Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card from Lush


I have to confess, the Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card is my very first purchase of its kind. The fact I haven’t ever used something like this before is probably why I have left it as being my last review of the Valentine’s Day 2017 product line.

There are several of these ‘soap paper’ products available from Lush but, being honest (as always) I have always thought of them as more of a novelty product and until now hadn’t paid very much attention to them at all.

Lush Cosmetics are all for using less or no packaging at all when it comes to their products. Not only does this have a positive effect on the environment but it also benefits the consumer for a number of reasons. In regards to Lush’s invention of soap paper, the idea behind it is that it is solid. Having a paper consistency means it weighs less than a shower gel and of course, it doesn’t need packaging. It is also the perfect product to travel with, it’s small, light and because it’s not liquid it can be taken on to planes etc.

The Kiss Me Quick business wash card is, as its name suggests the same size as a business card. It can be slipped into your purse or wallet alongside your cash and debit cards easy-peasy. Just try not to attempt to use it as a type of payment when presented with a card machine. That is, unfortunately one thing it cannot do… Even in a Lush store. 😉

The Kiss Me Quick wash card’s scent is one of Lush’s most loved fragrances, 29 High Street. The 29 High Street scent is Lush’s perfume-interpretation of the ambience of its original shop in Poole. With it containing so many ingredients, Kiss Me Quick’s scent is quite complex, It’s a very welcoming scent with both floral and musky sweet tones.kiss-me-quick-wc

The idea behind the soap paper is that you rip a tiny square of it off at a time, working it in your hands the same way you would soap. I was very surprised at how quickly the smallest piece lathered up. It was just like using a bar of soap.

As an alternative to shower gel, Kiss Me Quick works really well. The fact it is so small yet has so much power really impresses me. I do however think that for now, I will stick with normal shower gel when it comes to everyday use.

Be that as it may, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be keeping a Kiss Me Quick wash card in my purse. You never know when you might need it. It’s the perfect item to add to your cosmetic-emergency first aid kit!

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