So White Body Spray from Lush

So White Body SprayAt the time of writing this review the So White Body Spray is currently an exclusive Lush product that can only be purchased through the Lush Kitchen online. If you have been thinking of getting a bottle I suggest placing your order sooner rather than later, they have proven very popular and even though the Lush Kitchen are making much bigger batches now, I can’t see them being around for very much longer. The So White body spray shares its scent with Santa’s Belly shower jelly, Once Upon A Time body lotion and of course the So White bath bomb and shower gel.

This deliciously-crisp, apple scented body spray is the perfect product to spritz yourself with to leave you feeling instantly refreshed, its scent is uplifting and gives you the boost of all boosts to help start your day with a clear state of mind. I can never resist its scent, there’s just something about it that makes me think of a far away, fairytale kingdom. Smelling just like a princess has never been so easy!

To use all you have to do is squirt the So White body spray over your body or clothes. Just 1 or 2 squirts is all you need, I’m amazed that such a small amount leaves you smelling absolutely gorgeous all day long. Now that I own a few, I can understand why so many people favour the body sprays over the perfumes. They have the same level of strength (scent-wise) and you get so much more for your money with them too.

As I said above, only one or two spritz of the So White body spray is needed to get the most out of it and its scent really does stay with you for the whole day. Upon the very first spritz I immediately ordered another bottle of it, it was still available and I thought, why not? I never, ever want to be without this beautiful, fairytale-dream-scented body spray. I am gutted that it was released after my wedding as it would have been the perfect scent for our special day. Not that my wedding wasn’t amazing but smelling just like a princess would have made the day glisten instead of just shine!

I honestly don’t know why Lush didn’t create more body sprays long before now as they really are such wonderful products. They are so cost effective and last for so much longer than any other Lush product ever has before. In my review of the Twilight body spray I said that it was the best body spray I had ever tried, well… Move over Twilight, So White is in the house.

I am so pleased that the Lush Kitchen expanded upon the line of products with the So White scent, I have been a huge fan of the scent family ever since using my very first So White scented Lush product, the original So White bath bomb. Apple scents aren’t a common ingredient in Lush products, the only other product with a hint of apple in that springs to mind right now is the Fizzbanger bath bomb. Fizzbanger smells just like hot, apple pie, it’s yet another Lush-applesque-scent that I adore, Fruity apple scents must be in demand though as Lush also do a Fizzbanger scented body spray called the Love body spray… Here’s hoping even more So White scented products get invented. I have my eyes peeled for that So White solid perfume that the Lush Kitchen promised us!

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Brightside Solid Perfume from Lush

Brightside Solid PerfumeBack in May the Lush Kitchen team put a list together of Lush’s most popular scents. We (the Lush community) then had to pick our ultimate top 5 scents from that scent list. With this list the Lush Kitchen had promised to make several never-before-been-released products with those chosen top 5 scents.

I was really happy but not surprised to see that the Brightside scent had been chosen as one of the 5. Brightside is a beautiful scent family and one that I wish Lush had expanded on, with other products long before now. Alongside a Brightside body lotion the Lush Kitchen also decided to release a Brightside Solid Perfume.

As soon as my Brightside body lotion and Brightside solid perfume arrived I squealed with delight. Previous to this I believe there had only ever been two other Brightside scented products, the bubble bar and the Sunrise soap. The Bubble Bar was one of my very first Lush products so its scent will always be one I think fondly of. As soon as you take off the Brightside solid perfumes lid you can see and smell exactly why Lush describe it as the ‘antidote to gloomy days.’ The bergamot, tangerine and mandarin oils within it all work together to make one of Lush’s most uplifting fragrances.

Brightside SP 2

Lush’s solid perfumes consistency visually resembles Vaseline, they are however not as soft and easily manipulated to the touch as Vaseline is. I’d describe them as more like a cooled, solid candle wax. The warmth of your finger heats up just enough of the product to put on your wrists and neck. I like its consistency as it stops you from using too much by accident. A downside to the solid perfumes is that I can’t spritz a little on my clothes or hair.

Applying the Brightside solid perfume is very easy, even when you’re on the go. It can slip in your pocket or any hand bag or purse ready for when you need it. Much like the Brightside bubble bar and body lotion I had such high expectations of this solid perfume. Unfortunately I found that even when I applied a more than generous amount to my wrist its scent faded within 10 minutes. I have heard this is very common with products that are applied to the skin when they have bergamot, tangerine or mandarin oil in though.

