Jasmine Bath Bomb from Lush

The Jasmine Bath Bomb is the first product from Lush’s 2022 Mother’s Day range that I’ll be reviewing for you. If you are familiar with last year’s Mother’s Day line, you’ll be awash with the feeling of déjà vu when you see the Jasmine bath bomb as it looks identical to 2021’s Jasmine Cream bubble bar.

Although it looks just like the old bubble bar, it doesn’t share the same scent. The Jasmine bath bomb actually shares its scent with another much-loved, older product, the Northern Lights bath bomb. The Northern Lights bath bomb is one of my all-time favourites, so I was very excited to try a new bath bomb with the same scent.

The Jasmine bath bomb is around the same size at the Peachy bath bomb, just the right size to fit snuggly in to your hand.

It contains jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil and has a musky yet sharp, floral scent. The more you focus on its scent the more your nose seems to pick up. It’s quite an acquired taste BUT fortunately it is a scent that I enjoy in whatever format Lush choose to release it in.

I’ve been begging Lush to create a body spray or perfume in the Northern Lights scent since at least 2015, I’m still patiently waiting. No rush, Lush. 🙄

As soon as the Jasmine bath bomb touches the water there is no big eruption, or fierce hissing; Just a gentle stream of tiny white bubbles fizzing out of it, it’s so gentle that it barely makes any noise at all. Lush’s website describe the Jasmine bath bomb as ‘beautiful’ and ‘subtle’ and that’s exactly what it is in the water.

You don’t get bath art out of it, just silky-soft, milky-white bath water. Performance wise the Jasmine bath bomb really reminds me of the latest version of the So White bath bomb.

Its unique selling point is 100% its glorious scent. While some may find its lack of colour boring, others may enjoy its simplicity. Sometimes a crisp white bath bomb is just as refreshing as a bright orange or yellow one that is bursting with colour.

The Jasmine bath bomb is the slowest dissolving bath bomb I have ever used from Lush. After 30 minutes, although it was almost all gone, it was still happily fizzing away. I loved laying back in the bath feeling the little bubbles from it tickling my skin, if you shut your eyes, it’s almost like being in a mini jacuzzi. I felt well and truly relaxed in its waters.

I don’t think I’ve ever got out of a bath before the bath bomb has finished before but for the Jasmine bath bomb I had to as someone else needed the bathroom after half an hour… 😬

My skin felt soft and hydrated and the scent remained on my skin for the rest of the day too. Overall, I really did enjoy using the Jasmine bath bomb, its unique to all other bath bombs with its long fizzing time. What it lacks in bath art it well makes up for in scent and with how it leaves you feeling. I am super impressed with this one!

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