Secret Arts Jelly Bomb from Lush

It seems that since Lush Cosmetics released their brand new Jelly Bomb range earlier this month everyone has gone mad for the darkest of the 4 first, the Secret Arts Jelly Bomb (formally known as the Dark Arts Jelly Bomb). Inspired by Harry Potter, the Dark Arts Secret Arts jelly bomb is like nothing I have used from Lush before. Some mistakenly think it is a lot like the Metamorphosis bath bomb. From the outside I agree, I can see why people may compare it, inside of it is however a completely different story.

Seeing as this is the first jelly bomb that I have reviewed I thought it would be wise to explain what they are. Jelly bombs look just like the average Lush bath bomb, they also work in the same way, the difference between a jelly bomb and a bath bomb is, instead of creating foam, jelly bombs produce a foam-like-jelly that floats on the surface of the water instead. Although I was initially a little freaked out at the idea I found the experience quite pleasant. It wasn’t like wading through a bath full of gunge at all.

Dark Arts 2

As soon as the Dark Arts Secret Arts jelly bomb hits the water its scent fills the room. Dark Arts Secret Arts shares a scent with one of my favourite discontinued, Christmas-time bath bombs called Cinders. It is always a pleasure to revisit a Lush scent through a different format, the Dark Arts Secret Arts jelly bomb has a delicate sweet, musky, warm and spicy aroma. Instantly after coming into contact with the water Dark Arts Secret Arts begins to spin, spreading a thick and jelly like foam on its surface.

At this point I was hesitant to how much mess this jelly bomb was actually going to make, I felt like a killer whale in an oil spill. The jelly foam was a sparkling black and the water underneath it was growing darker and darker with every second. Pushing this anxiety to one side I lay back to enjoy Dark Art’s Secret Art’s cinnamon scent.


It didn’t take long before the temptation to play with the jelly got too much and I couldn’t help but grab some to have a feel. At the point of grabbing a handful the realisation of how dark and thick this jelly was hit me, I knew it was going to be a completely different bathing experience from what I had ever had before, it just felt so alien and bizarre to me.

Looking at it in my hand I was instantly filled with dread, if my husband see this in our bath tub he’d go mad. Once the jelly bomb had all dissolved I swished my hands around it a bit, the jelly was getting thinner. Underneath me I could feel myself slide forward in the bath tub, it was at this point very, very slippery. I made a mental note to always use jelly bombs when I was already in the bath just to avoid any accidents.


The inside of the Dark Arts Secret Arts jelly bomb is a bright pink, this surprise was however short lived as the blackness soon overtook the little pink that had frothed out of the jelly bomb. As I sat in the bath I noticed that the jelly had slowly turned to just water, all that was left in the bath tub was very dark but fantastically soothingly-soft water. I prepared myself to get out, grabbing a flannel to help remove any dark residue that had been left on my body. I was shocked to find out that there wasn’t a splash on me. I asked my husband to wipe off any that was left on my back, again there wasn’t a single blob.

I was really, really surprised by this. As the bath drained I was completely lost for words when there wasn’t a ‘dark mark’ in sight (sorry for another Harry Potter reference…) I was expecting the aftermath of Dark Arts Secret Arts to be like that of the Lava Lamp bath bombs and it wasn’t at all.


I gave the tub a quick rub over with a sponge and Fairy Liquid before I got out, my husband then rinsed it out as he always does. I find the darker colours in Lush products tend to cling to any residue left in the tub, so doing the fairy liquid and rinse after every bath always helps things to stay clean. It honestly takes less than a minute and requires minimum effort.

Overall I am still very surprised with how much I enjoyed using this jelly bomb, I was expecting a royal mess and it wasn’t even an inch as bad as I had feared. It leaves my skin in tip top condition for days and days after using it, I have never gone so long without needing to moisturise. The scent still sits on my skin the next day too.

With it I do however recommend using it in a clean bath, just to avoid any of the colour gripping onto any old residue left in the tub from previous uses. If you’re unfortunate enough to get marks left in your bathtub I recommend using hot as you can stand it water and a dab of fairy liquid ASAP, it sponges off in no time and doesn’t break you into a sweat to do either!

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Author: Lulu

Hello, my name is Lulu and I am a 33 year old with a very unhealthy obsession with Lush Cosmetics. I mostly blog about Lush but I also do posts that touch upon disability, mental health and invisible illnesses on various other social media platforms. If you can read this then I guess I should thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to see you again soon! :)