Plum Snow Bubble Bar from Lush

Lush’s Plum Snow Bubble Bar shares its scent with the hugely popular shower gel Plum Rain. Just like the shower gel it is a dark and sexy purple. Out of the wide selection of bubble bars released this Winter, I’d say that Plum Snow is the biggest as well as the best value for money.

The bubble bar in the photo above was actually made by me, I’m so ridiculously proud of myself (even though it was really easy) That’s not me belittling the Lush compounders by the way, what I achieved in 10 minutes they could do in seconds! It’s a skill I wish I had, making it was so much fun and such a therapeutic process.

The Plum Rain scent family is a fairly new one, the shower gel equivalent of Plum Snow was only released last Summer, it is fairly unexplored in other product formats, there has only been a shower gel and body spray prior to this, I was therefore really excited to hear of it coming out as a bubble bar. Plum Snow’s scent is one of the most interesting scents Lush have on offer, the scent is refreshing, warm and inviting, I can never get enough of it.

A very little amount of Plum Snow goes a very long way, due to the bubble bars size I was not expecting this at all. What I initially thought was fairly good value for money is actually incredibly good value for money. The smallest amount creates copious amounts of fluffy white bubbles and its scent once mixed with the hot water is just as delightful as the shower gel.

Plum Snow not only creates mounds and mounds of fluffy white bubbles but also turns your bath water a gorgeous shade of purple, it is such a deep and beautifully rich purple, it’s a colour you’d expect to see an evil queen’s cloak in, in a Disney film. There is just something so majestic about it. It’s actually a very similar shade of purple to the dresses my bridesmaids wore at my husband and I’s wedding earlier this year.

I just can’t get over how dazzling the water looks underneath the blanket of bubbles, it’s so pigmented and as I said above a little of the product goes a very long way, I used the smallest amount for the below photo!

Not only does Plum Snow smell and look delightful once in the bath, its waters are also silky smooth and fabulous at keeping your skin hydrated. Lying back in a Plum Snow bath is my idea of heaven after a long and hard day. It soothes away any tension and helps me get into a nice and relaxed state of mind.

The Plum Snow bubble bar has satisfied me in every which way, it ticks every box in what I like in a bubble bar and it made its way onto my favourite bubble bar list from first use. It’s huge, a little of it goes a long way, it smells incredible and creates so many bubbles and the most beautiful purple water. I really hope Lush continue to expand the Plum Rain scent through other products, a body lotion would be very welcomed into my home, hint, hint!

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Bewitched Bubble Bar from Lush


I am still in mourning for Lush’s Blackberry bath bomb, at the time of writing this review it has unfortunately been discontinued earlier this year. I am still very upset with Lush for taking this product away. It was the only non medicinal product in the whole world that had helped me kick insomnias butt. When I heard that Lush were bringing out a Blackberry scented bubble bar for the Halloween period, my frozen heart thawed just a little at the thought. I knew at this point that the Bewitched Bubble Bar would either be a huge hit or a huge miss for me.

This relatively small bubble bar has been shaped into a black cat’s face. With big, bright yellow eyes, Bewitched looks like a witches perfect sidekick. Once I had the Bewitched bubble bar in my hands I admit that I was disappointed by its smaller size. Everything however seems small when you have been spoilt rotten with the likes of the, The Comforter and Brightside bubble bar. What saved the day for me when it came down to Bewitch’s size was that a very little amount of it went a very long way bubble-wise.

I expected to get (at a push) 2 baths out of just the one Bewitched bubble bar, the first time I used it I broke it into 2 pieces with the thought of just adding the other half of it if I felt it was needed. I was pleasantly surprised that 1 half of the Bewitched bubble bar was more than enough, in fact it was too much, unless you are after a super over indulgent bath there is really no need to use any more than one third of the bubble bar per bath.

Once the hot water hits the bubble bar the Blackberry scent fills your bathroom. Just like the Blackberry bath bomb Bewitched is jam packed with bergamot and frankincense oils, this combination has to be one of the most relaxing blend of essential oils I have ever come across. It’s magic!

The smallest amount of the Bewitched bubble bar makes mounds and mounds of fluffy white bubbles, what had me mesmerised was however the colour of the water underneath the blanket of bubbles. It creates a similar coloured water to what the Secret Arts jelly bomb does. It leaves the water magnificently hydrating and silky smooth on your skin, my skin soaks it all up and its scent stays with me hours and hours after getting out of the bath.

Paired with the Sultana of Skin body conditioner the Bewitched bubble bar is almost as good as the Blackberry bath bomb. I am still in a state of disbelief that Lush ever let the bath bomb equivalent of the Bewitched bubble bar go, I am hoping that Lush actually bring the Blackberry bath bomb back once the Halloween and Christmas stock sells out after New Year… Although nothing has been announced so don’t hold your breath. PLEASE?!!!

