Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar from Lush

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar.pngThe scent of the Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar is a completely new one to me. There are several other products that share its scent I however just haven’t had the pleasure of using them yet.

After experiencing Ruby Red Slippers I am very, very eager to try the other products that share its scent, which kind of gives away how the rest of this review is going to go… SPOILER ALERT!

The Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar has a spicy yet gentle scent with a musky floral undertone. I feel it suits what people look for in a bath product for the Winter time perfectly. Me especially, anything with a bit of spice gets my vote when the weather is disgustingly cold.

Clearly inspired by the Wizard of Oz because, because, because, because, because it’s in the shape of a sparkly red slipper, I just simply couldn’t help but pick one up to try.

First and foremost I have to point out that the smallest chunk of Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar creates a more than generous amount of fluffy white bath bubbles.

If you’re worrying about value for money because of its smaller size in comparison to the larger bubble bars such as the Brightside or Comforter bubble bar, stop.

I love a bubble bar that can be shared out over several baths, using one whole Ruby Red Slippers would easily fill the whole of my bathroom with bubbles not just my bath tub.

Underneath the thick blanket of silky soft bubbles you will find the most dazzling shade of ruby red bath water.

The bubble bar softens the water a great deal and my winter abused skin relishes in it. It isn’t the most hydrating of bubble bars but unless you have super dry skin I can’t see it causing any problems.

I will be stocking up on these before the Winter is over, it works surprisingly well with the Fizzbanger bath bomb. I cannot recommend pairing the 2 enough!

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Rudy Gift Set from Lush

I don’t normally buy the Lush gift sets however this year I haven’t been able to resist, I spotted them on my last trip to Lush Oxford Street and thought I’d treat myself to something different because why not?

Most of my Winter Lush purchases have been online so far this year, that or from the Creative Showcase back in September. I haven’t actually visited my local store for about 6 weeks… We have a world record right here… *shivers with withdrawal symptoms* I’ve just had so much going on with the wedding and have also been recovering from surgery so I just haven’t had the time or energy. I’m hoping I do get to pop into my local store on Tuesday though, I have my eye on several of the new brightly coloured paper bags! what better excuse for a top up of bath bombs?


Although the Rudy Gift Set looks more like a bunny rabbit to some, you can see it’s a reindeer if you try. With his red nose he is in fact the most important reindeer of them all, Rudolph!

Inside the Rudy  gift set is 1 Butterball bath bomb and 1 Shoot for the stars bath bomb.

Yes, buying the 2 bath bombs individually is slightly cheaper but I quite like the idea of presenting them in a knot wrap like this, it’s creative, different and sure to impress anyone as a Christmas gift.

Using a knot wrap instead of gift wrap helps the planet. I know there are different rules for different areas but where we live a very high percentage of the gift wrap used at Christmas just goes straight to landfill, I know this because my hubby-to-be is the manager of the local recycling center. A good 90% of wrapping paper cannot be recycled and it’s this time of year that we throw away the most.

Using knot wraps as an alternative to wrapping paper is a great solution to help the planet, buckling down on the over use of non recyclable waste is a step in the right direction for the world.

Knot wraps can be used time and time again. Tying them up may appear tricky but it is in fact very easy, there are hundreds of different ways of doing it, I learnt how to do them from just watching Youtube tutorials. It’s easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

If you aren’t any good at stuff like that and the Youtube tutorials still have you puzzled do not worry as the Rudy gift set comes ready wrapped/knotted. If you did want to try doing one for yourself for someone else the shop assistants at Lush are always more than happy to help you knot-wrap your Lush goodies.

As mentioned above the 2 bath bombs included in the Rudy gift set are the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb and the Butterball bath bomb.


To see my review of the newly designed Shoot for the Stars bath bomb please click here.

Butterball Bath Bomb.png

To see the review on the Butterball bath bomb click here. Butterball is very similar to the Butterbear bath bomb but is sold all year round as opposed to the Butterbear bath bomb only being available in the winter months.

Overall I really like this gift set and I think it would make a very good present to someone who you want to turn into a Lushie or for a Lushie you already know of.

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Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush


When I first clapped eyes on the huge display of the Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bars, I couldn’t help but grab one. It is always so exciting to get your hands on a brand new Lush product and even more so when it smells as good as the Santasaurus does.

