Conga Shower Jelly from Lush

At the time of writing this review, the Conga Shower Jelly is a Lush product that is exclusively available only at Lush’s brand new, flagship-super-store in Liverpool, England. As a self confessed lover of anything pink, Conga was the first of the exclusive shower jellies to catch my eye.

As soon as I heard that ‘raspberry’ was one of the ingredients in Conga I instantly thought, could this be the next Mumkin bubble bar scented product that we’ve all been asking for, for years?

Sadly for Mumkin addicts, Conga has a brand new Lush scent, it’s fairly similar to the likes of the Raspberry Milkshake soap but has an extra sour element to it, something that excited me straight away, allowing me to easily put the Mumkin bubble bar to the back of my mind once again…


Conga contains fresh raspberry juice and vanilla absolute giving it a fruity sweet fragrance, the sour element that comes through in its scent is the bergamot oil. On paper I wasn’t at all sure if this blend of ingredients would work, one sniff of Conga however wipes out any uncertainty. It’s delicious.

There are so many ways to use a shower jelly, I prefer to use mine in the same way as you would a bar of soap, whole. Some people however chop their shower jellies up using a few pieces at a time. This method is definitely best if you were planning on sharing the jelly (something I never do! 😉)

Most shower jellies I find are fairly robust. There are others such as the Ghost shower jelly that do not last well through use when left as a whole. Conga is however one of the most robust shower jellies I have used to date. Conga lathers quickly and easily.

As the lather of Conga gets going the steam of the hot water really helps carry its raspberry scent. In use it actually reminds me of the Plum Rain shower gel which funnily enough was another product that upon its release, I dared to dream could be Mumkin bubble bar scented too. It wasn’t Mumkin scented BUT I did fall hopelessly in love with it as like Conga it has a very unique berry-fruit sour scent.

After getting out of the shower, the Conga shower jellies scent lasts for a good few hours on your skin, it brightens dull skin up and leaves it feeling fresh. It isn’t hugely moisturising but isn’t so drying that it leaves me desperate to coat myself in body lotion.

Overall I am really impressed with the Conga shower jelly, I hope that Lush make it more readily available for all soon. It’s a fantastic addition to the Lush shower jelly family, I could see it selling very well if it was made a main line Lush product!

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Antiope Naked Shower Gel from Lush

Antiope Naked Shower Gel.png

The Antiope Naked Shower Gel has followed in the footsteps of the Tender is the Night naked shower cream; It is the second packageless ‘naked’ shower gel/cream that Lush have dared to only release in a naked form. Although I wholeheartedly miss the bottled seasonal gel and creams we have previously been spoilt rotten with, I know in my heart that plastic is actually just a luxury and that making and using it in such huge quantities does more bad than good to the world.

Through the exploration and inventing of packageless products Lush are proving that plastic packaging for cosmetics isn’t the only manufacturing and distribution route we can follow now and in the future. Whatever you believe in regards to the naked Lush products, we all know that they are a small yet positive step in the right direction of helping save the planet we live on. If the release of ‘naked’ products gets people talking and consciously being more responsible with plastic, then Lush have achieved a lot more than any other cosmetic companies thus far.

My first impression of the Antiope naked shower gel was how incredibly bright it was. After a long and dull Winter its brilliant and bold yellow colour sure was a sight for sore eyes. There’s just something about it that radiates the sunshine, out of all of the Mother’s Day 2018 stock it was the Antiope that I was immediately drawn to. That was until I smelt it.

I’ve heard a fair few crazy descriptions of the Antiope’s scent, it’s more than unique and definitely one of those scents that will forever be an interesting topic of conversation amongst Lushies. To me, with it being unused and just in my hands it smells of leaf compost in the Spring time; The Spring time being a dryer and slightly warmer time of year, by this I mean it isn’t a muddy scent but still has earthy, dry elements to it. This scent obviously wasn’t what I had expected at all and this expectation is reflected in a lot of other people’s reactions to first sniffing Antiope too.

