Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bath Bomb from Lush


I finally got hold of the Lush Oxford Street exclusive Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bath Bomb.  A huge thank you to my sister-in-law to be Kelly!  I literally squealed with delight when this handsome little bath bomb arrived on my door step.


I had predicted that this bath bomb would be similar to the Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb in terms of delicacy and how fragile it is. I don’t think I have ever actually managed to get a Sacred Lotus bath bomb home and all in one piece after raiding Lush Oxford Street. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is however the complete opposite of delicate and flimsy, yet again Lush have proved me wrong.  For its unusual shape it is remarkably sturdy and most certainly holds its own in comparison to other oddly shaped, Lush bath bombs that I have tried previously.


I’m 100% positive that Somewhere Over the Rainbow shares its scent with another Lush product, I however can’t work it out and it’s driving me insane! – I wish that I could have them all in front of me to sniff so that I could work it out.  I found a little bit of information about it online but seeing as it’s a very newly released bath bomb no one has had the chance to write a proper review on it just yet.

Containing sicilian mandarin and neroli oil it is a relaxing, mood boosting and refreshing bath time treat.  Many people think that bath bombs are only good for winding down before bed.  WRONG!

Bath Bombs don’t have all of the same essential oils in and not every essential oil has sleep inducing properties.  I first got into Lush as I was looking for an easy way to practice aromatherapy at home.   I wasn’t going to ever mention this little story on my blog but I feel I want to. I became dependent on a wheel chair just before my mid-twenties due to several medical conditions, I primarily suffer with a great deal of chronic pain, learning about all of the essential oils and all of their benefits has made a huge and positive impact on my life.

I once had an online troll tell me to ‘do something more productive with my life other than have baths.’  This hurt a lot as she knew I was disabled and also knew that the hot water within a bath provided me with a way to manage the wide spread chronic pain I face every second of my life.  She was obviously just a really s*itty person but I’m glad she said it because I do my best with the cards I was dealt in life.  I now look back on this comment and laugh about it because using all of the amazing products that Lush have on offer has made me so much more productive! She couldn’t have been more wrong if she tried.

I genuinely couldn’t do a lot of the things I do every day without Lush and their products helping me along the way.  One to Lulu, Zero to Troll.


As soon as Somewhere Over The Rainbow hits the water you’re greeted with a thick pastel coloured red and orange foam that is super moisturising and soft.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’d already know that the Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bath Bomb is inspired by the film The Wizard of Oz, It’s kaleidoscope of colours really does draw you in to the magic that comes if you follow the yellow brick road.

As you can see I got an unbelievable amount of photos all from this one bath.  I thought that it would be a quick fizzer with the odd splash of colour, it was however so much more than that.  It fizzed away very slowly, gracefully filling my bathroom with a soft citrus and calming neroli scent.  This combination works a trick for shaking off any worries or stress you may be feeling.  This bath bomb is quite simply a fairytale in bicarbonate soda form.


I am gutted I only have one more of these bath bombs in my own personal stash left as they are Easter limited editions.  I feel that once Easter is over and it’s time to put the seasonal products to bed, the Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bath Bomb will leave a big empty hole.  It’s a brilliant product and would make for a fantastic permanent edition at Lush Oxford Street should they decide to keep it on.

What did you make of this bath bomb? & what do you think it shares its scent with? It is literally driving me bonkers trying to work it out… Help!

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12 thoughts on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bath Bomb from Lush

  1. Great post Lulu ❤ I'm so jealous that you've managed to get this! Unfortunately haters will hate, but I'd rather read an inspiring and "brighten my day up" blog, than seeing nasty, petty comments from trolls online. Keep up the lovely posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t believe some horrible person said that to you!! I’m so glad you don’t let idiots like that get you down!! You are amazing how you cope with everything you are dealt with! Love your posts 🙂 this bath bomb looks amazing as well and do different to the standard ones! I hope I can get my hands on one before they disappear! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aaahhh I love this, it looks sooo cute. I visited the oxford street one in December spent wayyy too much. Love your blog, I’ve also got some lush reviews coming up and have done some already xx


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