Cinders Shower Gel from Lush

Cinders Shower Gel

Lush’s brand new Cinders Shower Gel had me very excited as it supposedly shares its scent with a product of the same name, the Cinders bath bomb. Although I feel it isn’t exactly the same, their scents are close enough to each other to satisfy my nose. The Cinders bath bomb hasn’t been a part of Lush’s Winter line for a good few years now but I haven’t ever forgotten it.

The Cinders shower gel is a gloriously bright orange, it’s a little runnier than I expected but its scent is super similar to the bath bomb. Thanks to its magical cinnamon ingredient, showering with it is like having thousands of tiny hands deeply massaging your tired and aching muscles.

As I said earlier, Cinders shower gel is a little runny, this isn’t a negative point at all. A small amount goes a very long way and I find it also lathers up quickly and with ease, especially when compared to  super-thick shower gel and creams such as Bubbly or Ectoplasm.

My skin feels very clean after using it. Cinnamon isn’t Cinders only magical ingredient either, packed with a generous helping of aloe vera, it is also incredibly hydrating for your skin. Cinders also contains a long list of other warming ingredients such as paprika, ginger powder and nutmeg. Its scent is not as in your face Christmas as the, The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar but it’s equally as yummy!

Pumpkin seed oil is also found in Cinders, all of these carefully selected ingredients make for an amazingly stimulating and hydrating shower gel.

Any Lush product with cinnamon in always has a lasting effect on me. Cinnamon is a wonderful spice, I suffer with chronic pain and it is really good at soothing aching muscles, its warming effects stimulate blood circulation too. Cinders shower gel is a game changer for me. I miss the bath bomb equivalent terribly BUT the shower gel is so much better as it’s not a one trick pony and is incredibly versatile.

I’ve used it on my body in the shower and have also dribbled some into a running bath for some musky-sweet and spicy bubbles. As if we needed yet another Lush product that smells good enough to eat!

Cinders is definitely my favourite of the shower gels this year, there wasn’t a huge collection to choose from which was a little disappointing but both Sleepy and Cinders have impressed me enough to warrant buying an extra bottle for my shower gel stash.

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Cinders Bath Bomb from Lush

For such a small bath bomb Cinders has certainly left quite the impression on me. First and foremost it’s packed full of cinnamon, since Lush retired the Phoenix Rising bath bomb I have been struggling to get my bath bomb cinnamon fix.

Last year I stocked up on Cinders and still have 2 left in my big box of Lush. When I found out that Cinders wasn’t going to be making a return in Lush’s 2016 Winter line I wasn’t very pleased at all.

I’m not sure where my cinnamon obsession started, I think most probably the Fireball sweets I used to eat when I was at school. It’s literally the yummiest spice in the world. I love it on cake, in my hot chocolate and even more so in my bath. I deal with chronic pain on an everyday basis and bathing in a Cinders bath is the closest to relaxed I can ever be.


I have no shame in pointing out that the Cinders Bath Bomb isn’t ever going to win any bath art trophies. It does however have popping candy in which makes bath time with it a little more exciting.

Most people look for bath bombs searching for a colourful bath time show. There is however so much more to a bath bomb than its colours.

Once you start to look into the benefits of the ingredients of each Lush product that’s when you start to try products that are out of your comfort zone. I feel that Cinders is way out of a lot of peoples bath-bomb-comfort-zone because it is small and isn’t as visually pleasing as alternatives such as the Frozen bath bomb.

I always recommend trying a Lush product at least once as discovering you love a product you’d never thought you’d like makes it all the more fun.

Cinders is the same size as the Butterball and Think Pink bath bomb, tiny but mighty.


Yes Cinders is small and yes it’s a bit boring in the bath but it smells so good, to me it is Christmas in bath bomb form.

It leaves my skin soft and hydrated, and leaves a sweet musky spice scent on it that stays with me all day. Unlike any of the other cinnamon based products, Cinders has a sweeter edge to it which is why I favour it.

I know that Cinders leaves your bath water a rather unsatisfying colour, I quote, ‘AH IT LOOKS LIKE WEE!’ but the scent and how it warms my tired and achy muscles makes me forget and not care… Cinders does absolute wonders on my body and I really don’t know what I’m going to do now they are no longer a part of the Winter line!

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