Containing Amazonian clay, Brazilian orange oil and limonene you’d expect Antiope to be fruity-sweet upon first sniff. The collector in me still decided to buy some Antiope, with its scent not being my usual go-to, it did take a bit of persuading back and forth in my head to actually use it. One night I decided to just go for it and took it into the shower with me. We have just had a new shower fitted so I didn’t have any excuses to not try it at least once.

Once I’d let the shower gel run under the hot water for a few seconds it was ready to start lathering up. You use a naked shower gel just as you would a normal shower gel. Instead of fiddling with a lid and then squidiging the product out of the bottle you now just have to lather the naked shower gel similar to how you would a bar of soap. Antiope lathered up quickly and with minimum effort, its lather was highly pigmented in colour and a little of it went a long way too, even when it was well and truly rubbed into my body it remained a bright yellow, the brightness of it was just as bold as the Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream.

As soon as the hot water came into contact with the Antiope its scent completely changed. The earthy tone it had when dry was still noticeable (albeit much more subtle) but it also suddenly become very sweet, I’d describe it as almost pineappley. At first I thought my nose was playing tricks on me so I lathered up some more, my nose wasn’t however paying tricks on me! its scent had suddenly became very, very desirable.

When first lathering it up I did get a little scared at the intensity of its colour, I felt like I was turning myself into a character from the Simpsons. It however rinsed off just like any other Lush shower gel does and I was pleasantly surprised with how cleansed and smooth it left my skin. Once out of the shower I couldn’t smell the earthy tone of the shower gel on my skin anymore, there was a very gentle scent of sweet pineapple left behind and that lasted for a few hours after.

The only problem I really had with it was storing it after use. The Lush naked shower gel and creams are double the concentrate of the liquid shower gels and for the Antiope in particular with it being such a bright yellow it caused a little problem. For all of the other naked products I have, after use I leave them out on a metal rack to dry out as instructed. I found that Antiope was a bit of a dripper though.

My husband walked into the bathroom about 20 minutes after I had left. Where the Antiope had dripped so much he thought that I had, had a wee in our shower and not washed it away! *cringe*. I made him smell it to prove my innocence and luckily he believed me… It’s not ideal for drying it out but leaving it in a metal Lush tray instead saves any mess or unwanted shower-wee-wee accusations. All in all I did like Antiope, it’s one of the best examples of why you should always give a Lush product a try even if not impressed at first sight, or for Antiopes sake, first sniff!

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Buck’s Fizz Body Conditioner from Lush

Buck's Fizz Body ConditionerBody conditioners are basically body lotions that can be used in the bath or shower. They are perfect if you’re lazy like me and can never be bothered to moisturise after getting out of the bath or shower. All of Lush’s body conditioners are designed to make keeping your skin moisturised an effortless task.

As soon as I see leaked photographs of the Buck’s Fizz body conditioner online, I had high hopes that it would be Celebrate scented. Lush’s Celebrate scent is a favourite of mine and features in some of the best winter products Lush have on offer, the Golden Wonder bath bomb, Celebrate body lotion and Celebrate shower gel just to name a few. When I finally came across a pot of it at the Lush Showcase 2017 I was ecstatic to find out that Buck’s Fizz was in fact Celebrate scented!

Packed full of orange, lime and cognac oil, Buck’s Fizz has the perfect winter esque scent, its citrus-fruit kick gives you a boost while the cognac oil leaves you feeling warm and snug as a bug.

Bright orange in colour, Buck’s Fizz body conditioner is a sight for sore eyes. I don’t think I have ever found a Lush body conditioner more inviting than Buck’s Fizz, if I could get inside the pot of it, I would. When using a body conditioner I always begin with a little of it in my hand. I then work it into my body paying special attention to any dry patches I might have such as, my elbows or knees.

