Rocket Science Bath Bomb from Lush

I am always giddy with excitement when Lush release new products. When my order of the Rocket Science Bath Bomb arrived earlier this week I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, it has such a beautifully intricate yet simple design. It’s a dark blue, rocket shaped bath bomb with a yellow flame tail, its tail is lightly decorated with a sprinkle of multicoloured stars like those found in the Golden Wonder and Stardust bath bombs.

For its current price (£2.95 as of 7th July 2017) I was expecting something a lot smaller so was pleasantly surprised with its size. It’s not particularly big like the Happy Pill bath bomb it just isn’t as small as I had envisioned, it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.

It was just my luck that a new bath bomb would be released when the plumbing in my bathroom had give up the ghost, thankfully our plumber has fixed it, although it is only a temporary fix and could break again any minute… With this in mind I grabbed a Rocket Science bath bomb and got in the bath without further delay!

Rocket Science

As soon as the Rocket Science bath bomb hits the water it explodes with colourful foam. Scent wise this bath bomb is very unique. Containing both Sicilian lemon and bergamot oil it’s a fruity-citrus pairing, it has elements to it that remind me of the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb it however has a much sweeter and almost smoky layer to it too, I don’t want to say it’s like the, The Experimenter bath bomb as it’s far from it but it’s smoky sweet scent layer does remind me of it a little.


As the bath bomb fizzes away blue and yellow foam fizzles out of it, giving the illusion of it actually gliding through your bath water. It isn’t long after placing it in the water that it begins to gently charge around the bath leaving a yellow, star scattered streak behind it, much like a plane in the sky that leaves a small line of cloud behind.

What really surprised me is that the Rocket Science bath bomb has pink insides too! the yellow slowly disappears and then suddenly pink bursts out of it. If you’re like me and always hunt for the Intergalactic bath bomb with the most pink in it then this bath bomb is perfect for you. I am so blown away with all of the colours that Rocket Science displays, I was not expecting it to create such wonderful bath art.

Overall I am very impressed with this bath bomb, it is a fantastic edition to the Lush bath bomb family. It’s refreshing, sweet, uplifting and using it leaves me feeling energised and content. It is also very hydrating for the skin and the scent stays with you for a good 4 to 5 hours after using it too.

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Pink Custard Shower Jelly from Lush

My love for the colour pink is almost as strong as my love for Lush Cosmetics. When I see that they were releasing a new shower jelly in the 2017 Mother’s Day range that was called Pink Custard, I just couldn’t help but get ridiculously excited about getting my hands on a pot or two.

Not only is it bright pink but it’s also jam packed with some of the most gorgeous ingredients. Lush have stated that the Pink Custard Shower Jelly shares its scent with the Think Pink bath bomb. While they both share key ingredients such as; vanilla, lavender, neroli and tonka absolute I can’t quite get my nose to identify them as the same.

At one point I thought a good description for its scent was a mixture of the Unicorn Horn bubble bar and Prince Charming shower cream, after however using it every other day since getting my pot in February I have changed my mind. There are elements to it that are similar to the Unicorn Horn but the addition of vanilla seems to make it a more rounded and almost musky scent. I think initially it was also the vanilla that made me think of it as similar to Prince Charming.

The Pink Custard shower jelly lathers up much quicker than any I have used before. There is however a bit of a downside to this, the jelly doesn’t seem to stay intact for very long, falling apart after just the one use.

There are so many ways to use a shower jelly, I prefer to use mine in the same way as you would a bar of soap, whole. Some people however chop their shower jellies up using a few pieces at a time. Although it’s not my favourite way of using a shower jelly I think chopping it up is most probably the best method when it comes to using Pink Custard. I’m not sure what it is that makes its consistency that little bit more weaker than other shower jellies, it being chopped up is however a perfect solution to stopping it from crumbling.

Pushing the Pink Custard shower jellies frailer consistency to one side I am still very pleased with it as a product, so much so that I’ve put it in pride of place in amongst my other top shower jellies; Santa’s Belly, Big Calm and Twilight. It lathers up well, leaves my skin soft and lightly scented for the rest of the day and it’s my favourite colour, pink!

What better qualities could I possibly want in a shower partner? 😉

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