Maybe one day Lush will create a liquid perfume in the Brightside scent, I think being able to spray a little on your clothes and hair would help carry the scent for longer. It appears that skin just seems to soak Brightside solid perfume up leaving no trace of it at all in just a few minutes. I do however feel that the solid perfume while in the tin, was a perfect match scent wise to the much loved Brightside bubble bar, Lush did well with this product in that aspect.

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Yuzu and Cocoa Liquid Perfume from Lush

Yuzu and Cocoa Liquid Perfume.pngThe Yuzu and Cocoa Scent is a Lush fragrance that I know I would adore in any format that Lush choose to make it into. Alongside the Comforter it was one of the first Lush scents that I fell in love with. When the Yuzu and Cocoa Liquid Perfume came up on the Lush Kitchen menu a month or so ago, I was of course ridiculously excited. On the rare occasion that the Kitchen do release a perfume, they sometimes do both a liquid and a solid version. In the most recent week that the Lush Kitchen had Yuzu and Cocoa perfume on their menu, it had both the liquid and the solid versions up for grabs. Yay!

I rarely buy the liquid perfumes, opting for the cheaper solid versions instead, however if it’s a scent that I know I love, I do treat myself and grab a liquid. The liquid perfumes are quite pricey but since trying them I now wouldn’t buy my perfume from anywhere else. The quality that Lush make their perfumes to makes every penny you pay for them worth it.

yuzu-cocoa-plusSharing its scent with both the shower cream and bubbleroon of the same name, shown in the photo above, the Yuzu and Cocoa liquid perfume is everything I imagined and more. One spray on the wrist leaves me smelling like jaffa cakes all day through. When I want the perfume to be a little stronger I also do one spritz on my clothes. Although I bitterly regret not buying the Yuzu and Cocoa solid perfume too, being able to spritz a bit of perfume on your clothes instead of just being able to rub it on your skin does give the liquid perfumes an advantage over the solids. Another thing I like to do with this perfume in particular is spray one spritz into my hair, my hair just carries the scent so well and everyone likes nice smelling hair!

I have only just started to include Lush perfume reviews on Lush Upon A Time as I know there isn’t too much you can say about a perfume, especially if you have reviewed something that shares the scent before. What people want to know is, one, does it smell good? and 2, does it last? The answer to both of those questions are yes. I would buy this perfume time and time again if given the opportunity. The Yuzu and Cocoa scent always leaves me wanting more, I will even admit to declaring that the shower cream smelt so good on my skin after using it, that it made me want to eat my own arm.

I have my fingers crossed that the UK Lush Kitchen follow in Lush Kitchen Japan’s footsteps as they have just released a batch of Yuzu and Cocoa body lotion. If I ever got my hands on a pot of that I’d be one very happy Lushie… Fingers crossed!

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The Comforter Solid Perfume from Lush

19554980_1993546407541244_8635120718968266144_nOver the past 12 months my love for the Comforter scent has grown at a ridiculously rapid rate, the bubble bar was actually my very first Lush product. I of course couldn’t get enough of it, it alongside the Twilight bath bomb was what first got me hooked on Lush.

When Lush Oxford Street opened their doors presenting London with the Comforter shower cream I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a bottle. Once I got it home it however smelt completely different from the bubble bar, I didn’t like it at all, for me the blackcurrant scent was far too rich, it actually reminded me of the salty drink they make you drink after having a stomach bug. Without giving it a proper chance I gave my one bottle of The Comforter shower cream straight to my friend and from that day apart from the bubble bar, I went on in the Lush world ignoring all Comforter scented products.

It wasn’t until the Lush Kitchen released a Comforter scented shower jelly in 2016 that I decided to give the scent another try. I had been invited to attend the Lush Showcase as press and it was there in the Lush Kitchen pop-up-shop that I fell in love with the shower jelly. I am so glad I gave it another chance as it has become one of my all time favourite Lush scents, I even love the shower cream now!


My new found love of the Comforter scent had unfortunately started to blossom far too late in the chronology of the Lush world. I’d missed the Comforter solid perfume,  body conditioner and body lotion in the Lush Kitchen, all I could do was cross my fingers and hope that something that was Comforter scented (and new to me) would appear on the Lush Kitchen menu…

A few weeks ago I got very lucky and found a The Comforter Solid Perfume on ebay, it was actually cheaper than if I had ordered it straight from the Lush Kitchen, it was basically brand new to look at too. I am still very pleased with myself. The seller hadn’t even taken off the lid so it was as fresh as a daisy. When it arrived in the post in such perfect condition, I squealed with delight!

The Comforter solid perfumes consistency visually resembles Vaseline, it however isn’t as soft and easily manipulated to the touch as Vaseline is. I’d describe it as more like cooled, solid candle wax. The warmth of your finger heats up just enough of the product to put on your wrists and neck. It is the perfect consistency as it stops you from using too much by accident, a little of the perfume goes a very long way.