To get the most out of the product all you really need is a small amount from the pot. With Buck’s Fizz body conditioner being such a gloriously thick and creamy formula, I really wasn’t expecting such a small amount  of it to go as far as it does.

Its beautiful scent really hits you once you start to put it on, the heat of the water seems to intensify the scent leaving you feeling content and care free. After massaging it into your body you are meant to gently rinse yourself off followed by you then patting yourself dry with a towel.

I advise that you do not go crazy with the rinsing off, leaving a small amount of it on is the same as applying a body lotion. When I have used just enough of it to do my whole body, I find it soaks into your skin very quickly leaving it looking and feeling healthy, hydrated and luxurious.

As well as giving you rock-star skin, the Buck’s Fizz scent also stays with you for the best part of the rest of the day. Its scent once on your skin is more subtle than in the pot, I however still really, really like it.

There’s something so incredibly moreish about the Celebrate scent, it just makes me feel so happy, I cannot recommend this body conditioner enough. A big thank you to Lush for creating another amazing Celebrate scented product for me to obsess about. Whoop, whoop!

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Rocket Science Bath Bomb from Lush

I am always giddy with excitement when Lush release new products. When my order of the Rocket Science Bath Bomb arrived earlier this week I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, it has such a beautifully intricate yet simple design. It’s a dark blue, rocket shaped bath bomb with a yellow flame tail, its tail is lightly decorated with a sprinkle of multicoloured stars like those found in the Golden Wonder and Stardust bath bombs.

For its current price (£2.95 as of 7th July 2017) I was expecting something a lot smaller so was pleasantly surprised with its size. It’s not particularly big like the Happy Pill bath bomb it just isn’t as small as I had envisioned, it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.

It was just my luck that a new bath bomb would be released when the plumbing in my bathroom had give up the ghost, thankfully our plumber has fixed it, although it is only a temporary fix and could break again any minute… With this in mind I grabbed a Rocket Science bath bomb and got in the bath without further delay!

Rocket Science

As soon as the Rocket Science bath bomb hits the water it explodes with colourful foam. Scent wise this bath bomb is very unique. Containing both Sicilian lemon and bergamot oil it’s a fruity-citrus pairing, it has elements to it that remind me of the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb it however has a much sweeter and almost smoky layer to it too, I don’t want to say it’s like the, The Experimenter bath bomb as it’s far from it but it’s smoky sweet scent layer does remind me of it a little.


As the bath bomb fizzes away blue and yellow foam fizzles out of it, giving the illusion of it actually gliding through your bath water. It isn’t long after placing it in the water that it begins to gently charge around the bath leaving a yellow, star scattered streak behind it, much like a plane in the sky that leaves a small line of cloud behind.

What really surprised me is that the Rocket Science bath bomb has pink insides too! the yellow slowly disappears and then suddenly pink bursts out of it. If you’re like me and always hunt for the Intergalactic bath bomb with the most pink in it then this bath bomb is perfect for you. I am so blown away with all of the colours that Rocket Science displays, I was not expecting it to create such wonderful bath art.

Overall I am very impressed with this bath bomb, it is a fantastic edition to the Lush bath bomb family. It’s refreshing, sweet, uplifting and using it leaves me feeling energised and content. It is also very hydrating for the skin and the scent stays with you for a good 4 to 5 hours after using it too.

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Lush Puppy Lip Scrub from Lush

As a daily Lush lip-scrub user I was of course more than delighted to get hold of a 25g pot of the Lush Puppy Lip Scrub. I am an everyday user of Lush lip scrubs because I have an awful habit of biting my lips in my sleep. I choose Lush lip scrubs over all others not only because of Lush’s ethical buying policies but because they give instant results and with minimum effort.

At the point of writing this, Lush Puppy had only been available from the Lush Summit that was hosted in London back in February 2017. I unfortunately couldn’t make the event due to it being so close to my husband and I’s wedding day but I have a very kind friend that picked me up most of the exclusive products there so I didn’t miss out completely. Another huge thank you to her as I wouldn’t have even be able to do this review if it wasn’t for her.

