Tea Party Bath Bomb from Lush

The Tea Party Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product from Lush’s 2023 Mother’s Day line. It first became available in the middle of February alongside 1 more brand-new bath bomb (review on the way) and 2 re-released Mother’s Day bath bombs, the Jasmine, and Atom Heart Mother.

Each Tea Party bath bomb is approximately 85g each, so it is on the smaller side. When I first ordered it, I completely missed its size listed on the Lush website. I was surprised to see that it was so small upon its arrival, its size just didn’t seem to match its high price.

I don’t normally mention the price of Lush products in my reviews as they change so often and are ordinarily a little higher due to all of the ingredients used being ethically sourced BUT the fact so many Lush bath bombs are now close to £5 each (or over), leaves me feeling unsettled enough to mention it, I fear Lush will soon price themselves out and I really don’t want that to happen.

The Tea Party bath bomb is hot pink with sky-blue dots. It’s designed in the shape of a tea pot with a heart indentation in its middle. This bath bomb isn’t the first tea pot shaped bath bomb that Lush have released. I feel like Lush have pulled inspiration for the Tea Party bath bomb from both the, The Elephant in the Tea Room and More Tea and Sympathy bath bombs. Both of these products being from past Mother’s Day lines too.

Being honest as always, I’m not sure if I completely like this bath bombs design. All of Lush’s bath bombs are handmade but the quality of them is so good, that you can never normally tell. Comparing Tea Party to the other tea pot shaped bath bombs from past lines, they just look a little rushed in my opinion. Very thrown together.

Another thing I was surprised about with the Tea Party bath bomb (this time in a positive way) was its scent. The Tea Party bath bomb is a part of the Celebrate Lush-scent-family. You’ll recognise it mainly from Lush Christmas products such as the Golden Wonder bath bomb and Bubbly shower gel.

The Tea Party bath bomb contains sweet wild orange oil, lime oil and a generous helping of popping candy too. Its scent is warm, bubbly, and full of citrusy goodness. I often say that the Celebrate scent-family smells of happiness as even just one small whiff of it puts a smile on my face.

The Celebrate scent seems to work in whatever product format Lush make it into. Lush have never released a Celebrate scented product that I haven’t wanted to try.

As soon as the Tea Party bath bomb hits the water a burst of pink foam erupts from it. Tiny pink bubbles spill out of it as it floats around your bath. It doesn’t take long for the blue dots to make an appearance bath art wise, then the popping candy kicks in too. The colours spilling out of it (although on a much smaller scale) really remind me of the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb.

I imagine if the Tea Party bath bomb was bigger, we’d have got some much more impressive bath art out of it. The Tea Party bath bomb had fully dissolved in less than 3 minutes which doesn’t leave much time for pretty patterns. The small amount of bath art it did create was very pretty though, my photos in this review do the bath bomb no justice at all.

I’m going to be honest and say that the Tea Party bath bomb definitely isn’t my favourite product from this year’s Mother’s Day line BUT I did enjoy the pink bath water it created and of course it’s gorgeous Celebrate scent.

After getting out of the bath my skin felt smooth and the moreish Celebrate-scent remained on my skin for the next few hours too.

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