The Santasaurus reusable bubble bar comes from the Honey I Washed the Kids scent family. Lush Cosmetics do so much more than mix random essential oils together. They master scents. Once a scent is mastered, over a very long period of time – sometimes years, they create an abundance of products that share that mastered scent. This is where the Lush term ‘scent family’ comes from. If a product shares the same scent as another, it’s a part of that scents family.


Honey I Washed the Kids happens to be one of Lush’s best selling scents, it features in several of their products, both from their permanent line and from their seasonal ones too.

My current favourite products from this scent family are the Honey I Washed my Hair shampoo bar, the old design of the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb and of course the new version of the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.

Compared to the other Winter reusable bubble bars Santasaurus appears to be quite small. I am however well aware that size doesn’t matter especially when it comes to Lush products.

Giant Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar form Showcase.png

The above photograph is of a giant version of the Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar, it was taken by myself at the Lush Creative Showcase back in September.

The actual bubble bar I am reviewing today could easily give you 3 generously bubbled, bubble baths.

If you are however looking to turn the bath water under the bubbles a darker green then I’d recommend splitting it between two baths. Spreading the use of it over 3 baths however gives you more than enough bubbles. You could always make it last longer by combining it with other Lush products in a Lush cocktail. I prefer to use this bubble bar sparingly as I feel if you use too much, the water goes a really icky and dark green, I prefer it lighter.

I hate to state the obvious but if you’re new to Lush it can be a little confusing and people do actually ask these questions so I’ll answer it. The difference between a reusable bubble bar versus a normal one is that the reusable bubble bars can be reused before and after it has been fully immersed by water.

The ordinary ones could probably do the same although the quality of it once it’s got wet won’t be nearly as good. With the ordinary ones I advise people to cut them up into little chunks, storing them somewhere dry and in jars. Once this is done all you have to do is grab a chunk or 2 from that jar if and when you want to use it.

The reusable ones are on a stick and are a little less faff. All you need to do is hold the reusable bubble bar under the running bath tap. Once you have the desired amount of bubbles all you then have to do is leave it somewhere where it can dry off.


Once used I find if you leave it where it can get splashed, or somewhere it will stay wet it doesn’t last.

If you however follow the above steps then the bubble bar is a very good one, so many people use them wrong and it’s a shame as they aren’t seeing the products true potential.

Overall I think the Santasaurus bubble bar is a great addition to the Lush Winter line, I’d maybe like to see it a little bulkier but honestly the size of it doesn’t affect the quality of it at all.

It’s a beautifully sweet product that will almost certainly leave you wanting to get another.

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Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb from Lush

 Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb.png

2016 has been one of Lush’s best years for products yet. I don’t know how they always manage to do better and better every year, they just do and that’s why I love Lush so much!

Earlier this year, the Mother’s day line introduced us to a completely new type of bath bomb, The Roller.

The Roller was unique to anything Lush had sold before because of its design. The bath bomb is made just like any other bath bomb but the top half of it is dipped into a mixture of hot oil and butters, they are then left to set. Once set you are left with a bath bomb with 50% of it covered in a thin coating of rich and super softening bath melt.

The release of the Roller bath bomb caused mass hysteria in the Lush world, I know sometimes I can exaggerate but Roller honestly caused absolute pandemonium. Everyone wanted to try it and every time they became available they would become sold out within minutes.

The Lush community has (at the point of me writing this review) been spoilt with 2 more bath bombs designed in the same way as Roller. The Over and Over bath bomb and the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb.


I was first introduced to the Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb at the Lush creative showcase back in September this year. It is currently part of the Lush 2016 Winter range and it has made quite the impression on me.

I do not recognise Never Mind The Ballistics’ scent from any other Lush product and it took me using it a few times to really appreciate it.

Never Mind The Ballistics is a wonderfully fruity scented bath bomb, this is however not very obvious at all. It contains both lime and sweet orange oil and also fresh banana. The banana seems to mask the zestyness that can normally be detected in products that contain lime or orange oil, it still has a very fruity scent but its so unique to any product I have tried from Lush before.

Just like the Roller and Over and Over bath bomb, Never Mind The Ballistics’ is a real treat for the skin.