Lush Puppy is supposedly inspired by the slushy ice drinks that we all drank too much of as kids, if you thought the Bubblegum lip scrub was sweet then the sweetness of Lush Puppy will blow your socks off. With the Lush Puppy lid off, all I can really identify with my nose is sweet, sweet orange mixed with strong vanilla. It’s like no other sweetness I have ever experienced in a Lush product before. I’m not the biggest fan of all things sweet but after such positive results with the also very sweet Bubblegum lip scrub I couldn’t not give Lush Puppy a go.Lush Puppy Lip Scrub WMThe main ingredient in all of Lush’s lip scrubs is caster sugar. To this day I am still amazed that something so basic and natural can do such a good job at exfoliating. Lush lip scrubs blow all other companies lip exfoliators out of the water. Going back to Lush Puppies scent, it has a strong, VERY sweet citrus fragrance, its sweetness was still a concern of mine before I used it, I became really hesitant to actually give it a go, just the thought of putting it near my lips made me feel a little queasy because in the pot it was just so strongly sweet.

The smallest amount of the Lush Puppy sugar scrub however goes a very long way and I found that when it was on my lips in a much smaller quantity, its scent wasn’t nearly as strong, it was more than manageable for me, using it wasn’t an unpleasant experience at all.


Apart from their different scents, colours and flavours, I really don’t see any other distinguishing differences between all of the Lush lip scrubs when it comes down to the job they are meant to do. I of course like some Lush lip scrubs more than others but all of them do, do an amazing job at exfoliating, hydrating and softening your lips. The more versions Lush bring out, the more I can change my daily routine up a bit. Sometimes it’s nice to try something that’s different, especially when you know you’re always going to get the same when it comes down to levels of quality. Whatever ingredient Lush decide to mix with good old caster sugar, it always remains a very good lip scrub.

One thing I have realised through my excessive Lush lip scrub usage is that some last longer than others. The Lush Puppy lip scrub seems to have stayed just as fresh as the day I received it so in that respect it has more to it than (for example) the, The Kiss lip scrub, The Kiss doesn’t seem to last much past 3 months, whereas Lush Puppy is still just as fresh as the day I got it at almost 4 months old. This small difference is what has made Lush Puppy one of my favourite Lush lip scrubs.

I hope that the Lush Puppy lip scrub at the least comes out as a Kitchen exclusive one day, more people need a chance to try it as it is a very good product that really is very different scent and colour wise from any other Lush lip scrub that has been created before.

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Psychodelic Bubble Bar from Lush

I had never actually heard of the Psychodelic Bubble Bar until it was released on the Lush Kitchen menu earlier this year (2017). It’s clear to see that it’s a looker, the colours alone sold it to me within seconds of seeing it.

There’s just something about the blue, white and yellow that gives off a really happy vibe, no one can deny that we all need a little more happiness in our life, so I ordered a few when they were up for grabs.

When I opened the parcel with them in I was greeted with a Lush scent that I hadn’t come across before. I always skim read the ingredients list before purchasing anything that is new to me, this however doesn’t always help as 9 times out of 10, when I get a product in my hands it smells nothing like how I had imagined.

Reading the list of ingredients in the Psychodelic bubble bar it was the cinnamon leaf and sweet orange oil that stood out for me. I love cinnamon for its warming properties and sweet orange oil for how it refreshes and revives not only your skin but also your state of mind. I wasn’t too sure what cinnamon and orange oil would smell like together but I knew as soon as the bubble bar arrived that they were a match made in heaven.

The Psychodelic bubble bars scent is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. The most dominant ingredient in it is definitely the sweet orange oil, the cinnamon that is paired with it rounds the sweetness off unlike any Lush product I have used before. Someone on Instagram described this bubble bar as being similar to the Phoenix Rising bath bomb, I don’t disagree, I can see what they mean but they are not the same scent. Together the both of them would however make a very good bath cocktail.

