Goddess Shower Gel from Lush

I can’t quite believe how quickly the last 12 months have flown by. A year a go this month, Lush introduced us to what was one of 2018’s most popular products, the Goddess bath bomb. Earlier this year (2019) Lush decided to create a Goddess bath bomb shower-gel-equivalent, the Goddess Shower Gel!

Containing jasmine, sandalwood, rose and oudh oil you’d think that the Goddess shower gel would have quite a hefty-floral-scent, it is in fact one of Lush’s most gentle fragrances yet. Although very subtle, Goddess’s scent is as I predicted, VERY floral; The sandalwood and oudh however add a sweet-woody-layer to the jasmine giving its floral scent a warm and comforting edge.

I’d say that the Goddess shower gels scent is pretty-true to the bath bomb, I can however detect a small difference, the woody-scent-layer seems to have a peppery twist in it giving it a little more clout than the bath bomb.

To look at, the Goddess shower gel is a similar shade to the very much loved, Twilight shower gel. It however is a lot more shimmery. In the photo above I have tried my hardest to capture just how beautiful the lustre in it is, the photo does it no justice at all.

Consistency wise Goddess shower gel is a lot creamier than I had expected, this is by no means a negative. It is not so thick that you can hardly get it out of the bottle and not too thin that you lose it all at the slightest tip of the bottle. A little amount of the shower gel goes a VERY LONG way. It lathers up quickly and is oh-so-creamy.

Its scent once in the shower does intensify ever so slightly but again it’s still a rather subtle scent. I find it quite hydrating on the skin too. The fact it is so creamy and hydrating leads me to see it as more of a shower cream than a shower gel.

Just like the Goddess bath bomb I found that  the Goddess shower gels scent didn’t last on my skin for very long. While I am not a huge fan of floral scents, this isn’t a negative factor for me, I can however see the customers who are head-over-heels-in-love with the Goddess-scent-family maybe being a little disappointed with this.

Although I haven’t fallen in love with the Goddess shower gel in quite the same way as I have the Intergalactic shower gel (another shower gel that was released on the same day) I am glad I have tried it.

It seems to be one of the most popular of the latest limited-edition shower-gel-releases and while I’ve not heard anything about it becoming a main line product in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did! ☺️

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Goddess Bath Bomb from Lush

Allow me to introduce you to the unique and captivatingly beautiful Goddess Bath Bomb. Inspired by the singer, songwriter and actress Ariana Grande, Goddess has been one of the most sought after Lush products of 2018.

Originally Goddess was only available to buy at the September 2018 Lush Showcase BUT as of a few days ago, it is at the time of writing this review now available to purchase from the London based, Lush Oxford Street store and also through Lush’s UK website.

There hasn’t been hype behind a bath bomb quite like this since the release of 2016’s limited edition Roller bath bomb. When it comes down to the Goddess bath bombs shape, unique is the first word that comes to mind. There has never been a bath bomb of its shape before. I don’t even know where to begin when describing its shape.

Goddess is a round bath bomb, one side of it has a slight flat edge allowing it to sit as it is in the photo below. On its other side is a huge, round crater. I am not quite sure why Goddess is made in this strange shape, I do however get out-of-space vibes from it which I guess ties in with its Goddess name.

Goddess’s ingredients include jasmine, sandalwood, rose and oudh oil. Even with its long and varied list of ingredients the Goddess bath bombs scent is one of Lush’s most gentle fragrances yet. Although very subtle, Goddess’s scent is primarily floral; The sandalwood and oudh add a sweet yet woody layer to the jasmine giving its scent a warm and comforting edge.

The Goddess bath bomb is a very quick fizzer, so quick that I didn’t manage to capture any of its bath art on my camera. There were gushes of purple, silver and plenty of fizzing bubbles. Its scent once in the water still remained subtle, if you’d like to get more out of it fragrance-wise I’d suggest using it in shallow bath water.

Once Goddess has completely dissolved you are left with sparkling, silky-soft, milky-purple bath water. For those that really enjoy its scent you may be a little disappointed as the scent seems to fade fairly soon after it has dissolved, it didn’t last the bath for me. With me not being a huge fan of the floral scents this however was not a negative finding for me.

Its magical bath-water left my skin feeling exceptionally hydrated, so much so that I didn’t have to use a body lotion once out of the tub. Visually the Goddess bath bomb is a stunning work of art. The only thing that bugs me in regards to it is its steep price. I don’t like to go into price with my reviews but for almost £6 a bath bomb I believe it should be something I mention. It’s certainly a luxury product with a luxury price. I’d recommend trying it even if its just the once as it does make for a very relaxing bath.

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