I am very wary of products with extra melt in as I am not very steady on my feet due to 2 medical conditions, I therefore avoid anything that could make my bath tub excessively slippery.

As with Roller and Over and Over, Never Mind The Ballistics isn’t at all excessively oily, all 3 are in my opinion, in fact the perfect combination of bath bomb and bath melt. I was so scared of using them at first but am so glad that I did.

My photographs do the Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb no justice at all. The colours and patterns it creates while swirling around your bathtub are almost hypnotic.

You just can’t take your eyes off of it and I always find myself trying not to wriggle or move in case I disturb its work of art!


I am so, so impressed with Never Mind The Ballistics. My only negative is that colour wise it is very similar to the Over and Over bath bomb.

I really like the idea of it having fresh banana in, if you struggle to have your 5 a day this bath bomb won’t help BUT I guess bathing in it is better than nothing at all… 😉

Although this bath bomb doesn’t appear at all Christmassy, I do think it’s a fantastic addition to the 2016 Winter line and I really recommend trying it at least once.

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Error 404 Bath Bomb from Lush #KeepItOn

The Error 404 Bath Bomb is back for a really great cause and with a brand new scent!

All of the profits made from the sales of it go to the Digital Fund supporting Access Now.

The people behind Access Now defend the digital rights of users at risk around the world.

They are campaigning to make having internet access a human right.

Globally, internet has become an essential to everyday life, switching it off for a country completely is not just an inconvenience, it’s life damaging.


Shutting down the internet doesn’t just make it impossible to have a cheeky browse of your Instagram feed, it stops ALL online communication for everyone and every thing.

Without internet access families are torn apart unable to communicate with each other, emergency services are unable to share vital information, even businesses lose out on money.

Whole countries are silenced with one flick of a switch. Complete internet shutdown causes absolute chaos.


All profits from the Error 404 are going to the Digital Fund and they aim to raise a grand total of £250,000.

The Digital Fund support grassroot activists and charities protecting the ‘freedom of expression in the digital era,’ while also ‘fighting to keep the internet free, open and safe.’

Lush have previously done several campaigns like this before and all have been a real success.

The selling of the May Day bath bomb and the Love Soap were the most recent off of the top of my head.

I love companies that give instead of just take, take, taking.


The old scent of the Error 404 wasn’t one of my favourites so I was happily gloating when I found out that they had changed it. Its new scent is very strong, I was a little taken aback when I first had it in my hands, I however have decided that I do in fact like it, a lot.

Scent wise I’d describe it as burnt toffee. I know that doesn’t sound overly appealing but it’s just how my nose has envisioned it. It’s sweet, smoky and warming which is all I look for in a bath bomb during the cold winter months.

Error 404 is decorated with a coating of golden lustre, lustre sometimes puts people off of a Lush product, I even used to avoid them myself. I now know that there really isn’t anything to worry about with them, it’s exactly the same type of lustre you find in makeup, bronzers or highlighters, harmless.

I cannot emphasise enough that you do not need to be scared of the shimmery Lush products. Using them doesn’t make you look like you’ve had a fight with a fairy and lost. I promise!

Once in the water the scent of Error 404 fills your bathroom. It becomes a much more gentle scent which I really liked.

The water turns an aqua blue colour. Once the coating of gold lustre has dissolved a green layer is revealed. Other colours then come out of the bath bomb, blue and gold. The patterns it creates are so pretty and made me think of peacocks.

The calming pastel colours and the scent of 404 are a match made in heaven. My skin is silky smooth once I get out and I also feel warm, refreshed and super relaxed after using it.


Once the bath bomb has finished you find a surprise paper insert with a message.

I got a little impatient with mine and accidently ripped the corner and smooshed the text, whoops… It should read: ‘Visit to fight internet shutdowns #KeepItOn’.

Until this campaign started I was ignorantly unaware that internet shutdowns actually happened. Now I know about them and I am aware of the negative impact they have on a country, it has made me feel so grateful for what we have here in the UK. I will now always think twice before I moan about poor signal on my phone or laptop.

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Jester Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush


There’s nothing I like more than a fruity Lush product. Jester Reusable Bubble Bar is therefore right up my street. Its scent is very similar if not almost the same as the Brightside Bubble Bar. It is rich with all of the best citrus ingredients making it a sharp, zesty and refreshing bath time treat.