I can’t see Bewitched being carried on as a staple-store-product past Halloween and because of this I don’t want to become too attached to it. It really is a great product though, I can see it being a very popular Halloween product for years and years to come.

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Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb from Lush

Christmas Sweater Bath BombI know, I know, it’s only September how dare I use the C word. I wouldn’t normally use it until November at the earliest myself but after last weeks Lush Creative Showcase, I’ll admit to over indulging in the making of Christmas products, with it I got a little carried away, being surrounded by all of Lush’s brand new Winter line products didn’t help either.

I was a little disappointed at the smaller (brand new to me) bath bomb collection this Winter, this meant there was a lot riding on this red and white bath bombs shoulders. As I said above, I would normally leave the in-your-face-Christmas-product-reviews until a few weeks before Christmas itself but once I’d used the Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb I couldn’t help but want to share my thoughts with you on it as soon as humanly possible. Enter my first ‘C word’ product review in the festive month of September…


The Christmas Sweater bath bomb was the first of the new bath bombs to catch my eye at the 2017 Lush Creative Showcase. Piled up high, there was just something about this products warm colours that had me intrigued. I went straight over to the nearest display of them to give one a sniff.

As its name would suggest, the Christmas Sweater’s design is inspired by the infamous Christmas sweater, decorated with 2 stitch-like reindeer and snowflakes, this product is quite literally a warm and cheery bath bomb equivalent of a snuggly Christmas sweater. This bath bomb is the answer to my prayers, although I really did want to see a return of the Hot Toddy shower gel and the Christmas Kisses bubble bar the Christmas Sweater bath bomb has similar elements, this left me super eager to try it.


As soon as the Christmas Sweater bath bomb hits the water a wave of thick, bright red foam erupts out of it, jam packed with spicy and stimulating ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger and clove bud this bath bomb is perfect for me. Due to several medical conditions I unfortunately struggle with widespread chronic pain every day, there is no escape from it but using products such as the Christmas Sweater bath bomb helps a lot.

Much like the Cinders bath bomb, Christmas Sweater helps put my aching muscles at ease, I am so glad that Lush have listened to their customers, there is always space for warmer, more spicy products. Since Lush discontinued their Phoenix Rising and Granny Takes A Dip bath bombs I have really struggled to find a bath bomb that helps so well. After just one go of the Christmas Sweater bath bomb, I knew that I’d most certainly be stocking up on this before Winter is through.

CSBB collage

Another surprise I wasn’t expecting from the Christmas Sweater bath bomb was the amazing bath art, I couldn’t stop taking photographs, I always try to keep my reviews short and sweet meaning I don’t include many photos, I couldn’t however not share the above photos with you. Reds, oranges and whites, not only was Christmas Sweater a treat for my aching body but also my eyes.

Scent wise I’d compare the Christmas Sweater bath bomb to the (mentioned above) Hot Toddy shower gel, it however isn’t as strong, it’s a subtle cinnamon scent with a slight spice. Just writing this review is making me want to use one again. I cannot wait to get my new bathtub in so that I can use this must-have Winter product until my heart’s content. Well done Lush you’ve captured Christmas in this bath bomb perfectly!

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Over and Over Bath Bomb from Lush

The Over and Over Bath Bomb was one of the few exclusive products available to buy at the Lush showcase back in September.

I was incredibly flattered to be invited to the biggest Lush event that has ever happened.

It really was an amazing day, everywhere I looked made my head spin with excitement, it was such a fantastic experience and one I will never, ever forget.

I will never be able to express my full gratitude to the Lush Kitchen for sending me the invite. All I know is, it was FABULOUS and I’d do every last bit of it all again, heatwave and all!


At the showcase there were so many new products that I didn’t even realise that the Over and Over bath bomb was different from the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb. When I did realise I decided to grab another. Everything else I got only one of.

When I got home and had some time to process all that had happened at the showcase, as well as the hype around the Over and Over bath bomb, I was ridiculously smug that I had bought 2!

Just like the legendary, mass hysteria creating Roller bath bomb, Over and Over has caused quite the stir within the Lush community. I thought at the time of the showcase that it would be available in all stores or at Oxford Street throughout the winter but at the point of writing this it has only ever been available to the general public at the 2016 Lush Showcase.

It was however announced last week that the Over and Over bath bomb would be released in the Lush Kitchen on Thursday the 10th of November 2016, I will most certainly be ordering some and if you want to as well, get online on the above date ASAP as I can guarantee they will sell out within minutes.

From Left to Right, Never Mind the Ballistics, Roller and Over and Over bath bomb

Designed in the same way as the Roller and Never Mind the Ballistics, the Over and Over bath bomb is in fact half bath bomb, half bath melt.

The top half of an Over and Over bath bomb is dipped in a waxy-like orange melt leaving the rest of it exposed, the rest is yellow in colour.