Psychodelic is a similar size to the Bar Humbug bubble bar, if you’ve read any of my bubble bar reviews previous to this one then you’d know that I prefer the bigger bubble bars such as The Comforter. Lush however prove time and time again that good products come in all shapes and sizes.

I like to make bubble bars that are the same size as the Psychodelic spread out over (at the very least) 2 baths. Sometimes with Lush the smallest amount of product goes a very long way, with Psychodelic I however had to use a whole one in just the one bath to get the most out of it.

It created a thick blanket of fluffy-white bubbles and the water beneath it was a dazzling turquoise colour. The scent of it became very subtle once in the water, it was in fact almost undetectable by the time I got into the bath which was a little disappointing.

It however worked like magic on my skin, a soak in a Psychodelic bath left my skin feeling soft and as fresh as a daisy. Although the scent didn’t last I did really enjoy the vivid colours of this bubble bar, the turquoise water it created was so inviting and I will be using it again just not on its own. If anyone has any suggestions of what you think would go well with it please pop them below! 🙂

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Abombinaball Bath Bomb from Lush

The Abombinaball Bath Bomb may look really scary but he’s actually a joy to share a bath with… Honest! Until last year (2015) I hadn’t had a chance to try the Abombinaball bath bomb, Lushie’s all over the world raved about it so naturally when it became available in the Lush Kitchen I jumped at the chance to order a few.

As much as I love the Intergalactic bath bomb and its minty freshness, I can’t help but crave something minty that’s just a little different as it gets a bit boring after a while, both the Intergalactic and Abombinaball bath bomb have peppermint oil in. I love peppermint oil based products as they help me manage my nausea levels. I’m on a lot of medication so suffer with it quite frequently.

As good as Intergalactic is, sometimes a change is as good as a holiday so I was super excited when my Abombinaball bath bombs arrived.

Although Abombinaball and Intergalactic both contain mostly peppermint oil, they are far from similar. The Abombinaball’s scent isn’t as sharp as the Intergalactic. I find the Abombinaball bath bomb sweeter and a much warmer scent in comparison.

Abombinaball also contains sweet orange oil and vanilla absolute, when I first learnt this I was a bit confused as I thought the ingredients would clash terribly.

After I however sniffed an Abombinaball I was no longer confused, the ingredients all worked together perfectly…

Its scent reminds me of my Grandad. He always had Trebor mints near him, using an Abombinaball bath bomb really takes me back to being a kid again. Back then I would sit next to him holding a Trebor mint he’d given me, licking it like a cat instead of just putting it in my mouth like a normal person.

He was one of my favourite people on the planet. I love how a scent can just take you back in time. The Abombinaball bath bomb will therefore always have a special place in my heart.

If you thought the Intergalactic bath bomb was shimmery then you clearly haven’t tried an Abombinaball bath bomb. It’s magical!

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the Abombinaball bath bomb, it’s fresh, sweet and uplifting making it perfect for a boost. Peppermint always seems to wake me up so I’d put this bath bomb down as a daytime one.

I have however used it at night and still slept okay.

Whenever the Abombinaball bath bomb is available I snap them up,  it really is a brilliant Lush product that I can’t recommend enough. 😈

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Please note that this post was originally posted on this website on the 20th of May 2016. I have updated each post on this blog several times as with time my photos have got better as has my product knowledge. – Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time

NEW Mouthwash Tabs from Lush

After the most amazing Lush filled week, I have finally found the time to get my 3rd and final post drafted up on the new mouthwash tabs from Lush. If you have been following my posts then you’d know that the wonderful people behind the Lush Kitchen kindly gifted me all 3 flavours prior to their release date last week.

