White Wedding Bath Bomb from Lush

When the White Wedding Bath Bomb was added to Lush’s Kitchen menu a few weeks ago I couldn’t help but buy a couple. With my wedding just a few weeks away it couldn’t have become available at a better time.

The White Wedding bath bomb is a dazzlingly bright white. With it being white all over some people may see it as having quite a boring design, with the likes of colourful bath bombs such as The Experimenter, Intergalactic and Yoga to compete with I don’t blame them for thinking this.

Some people (like me) however love the plainer bath bombs just as much as the colourful ones. A lot of people use Lush bath bombs to make their bath times a little more interesting, colours, scents, hidden treasures inside and sometimes even sounds can all be a part of the bath bombs show.

The White Wedding bath bomb is lightly decorated with a sprinkling of pink and white, biodegradable rice paper hearts. A.K.A confetti!

This is probably my most favourite thing about this bath bomb, there’s just something so moreish about tiny, little love hearts. The original Think Pink bath bomb has the same hearts inside of it, being able to see them from the outside however makes the White Wedding bath bomb that little bit more desirable to me.

As soon as the White Wedding bath bomb hits the water it begins to fizzle away and the tiny rice paper hearts burst out of the bath bomb, spreading across the waters surface. I couldn’t believe how many there were! Holding the White Wedding bath bomb in my hand I imagined that the few visible hearts were at a similar quantity as the rice paper circles that you find in the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb, I was very, very wrong…

As the bath bomb slowly fizzes away, the explosion of hearts never seems to end. Every single layer of the White Wedding bath bomb has mounds and mounds of the white and pink rice hearts and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like the bath bomb was a volcano and the love hearts were the volcano’s lava. I know things other than yourself floating around in your bath water is a nightmare for some, I however love it! all of the love hearts made me feel like a princess. Whenever I use products with the biodegradable inserts such as the hearts used in White Wedding, I always wish there were a few more for me to enjoy. For this reason the White Wedding bath bomb is perfect for me!

Scent wise, the White Wedding bath bomb has a very gentle floral fragrance, it holds itself throughout the whole of the bath and after a soak in it my skin feels softer, well cleansed and refreshed.

Some have described its scent as unpleasant, I honestly cannot detect with my nose why they think this. I guess people just have different preferences. For example, the rather newly released Fox bath bomb‘s scent hit me with the biggest wave of nausea because of the jasmine in it, White Wedding has jasmine in it too but the two smell nothing alike at all.

This rather simple looking bath bomb was sooo much better than I had ever expected (not that I thought it wouldn’t be good, I just didn’t expect to love it as much as I did once I had used it) I am absolutely gutted that I didn’t buy more, silly, silly me. My very last one is being saved for the night before my wedding, I can’t wait to use it but am so not ready for the day yet… I just dared to look at the calendar to see how long we have until the big day arrives… Only 40 days now! *freaks out*

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Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar from Lush

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

The Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar shares its scent with one of my favourite Lush shower gels, The Olive Branch.

I still can’t get over the fact that I didn’t make the connection between the two products until someone pointed it out to me in store. I had been raving about both products for what seems like forever, never realising what they had in common. DOH!

My nose is quite simply, tragically talentless at joining the dots when it comes to scent recognition.

After writing any of my Lush reviews I like to take a look at what other people have thought about that same product. After doing a search for other reviews on Google, I sometimes find myself wondering if we had even been writing about the same product. I like how different products appeal to different people, it’s what keeps me hooked.

Holding out on reading other people’s reviews before writing my own helps me ensure that what I have written is all of my own personal opinion. I don’t like the idea of my review being swayed by what I have read elsewhere… I don’t even like to watch product demos as I find the element of surprise makes it all so much more exciting.

After originally concluding my Pop in the Bath review I was very pleased to see that my all time favourite Lush extraordinaire, Jen from All Things Lush UK had actually started her review of the Pop in the Bath in exactly the same way as I did. I therefore simply just had to add this to my review – it’s nice to hear that the best of the best didn’t link up the scents straight away either. Lush are obviously the masters of disguise! 😉

Pop In The Bath OLD.png

Last year the Pop in the Bath bubble bar had a huge makeover. Unfortunately I haven’t got both versions to hand, I have however found a photo of the earlier design in an old Lush catalogue (see above photo.) 

Pop in the Bath’s reformulation has turned what was a somewhat dull coloured bubble bar into a much more exciting, brighter and bolder product. Currently Lush have both a blue and pink version of the Pop in the Bath bubble bar. The blue ones have pink flowers on top of them and vice versa.

The only negative point I have in regards to the Pop in the Bath bubble bar is its small size. I am however spoilt when it comes to bubble bars as I started off with the likes of the big and bold Comforter, Brightside and Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds. What Pop in the Bath lacks in size it well makes up for with its scent and vibrancy. It’s a bubble bar that has made me see that bigger isn’t always better.


Being completely honest (as always) I will admit that I much prefer the Pop in the Bath name compared to The Olive Branch. Both share the same scent, I did not know this for the longest amount of time. I want to let people know to never judge a product by its name. I totally overlooked The Olive Branch as the word ‘Olive’ just didn’t appeal to me in amongst all of the fruity, shimmery and floral product alternatives.

Pop in the Bath has been dubbed as ‘practically perfect in every way,’ and I wholeheartedly back that statement. It has the most inviting, soft zesty fragrance that doesn’t reflect the word ‘Olive’ at all. There is no other bubble bar quite as welcoming as Pop in the Bath, it quite literally makes you want to Pop right in the bath and never come out again!


I say this a lot but I think Pop in the Bath/The Olive Branch products have my favourite Lush scent of all time. So much so that when The Olive Branch solid perfume appeared on the Lush Kitchen menu this week (27th June 2016-3rd July 2016) I ordered a couple and I plan to wear it on my wedding day next year. I am so excited!

I am hoping that after the wedding, everytime I get a whiff of the Pop in the Bath scent I will be reminded of mine and my husband to-be’s special day.

I can easily get 4 generously bubbled baths out of the 1 bubble bar. I however can get a little greedy and completely over indulge by using half of it for one bath instead… The first time I ever used it I ended up using a whole one. I couldn’t find my way out of the bathroom for bubbles! as fun as that was I realise now that it was a little wasteful.

Pop in the Bath is 100% a member of my top 5 list of bubble bars. Try it, you will not regret it!

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