Unfortunately many of the meltable products suffered at the creative showcase because of the September heatwave. It was sad to see but the two Over and Overs that I picked up (apart from looking a bit disheveled) still worked ok in the bath.

Once placed in the bath water the Over and Over bath bomb creates a mass of thick and fluffy yellow foam. It soon begins to dance around the bath water, rolling and moving in exactly the same way as the Roller bath bomb does.

As the foam hisses away, floating on top of the bath water the Over and Over scent really hits you.


It isn’t long until you see that the Over and Over bath bomb has pink insides. The yellow, orange and pink colour spilling out of the bath bomb clash so well together, creating mesmerising bath art that you just can’t take your eyes off.

It’s hard to believe that so much vivid colour could come out of a cosmetic bathing product.

Performance wise, the Over and Over bath bomb could easily be confused with the likes of the, The Enchanter bath bomb.


The Over and Over bath bomb has a lemony-lime-citrus scent that reminds me of Lemsip.

I didn’t realise the connection until my boyfriend pointed it out. I hate Lemsip and I could have punched him there and then for putting the idea into my head.

I really didn’t want to associate such a great product with something that reminds me of the flu but once a comparison is made to a scent, I can never forget it.

* has flashback to when he also said that the Snow Angel bath melt smelt like cow’s poop* I haven’t been able to use it since…

Fortunately for the Over and Over bath bomb I have decided that I quite like its scent, it is just the taste of Lemsip that I dislike so much. As long as I’m not made to eat the bath bomb or drink the bath water I’m okay!

It’s scent is incredibly refreshing and warming all at the same time. It is a very crispy fruit scent that alerts yet relaxes my senses.


Due to the bath bomb being dipped in orange melt the Over and Over bath bomb is extremely moisturising. I always panic when I see so much melt, this bath bomb however got the melt and bath bomb ratio perfect.

My skin smelt lovely and felt refreshed for several hours after getting out of an Over and Over bath.

The only negative thing I want to say about the Over and Over bath bomb is how much it looks like the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb once it is in the bath.

Both bath bombs are mostly yellow, Never Mind the Ballistics is however dipped in pink melt and Over and Over is dipped in orange. Once in the bath, looking back on photographs I can’t really tell the difference between the two.

I think maybe they should have made the Over and Over bath bomb green and blue? green because of the lime oil and blue because I believe it clashes well with green. The pattern it would create would be very interesting.

Although they do look the same once in the bath, the scent however makes it very easy to identify the 2 from each other, I just wish they invented Smell-o-gram so that everyone could appreciate its scent through my blog.

Over all, (no pun intended) I really do like the Over and Over bath bomb, so much so that I hope they bring it out as a permanent store product rather than just a one off.

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Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb from Lush

autumn-leaf-bath-bombWhen I very first see the Autumn Leaf bath bomb at the Lush Creative Showcase I was really excited. Why? because it is unlike anything Lush have created before.

At this time of year and with Halloween just around the corner… (sorry guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we are now very close to the 4th and final quarter of 2016) … I always find myself drowning in pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons. As much as I love the season, I think that autumn time is about so much more than just things that go bump in the night.

The lack of spookiness that the Autumn Leaf bath bomb has was what first attracted me to it.

autumn leaf pile.jpg

At the Lush Creative Showcase the Autumn Leaf bath bombs were piled high. Even in a room that was full of hundreds of other products you could pin point the Autumn Leafs on scent alone.

The Autumn Leaf bath bomb has a very refreshing, outdoorsy and earthy aroma. For anyone that loves Lush as much as me you’d know that it shares its scent with all of the products in the Grass Lush-scent family.

Grass isn’t my favourite of the Lush scents so I haven’t used many of the products with its scent. The colours and design of this bath bomb however won me over, with that all in mind I feel its earthy and outdoorsy scent suits the autumn season perfectly making it a must have autumn and winter bath bomb.

When you first place the Autumn Leaf bath bomb into your bath water it instantly starts to react. Pastel green foam fizzes from it, slowly decorating the bath water with a thin coat of silky-smooth foam.

As time goes on other colours appear from it too.

As well as the greens there are golds, reds and oranges – All of the amazing colours associated with autumn.

Autumn Leaf is a very slow fizzer. It reminds me of the Skydancer Far from the Madding Guns Bath Bomb because of the way it floats, most other bath bombs float at the top for a short time before spinning, getting the whole of it wet. Autumn Leaf however stays face up, gracefully floating around the bath until it eventually all dissolves.

Overall I really enjoyed using the Autumn Leaf bath bomb, regardless of its Grass scent, (I am always never quite sure if I like it or not but in Autumn Leaf I did!)

Being honest as always, Autumn Leaf didn’t excite me once in the water as much as other bath bombs that have been released by Lush this month. This does not mean I dislike it, I still totally recommend trying it at least once.

The bath art it creates is beautiful and I found myself humming the Disney song from the Pocahontas film while in the bath with it, ‘Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?‘ 😉

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