I won’t repeat myself as I am eager to get on with my reviews, I will however leave you with 2 links just in case you missed my earlier posts on the subject, post one can be found here, as well as post 2 here.

I am going to start by writing a little bit about the concept behind a solid mouthwash. A lot of people just don’t get it. Liquid mouthwash is easy enough to get hold of and works just fine. That statement is true but now that Lush have created a solid version the possibilities of mouthwash have grown.

Travelling light is always a struggle. Especially if your chosen mode of transport is an aeroplane. If you’re only taking hand luggage with you, there are so many restrictions on what you can take on board. This also applies just for travelling in general, if you can have a lighter bag due to not having to pack huge bottles etc then the concept of making solid cosmetics to travel with is ideal and a complete cosmetics game changer.

The list of supplies I need to have with me when travelling is never ending, it’s not until you do start to pack for a trip that you realise how much you really do need at hand.

Mouthwash tabs are therefore a much welcomed addition to the the solid cosmetics family invented by Lush Cosmetics. Several solid Lush products have already proved very popular and their sale stats reflect their popularity. A solid cosmetics boom has taken over the cosmetics and beauty industry and it is so exciting to have been given the chance to be a part of it. Thank you Lush Kitchen!

The clever people at Lush have provided us with the likes of solid deodorant, solid shampoo and conditioner bars, solid toothy tabs (used just like toothpaste), solid perfumes, shower jellies and even solid sun block. There was therefore most certainly a gap in the market for a mouthwash equivalent.

The bottles of the mouthwash tabs are both small and compact, the tabs are easily used anywhere making them a great ‘I can’t leave the house without it,’ product.

Directions on how to use the tabs are as follows; ‘After brushing your teeth, pop one tab into the mouth and take a sip of water to start the fizz. Nibble and swish before spitting out. They can also be used throughout the day whenever you fancy a bit of oral refreshment.’

All you need is one tab and a small swig of water to aid you in the quest of quick and easy oral refreshment. Freshening ones breath in-between morning and nightly brushing, has never been so easy!

Many people have asked me which one of the 3 tabs are my favourite. I honestly can’t decide. All 3 have qualities I look for within a mouthwash and I am keen to discuss them with you below.

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Mouthwash Tabs

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster mouthwash tabs were the second of the 3 mouthwash tabs that I tried. Out of the 3 I’d say that this one left my mouth feeling the cleanest. several hours after using it my teeth still felt as if I had only just brushed them, whenever I use one I can’t stop running my tongue over my teeth, nothing feels better than a decent set of pearly whites!

As far as mouthwash products go you would expect the one that left your mouth feeling the cleanest would be minty. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster mouthwash tabs aren’t minty at all.

Reading their ingredients I thought I wouldn’t actually like the taste of them. Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters have lemon and aniseed oil in, aniseed is something I personally really don’t like as an ingredient as I dislike the flavour.

I was nervous about putting the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster tab in my mouth as there’s nothing more icky than not being able to get a taste out of your mouth I however took one for the team and shock, shock, horror, horror I was pleasantly surprised! it was the complete opposite of a horrifying experience. I liked its flavour.

The lemon and aniseed compliment each other and neither packed too much flavour. They appeared to be in perfect quantities. The scent was even pleasant, the lemon being more prominent than the aniseed. The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster may have also changed my opinion on aniseed too which is a HUGE thing for me.

Crème De Menthe Mouthwash Tabs

The Crème De Menthe Mouthwash Tabs are probably the best ones to start off with if you’re unsure of the concept of solid mouthwash. It like traditional mouthwash is peppermint based so is an excellent first stepping stone for the uncertain mouthwash-tab newbies.

The presence of peppermint oil was what made me decide that Crème De Menthe would be the tab I tried first.

I find the Crème De Menthe tabs to be really refreshing. They aren’t quite on par on a fresh-scale as the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster but they do an equally good job.