Reusable bubble bars are slightly different to the normal bubble bars such as, The Christmas Penguin or Ultraviolet. With the normal bubble bars you’d break them up and run individual pieces under a running tap to produce bubbles.

A lot of people like the Lush bubble bars because of this. It’s nice to have a bath product that you can spread out over several baths rather than just  the one.

Having a reusable bubble bar brings a whole new meaning to making one bath product stretch over several baths. You don’t have to break a reusable bubble bar up, you simply run it under the tap, (as shown below) until you have the desired amount of bubbles in your bubble bath.


Once you have the desired amount of bubbles in your bath you simply put the reusable bubble bar somewhere it can dry off. I like to leave mine in my bath rack, I find that storing it like this between uses ensures that the bubble bar dries off evenly, making it last longer.

Out of just the one Jester bubble bar, I can easily get 5 generously bubbled bubble baths.

Not only does the Jester produce copious amounts of bubbles, it also turns your bath water a bright and magnificent orange colour.

Jester makes the water feel so much smoother, when I get out of the bath I can really notice it on my skin. It makes my skin silky soft and I also notice that it appears brighter too. It is the perfect product to perk you up if you find yourself slipping into the winter blues.


The Jester reusable bubble bar is a great addition to the Winter 2016 Lush line, I however wish it would create longer lasting bubbles. I find after about 10 minutes the bubbles seem to have mostly disappeared. Its scent however stays strong throughout your time in the bath and it does brighten my winter-tired skin.

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Bubbly Shower Gel from Lush


When 2016’s Halloween and Christmas line leaked online and I first see Bubbly Shower Gel I honestly thought, ‘ooo a new shower gel,’ then moved on to looking at other things.

If I would have known it was Celebrate scented I’d have literally screamed my house down, I also wouldn’t have completely forgotten about it seconds after seeing it… DOH!

There are a few Lush scent families that I claim are my favourite. It is so hard to choose just one, as there are so many beautiful Lush fragrances on offer however, anything Celebrate scented is always a hit with me.

I have given up hope of ever getting hold of a bottle of Celebrate Shower Gel, I think it is on every Lushies desperately in search of list BUT because of copyright issues that I don’t really understand, it cannot be produced in the UK.

Although the Bubbly shower gel isn’t the same as Celebrate shower gel, it does soften the blow to the Celebrate Shower Gel void that I have in my life. *sigh*

Some argue that this shower gel isn’t quite the same as the other ‘celebrate’ products, I can see what people mean but all in all it is 100% a member of the Celebrate family according to my nose.


Bubbly Shower Gel is a lot thicker in consistency than I had anticipated. It doesn’t pour out of the bottle it gloops. Its texture reminds me of honey that you get in the squeezy bottles.

I know the word ‘gloop’ isn’t the most inviting for a shower gel, I however really like its gloopy composition. It’s an identical consistency to Lush’s Plum Rain shower gel , thick yet silky smooth.

A little of the Bubbly shower gel goes a very long way and it lathers up effortlessly. As you work it onto your body the scent really hits you.

It’s a delicate fragrance that is very warming and relaxing. In my imagination the scent makes me think of family meal times. Especially those where we are celebrating Christmas, a birthday etc. It’s quite a tangy citrus and it really is such a beautiful scent.
bubbly-extraThe smallest amount of Bubbly shower gel leaves my skin bright, soft and perfectly moisturised.

Although I have several shower gel and cream favourites, I’d go as far as to say that Bubbly is one of the best Lush shower gels that I have ever used.

If I ended up in hell and was only allowed to take one shower gel with me, Bubbly would make it into the shortlist without a doubt.

Its scent stays with me all day. My skin adores it, as does my nose. I have both the liquid and solid versions of Celebrate perfume a dab or a spritz of this intensifies its fragrance yet is still soft enough to not become over powering.


I will be buying several bottles of this before Christmas has finished and I will miss it in all of the shops and online once it has gone.

I hope they decide to bring it out next year too and maybe some more Celebrate scented products, a return of the Celebrate Body Lotion and First Snow Dusting Powder would go down a treat.

Bubbly really is a beautiful shower gel, so much so that I may even go all out and buy a kg bottle of it!

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