I have put my The Comforter solid perfume on every day since I got it and it doesn’t appear to be getting noticeably smaller on use, in fact it is showing no signs of usage at all. The product in the tin still looks just as full as when it was new, the only noticeable difference I can actually see is the unavoidable fingerprints left on its surface by my index finger from when I am applying it of a morning…

Out of all of the Lush solid perfumes that I have tried I’d say that The Comforter is one of the best. Not just because I can never get enough of the scent but because when you put it on it stays on. So many perfumes rarely stay on all day, I am therefore over the moon to know that a dab of the Comforter solid perfume WILL last on me all day, it even stays on me when I’ve been in the swimming pool doing my physio exercises!

The one and only negative thing I can say about this perfume is in regards to how it is packaged. Getting the product out of the small tin is annoyingly difficult with my long nails. I think all of the solid perfumes would work much better in a tube package like the ones used for Lush’s The Kiss lip gloss, doing this would make the product so much more practical when it comes down to application.

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Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar from Lush

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

The Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar shares its scent with one of my favourite Lush shower gels, The Olive Branch.

I still can’t get over the fact that I didn’t make the connection between the two products until someone pointed it out to me in store. I had been raving about both products for what seems like forever, never realising what they had in common. DOH!

My nose is quite simply, tragically talentless at joining the dots when it comes to scent recognition.

After writing any of my Lush reviews I like to take a look at what other people have thought about that same product. After doing a search for other reviews on Google, I sometimes find myself wondering if we had even been writing about the same product. I like how different products appeal to different people, it’s what keeps me hooked.

Holding out on reading other people’s reviews before writing my own helps me ensure that what I have written is all of my own personal opinion. I don’t like the idea of my review being swayed by what I have read elsewhere… I don’t even like to watch product demos as I find the element of surprise makes it all so much more exciting.

After originally concluding my Pop in the Bath review I was very pleased to see that my all time favourite Lush extraordinaire, Jen from All Things Lush UK had actually started her review of the Pop in the Bath in exactly the same way as I did. I therefore simply just had to add this to my review – it’s nice to hear that the best of the best didn’t link up the scents straight away either. Lush are obviously the masters of disguise! 😉

Pop In The Bath OLD.png

Last year the Pop in the Bath bubble bar had a huge makeover. Unfortunately I haven’t got both versions to hand, I have however found a photo of the earlier design in an old Lush catalogue (see above photo.) 

Pop in the Bath’s reformulation has turned what was a somewhat dull coloured bubble bar into a much more exciting, brighter and bolder product. Currently Lush have both a blue and pink version of the Pop in the Bath bubble bar. The blue ones have pink flowers on top of them and vice versa.

The only negative point I have in regards to the Pop in the Bath bubble bar is its small size. I am however spoilt when it comes to bubble bars as I started off with the likes of the big and bold Comforter, Brightside and Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds. What Pop in the Bath lacks in size it well makes up for with its scent and vibrancy. It’s a bubble bar that has made me see that bigger isn’t always better.


Being completely honest (as always) I will admit that I much prefer the Pop in the Bath name compared to The Olive Branch. Both share the same scent, I did not know this for the longest amount of time. I want to let people know to never judge a product by its name. I totally overlooked The Olive Branch as the word ‘Olive’ just didn’t appeal to me in amongst all of the fruity, shimmery and floral product alternatives.

Pop in the Bath has been dubbed as ‘practically perfect in every way,’ and I wholeheartedly back that statement. It has the most inviting, soft zesty fragrance that doesn’t reflect the word ‘Olive’ at all. There is no other bubble bar quite as welcoming as Pop in the Bath, it quite literally makes you want to Pop right in the bath and never come out again!


I say this a lot but I think Pop in the Bath/The Olive Branch products have my favourite Lush scent of all time. So much so that when The Olive Branch solid perfume appeared on the Lush Kitchen menu this week (27th June 2016-3rd July 2016) I ordered a couple and I plan to wear it on my wedding day next year. I am so excited!

I am hoping that after the wedding, everytime I get a whiff of the Pop in the Bath scent I will be reminded of mine and my husband to-be’s special day.

I can easily get 4 generously bubbled baths out of the 1 bubble bar. I however can get a little greedy and completely over indulge by using half of it for one bath instead… The first time I ever used it I ended up using a whole one. I couldn’t find my way out of the bathroom for bubbles! as fun as that was I realise now that it was a little wasteful.

Pop in the Bath is 100% a member of my top 5 list of bubble bars. Try it, you will not regret it!

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