Like the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster tabs my mouth feels so clean after using it. The fact it has peppermint in makes it the mouthwash tab I feel most confident in using. It is excellent used as a quick oral-refresher after meals.

Ugai Mouthwash Tabs

From reading other people’s reviews on the Ugai Mouthwash Tabs I can conclude that it is the least popular of the three. The same feelings I had for Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in regards to the aniseed ingredient were present for the Ugai tabs too as I really wasn’t sure how I felt about its ingredients.

Tea tree is one of my favourite ingredients within Lush products, putting it into a product that is meant to be put in my mouth however had me feeling anxious.

Influenced by my positive experience with the aniseed in the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster tabs, I decided that I could yet again be wrong so tried Ugai without hesitation.

My new found trust in Lush has taken me by surprise, I have learnt that you really do have to try everything at least once…

People in reviews have said that they couldn’t get their head around the Ugai being mainly tea tree based. They have also said that they couldn’t stand the taste of the Ugai as in addition to the tea tree there is also a huge amount of sea salt in it.

Against all odds I actually really like the taste of ‘too much’ salt. Salty water although I obviously don’t drink it has always been a nice taste for me. I would happily gargle salty water for hours and have had to do so because of dental work I’ve had etc.

Using a Ugai mouthwash tab was in no way an unpleasant experience for me. I liked it just as much as I did the other 2. I would recommend using it as a palate cleanser in between food as its flavours doesn’t change much within the mouth. It cleanses but isn’t masked by scent/taste.

We’ve all tried sipping orange juice straight after brushing our teeth with minty toothpaste and it’s not a pleasant experience at all! This is why I feel that Ugai is perfect for cleansing your palate in between courses or just in between meals.

The tea tree and sea salt within Ugai makes it antibacterial too. This will prove very beneficial if you have any infections within your mouth and throat, gargling it alone won’t get rid of any infections it however is an excellent way to keep things orally clean.

Overall I am blown away and so, so, so impressed with all 3 of the brand new mouthwash tabs, as I said above each one has its own reason for being great and I strongly recommend giving them a go, my mouth has never been so spoilt!

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Have a lovely day!

The Modfather Bubble Bar from Lush

Every last aspect of a Lush product is carefully picked and designed. Its scent, ingredients, shape and colours are all under special consideration. Every single part of a Lush product has a valid purpose for being there, they literally think and perfect every last detail.

When ever I get my hands on a brand new Lush product I like to delve a little into its history. I like to find out a little more about how and why the wonderful people at Lush came up with such a product.

This year Lush Cosmetics decided to make a line of Father’s Day products, this is the first year that they have done so. Lushie’s all over the world have welcomed this small range of new and exclusive products with open arms. After all, Lush release the most amazing Mother’s Day products so it’s only fair to let the Fathers of the world get in on the action too.

The Modfather Bubble Bar.png

The Modfather Bubble Bar although very small sure has a lot of clout. Inspired by the Mods and Rockers of Britain’s 1960’s youth subcultures, Lush have clearly had a lot of fun coming up with it.

I’m not going to write an essay for you to read on Mods and Rockers, in all honesty I don’t really know much about them anyway. I can vaguely remember learning about them at school when I was 9 or 10 years old. My only real memory of it is that we watched a video recording of an old BBC documentary on the ‘TV with wheels’.

Our teacher for that year was truly awful, he was lazy and couldn’t ever engage the class, he took the fun out of everything and I know this is why I don’t remember a single thing he ever tried to teach us. 16 years later I am still really disappointed in him as I could really do with some Mod and Rocker knowledge right now…


The Modfather bubble bar isn’t very big at all. What it however lacks in size it well makes up for with its beautiful scent. Packed with Brazilian orange oil, the Modfather bubble bar has a super zingy and energising-summer-scent.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to add a spring to their step. It’s mood brightening, refreshing and tailor made to revive all of ones senses.


