The Elephant in the Tea Room Bath Bomb from Lush

The Elephant in the Tea Room Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition, 2022 Mother’s Day product. This year’s Mother’s Day line is packed full of some of the cutest products Lush have ever created, Lush have gone with an animal theme, and I can’t get enough of it!

The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb has been created to look like an elephant shaped tea pot. One side of it is pink the other is blue.

It is quite a big bath bomb at 220g (for size comparison purposes, the average sized bath bomb such as the Twilight bath bomb, is only 200g.) With half of it being my favourite colour pink, it was the first of the Mother’s Day products to catch my attention.

Lush have released previous, tea-orientated bath bombs before, the most recent being the More Tea and Sympathy bath bomb, this product also happened to be shaped like a tea pot.

The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb boasts a brand new Lush scent.

It is described on the Lush website as a way to ‘bring afternoon tea to your bath time’. The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb contains a long list of ingredients; Bergamot and lemon myrtle oils, benzoin resinoid, soybean flour, powdered gunpowder tea and organic sencha tea powder.

Its scent is difficult to describe, aspects of it remind me of the Melusine bath bomb but it has a strong malt-biscuity-undertone to it too, this rounds off the sharpness of the lemon myrtle and bergamot oil in it.

I can’t really smell the tea aspect of it but as someone who doesn’t consume any caffeine and therefore isn’t familiar with it, I personally wouldn’t be able to distinguish the tea in it anyway.

As soon as the, The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb is introduced to your bath water you are welcomed with an explosion of blue and pink. A thin layer of silky soft foam spreads across the water’s surface as the bath bomb slowly bubbles away.

The scent of the, The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb really comes alive in the water, the heat of the water intensifies the scent somewhat. The sencha tea, bergamot and soya milk make for a super hydrating and immersive bath time experience.

I can only guess that this is how a tea bag feels when it is being brewed… 😆

Colour wise, I must admit I’m getting a little bored of all the pink and blue bath bombs that Lush keep releasing. As for the bath art that the, The Elephant in the Tea Room creates, it is very similar to that created by the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb, however it’s not nearly as pretty in the water.

It’s a relatively slow fizzer taking approximately 10 minutes to fully dissolve. Once the, The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb has fully dissolved you’re left with purple, cool-toned water. The bath bomb softens the water a lot and I find laying back in its waters for just a few minutes really soothes and hydrates my skin.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the, The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb. As fun as it is to be reintroduced to old, much-loved Lush scents through both old and new products, I am always welcome to trying new Lush scents.

I’m very interested in seeing whether Lush bring this scent out in other product formats in the future, I could see it working quite well in a shower gel format or even a body lotion.

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