the shower jelly at all. I was getting along just fine with good old, ordinary shower gel. It wasn’t until 2015 that I actually tried one. Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly was my very first and I haven’t stopped raving about shower jellies since.

What was first a bit of a tongue twister for me has turned into one of my all time favourite Lush products. SANTA’S BELLY SHOWER JELLY, SANTA’S BELLY SHOWER JELLY, SANTA’S BELLY SHOWER JELLY… Say it fast over and over, you know you want to 😉

Santa’s Belly (sorry I said it again) shares its scent with the So White bath bomb, both the old design and 2016’s new one.

Its an apple based product. It reminds me of freshly cut up apples and if it was edible I’d be tucking right in to every product in its scent. Obviously it’s not edible so I just have to settle with washing and bathing with it, which might I add is heaven on earth!


The above quote from the Lush website sums up how to use a shower jelly. It can also be used in chunks in the same way as bubble bar and can even be used as shampoo.

I use mine in the same way as you would a bar of soap. Some people chop their ones up. I just prefer to use it as a whole. My first thought on trying it out was ‘wow this jelly is practically indestructible!’ it lathered up so well and so quickly too, it also didn’t appear to be getting noticeably smaller on use.

Of course it doesn’t last forever and eventually its size got smaller and smaller,  it however lasted for a lot longer than any shower gel I had ever had, its scent never diminished. Its fragrance remained as beautiful as the day I first opened it and from then on right up until it was all gone.

Since my discovery of Santa’s Belly, I have tried quite a few of the different ones Lush have on offer. They’re game changers! Santa’s Belly is still however my favourite of them all.

I was so pleased to see that they had brought it back out again in the 2016 Lush Winter line.

Most of the Lush jellies I have used are quite plain, Santa’s Belly is a little different as it has soft stars in it, giving it a special christmassy edge.

Before Christmas is over, you have to try Santa’s Belly shower jelly, using it alongside a So White bath bomb will make your bathroom feel like a portal into a fairytale kingdom.

Where princesses kiss frogs, fairy godmothers grant wishes and witches poison apples…

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*Please note that this post was originally posted on this website on the 31st of October 2015. I have updated each post on this blog several times as with time my photos have got better as has my product knowledge. Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time *

Author: Lulu

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