Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel from Lush

Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel

The mad Christmas rush has officially frazzled my brain, today I have been sorting the mini mountain of Christmas cards. It was therefore no surprise when I accidently started this review with ‘Dear Berry Berry Christmas…’ *sigh*.

Back in September I decided to leave all of the reviews for the Lush products with ‘Christmas’ or ‘Santa’ in their name for December, I thought this was a great idea until I got to December and realised that a lot of the products I had left to review all share a scent. Please forgive me if my blog reviews are a bit repetitive over the next week or so!

The Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel is probably my favourite of the new shower gel/creams that are brand new to Lush this year (2017). There has been quite a few newbies but Berry Berry is the one that stands out the most to me. Consistency wise it reminds me of the Bubbly shower gel, thick yet silky smooth.

Decorated with a pinch of natural shimmer the Berry Berry shower gel is also super pretty to look at, I love when the sun catches it, it beams of Christmas magic. Its green colour and sparkly bits make me think of big, twinkling Christmas trees.

Containing cranberry, sweet wild orange and blueberry juice it’s not hard to see how Berry Berry got its name. If you have a fetish for berries, you need look no further…

Upon first sniff I thought that Berry Berry was very alike the Plum Rain shower gel, it however doesn’t share many ingredients with it at all, this left me very confused. Some people have agreed with me comparing it to Plum Rain whereas others have said it’s nothing alike. It’s so peculiar how the same scents can smell so different to others, I guess that is what makes Lush so moreish though!

Once you begin to lather the Berry Berry Christmas shower gel in your hands you are hit with a fragrance-wave of blueberry, it is at this point that you realise Berry Berry is a lot more crisp than the Plum Rain scent, a quick whiff wakes me up just as well as the avobath bath bomb does.

A little of the shower gel also goes a very long way which is always something I like in a Lush product. Since September I however have well and truly over indulged on Berry Berry, as has my husband. Just because a small amount of this shower gel goes a long way it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a little bit more than needed in the shower! I find its scent and how it feels on my skin so refreshing that I can never resist squeezing out an extra blop.

It was the first of the Christmas shower gels to have an empty bottle in our house. Therefore I feel safe in saying that I think the Berry Berry Christmas shower gel is BERRY, BERRY good!

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Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb From Lush

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb.pngLast year (2016) the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb was revamped beyond recognition for Lush’s Mother’s Day range. With it being completely unrecognisable to versions previously released, I was very excited to get hold of a few. The newly designed Rose Bombshell was a tremendously positive and much needed face lift, I loved it. I was therefore super happy when I found out that Lush had decided to bring it back for this years Valentine’s day range!

Changing from a plain white coloured product resembling Lush Oxford Street’s Ylang Song bath bomb to an almost neon pink one is always a good move in my personal pink-mad opinion. Not that I don’t love the Ylang Song bath bomb, I just tend to gravitate towards the pink products more because I’m pink obsessed.


Upon hitting the water the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb immediately starts to fizz. It slowly changes your bath water to a crisp and pale pink.

As the Rose Bombshell slowly fizzes away its greenish blue interior begins to show. As this external layer of the bath bomb is gradually revealed the bath water becomes a deeper more vibrant pink.

Packed with rose absolute this bath bomb is a real treat for dull and tired skin. With the Rose Bombshell having both skin-soothing and moisturising properties, it is a bath bomb that you will want to use time and time again.

After getting out of this bath I could still smell the light floral and rose fragrance of Rose Bombshell on my skin. It wasn’t until I got out of the bath that I truly started to appreciate its fresh, beautiful and lingering scent.


Once this fantastically zingy-floral bath bomb reaches its last layer a handful of soft yellow rose petals burst out floating to the water surface. Like the Lovestruck bubble bar, Rose Bombshell also contains geranium oil, I am not a fan of geranium at all, Rose Bombshell’s other ingredients seem to however compliment it well making it a fragrance I do enjoy.

The multicoloured bubbles that Rose Bombshell left on the surface of the bath were so, so pretty. I just had to take a few more photos before I got into full bath mode.


Out of all of the seasonal, limited edition products that Lush threw at us last year (2016) this limited edition bath bomb was one of my favourites by far.

I have said several times in previous reviews that some of the limited edition products such as Rose Bombshell would make a fantastic addition to the staple, every day store products. A year on and I still feel that Rose Bombshell is worthy of that.

It really is a remarkably refreshing bath bomb that I feel I will never, ever get tired of.

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Please note that this post was originally posted on this website on the 13th of March 2016. I have updated each post on this blog several times as with time my photos have got better as has my product knowledge.
Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time

Skydancer Far From the Madding Guns Bath Bomb from Lush

Skydancer Far From The Madding Guns Bath Bomb.pngThe Skydancer Far From the Madding Guns Bath Bomb is a limited edition Lush product created to raise money for England’s endangered hen harriers.

As England’s current most endangered bird, I’m so happy that Lush are providing them with a life line as well as a voice. All profits made from the sales of the Skydancer bath bomb will help fund the satellite tagging of future hen harrier chicks. This will allow research to be carried out in the hope of saving the hen harrier from extinction.

The Skydancer bath bomb’s design is unique when compared to any other bath bomb from Lush, it resembles a harrier hen flying with the sun on its wings.

Skydancer has bergamot, Sicilian lemon and cinnamon leaf oil in, all of which are firm favourites of mine. With all of those ingredients Skydancer has quite a complex scent. It is sweet, spicy and fruity too. The cinnamon leaf oil in it gives Skydancer a warmer and much spicier tone than I am used to for a product with bergamot and Sicilian lemon oil in. Despite the long list of ingredients, the final product however has a very subtle fragrance, all of the ingredients compliment each other beautifully. It appears that Lush have managed to add each ingredient in the perfect quantity.

Upon hitting the water Skydancer starts to fizz, the yellow foam is really thick and silky smooth, I couldn’t quite believe how slowly this bath bomb fizzed away. As soon as it hit the water the scent of Skydancer really hit me, I could also pick up hints of aniseed, I’m not a huge fan of it but luckily it wasn’t too strong. I remember people saying that the May Day bath bomb had hints of aniseed too but I couldn’t really detect it in that bath bomb either.

After about 10 minutes I got inpatient and dunked the blue bird under the water to see how it looked… Sorry! I’d say this bath bomb took a little over 15 minutes to fully dissolve, I imagine it would have taken a little longer if I hadn’t dunked it.

My skin felt fabulous after a long soak in its water.

I’m really angry with myself as with this being a charity bath bomb I should have done this review sooner. The Skydancer bath bomb is still available in most stores and is currently still available online. If you haven’t tried it, please give it a go as it’s for a good cause and it is quite an impressive bath bomb if I say so myself.

Be quick though as they won’t be available for very much longer!

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