The only negative point I have on this bubble bar is how small it is. As a woman of 5 foot 2, I can appreciate that good things come in small packages. I am however always a little disappointed if I cannot use the same Lush bubble bar over 2 or 3 baths.

I think that I am maybe just a little bubble-greedy though. The first bubble bar I ever purchased from Lush was The Comforter, size-wise I was therefore spoilt rotten, from day one.

Using the whole of the Modfather bubble bar for one bath did make for an incredibly lavish bath, it was fit for a king, making it (in my opinion) worth every penny. The first time I tried it I did try to use only half of it. Half of it left me with good results but not as good as using the whole thing. Although a little pricey if used in just one bath, it was a bloody good bath that I’d love to have time and time again.


Crumbling a Modfather bubble bar under a running tap produces more than a copious amount of luxurious, soft white, fragrant citrus bubbles. I have grown quite fond of the scent and hope that Lush incorporate it into future Lush products too.


The picture above speaks for itself. Underneath the canopy of bubbles is beautiful, royal blue water. I have yet to come across a Lush product that leaves my bath water such a deep blue before. It’s such a lovely shade of blue, I could just lay in the water for hours.

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Ylang Song Bath Bomb from Lush

ylang song bath bomb

When I first got hold of the Oxford Street exclusive bath bomb Ylang Song, I wasn’t that excited. I have however said many times before and I will say it again now, never judge a bath bomb until you’ve seen it in the bath tub!

Ylang Song pronounced Yee-lang song has a very simple design, it is a brilliant white with one dried purple flower on its top. Although very plain I can’t help but think that it gives off a majestic vibe.

I love a big bath bomb and Ylang Song is more than reasonably sized. I am not quite sure where I plucked the majestic word from, it’s just such a refreshing white and has such a plain, uncomplicated design. Its royal-purple flower top just makes me think of Snow White.

I tend to favour the fruitier variety of bath bombs like Lava Lamp, Fizzbanger and Dragon’s Egg, it was because of this that I was a little weary of Ylang Song. Be that as it may, when I first had Ylang Song in my hands I found it to have a scent I actually quite liked. My doubt was long gone and I couldn’t wait to put Ylang Song in the bath!

I want to say that the Ylang Song’s scent is primarily floral, a mixture of ylang ylang and neroli oil along with the rose absolute gives the scent of this bath bomb a perfect level of added depth, this depth adds a zest to the traditional rose scent making Ylang Song unique in comparison to the products I would normally go for.

The first time I ever tried a Ylang Song bath bomb I wished that I had been recording its reaction in the bath water.  At first it was rather dull, spitting out frothy white bubbles as it charged around my bath tub, the one purple flower that was on its top was now abandoned, floating around all by itself looking very lost in such a big bath space. Just as I was about to write the Ylang Song bath bomb off, everything turned green!

The only way I could describe it is that it looks like the bath bomb throws up. (video footage available here.)

Ylang Song Bath Bomb petals.png

Once the Ylang Song ‘threw up’ lots of multi-coloured petals also burst out of it, they floated delicately around in my bath tub, I felt like a Disney princess. The water was so silky and moisturising, my skin normally quite dehydrated was now refreshed and revived.

If you’re an in-and-out of the bath with no fuss type of Lushie then this bath bomb is a relatively good choice as it doesn’t really need rinsing out after.

I personally always have the bath rinsed out after any bath. Bath bomb or not as I’m a bit of a clean-freak, however I do understand that some people just don’t have the time. The petals are real petals so don’t dissolve or anything, obviously this is a little inconvenient however they were easy enough to collect up ready to be placed in the bin before pulling out the plug.

Every time I get a chance to visit Lush Oxford Street I now stock up on the Ylang Song bath bomb, sometimes the most basic looking products turn out to be the very best.

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Please note that this post was originally posted on this website on the 19th of July 2015. I have updated each post on this blog several times as with time my photos have got better as has my product knowledge.
Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time