Santa Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb from Lush

Santa Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb

Being honest as always I admit that I have left the reviews of the 3 different ‘bomb bomb’ bath bombs until last as I see them as just a novelty product. I’m just going to say what everyone else is thinking, this bath bomb won’t be winning any prizes for its looks anytime soon. I feel as if all of the bomb bombs this year were rushed, last minute products, they could have done so much better with all of their designs.

Out of the 3 ‘bomb bombs’ available I thought I would like the Santa Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb the least. For that reason I actually left the Santa Bomb Bomb as the last bath bomb from the entire Winter 2018 collection that I used.

This Winter Lush created 3 different Bomb Bombs. The idea behind them is that you get 2 bath bombs in one character. One of the bath bombs is its head the other is its body, hence the ‘bomb bomb’.

Ingredients wise the Santa Bomb Bomb has a little more to offer than the  Snowman Bomb Bomb.

The Santa Bomb Bomb contains both vanilla and cocoa absolute as well as bergamot oil. I couldn’t however understand why Lush were describing this bomb bomb as having a ‘chocolatey-sweet and uplifting scent’. To me in the shop it just smelt bland and as if the ingredients were all thrown in together at the very last minute.

This rushed assumption of mine was however undermined once I’d placed the Santa Bomb Bomb in my bath water. I used both the head and the body together, some people have however spread their bomb bombs out over 2 baths, one day using the head and another day using its body.

As soon as the Santa Bomb Bomb is placed in the water it begins to hiss, deep red bubbles explode across the waters surface. I wasn’t expecting the colour to be so intensely red. Even once the bath bomb had fully dissolved into the water the intensity of the red never faded. Unfortunately the Santa Bomb Bomb much like the Snowman was a very fast fizzer.

Considering I used both of the bath bombs together I was rather disappointed at how quickly they both disappeared. Some people do enjoy the fast fizzing bath bombs though as it means they can sit back and relax sooner.

What I wasn’t expecting from the Santa Bomb Bomb was its scent, it seemed to completely change once placed in the water. I could smell elements of the Butterball bath bomb in it which my nose approved of. A scent I wasn’t at all sure about at first actually turned out to be very nice!

Overall I think the Santa Bomb Bomb bath bomb was the best of the 3. I was really surprised by this as I honestly thought this one would be my least favourite of them all.

Although its scent was bland when in my hand, once in the water it really came to life. Its scent however seemed to fade within about 10 minutes (way before I pulled the plug.) Nevertheless a half hour soak in its waters did leave my skin feeling soft and well nourished.

There’s a little bit of me that still thinks I’d have much rather spent my money on 2 completely different Lush Christmas bath bombs such as the Christmas Sweater and Mistletoe. Or if Lush could have even made the head and bodies different scents so that more people would use them as 2 separate bath bombs?

The bomb bombs are a cute idea, I just think instead of the 3 bomb bombs released this year we could have actually been offered 6 individual bath bombs instead, widening the choice while also keeping long term Lushie’s happy with retro products that we haven’t been able to get hold of since the closing of the weekly Lush Kitchen. I won’t be sad if this bath bomb doesn’t make a return next year, I am however glad I got to try it.

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Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream from Lush

Santa's Christmas Shower Cream

The only Lush shower creams that I have truly been head over heels in love with both got discontinued earlier this year, (2017). I was therefore in two minds when I heard about the Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream. Never before been released, Santa’s Christmas shower cream is a brand new Lush product made for 2017’s long awaited Winter line. The shower cream is bright and bold, it radiates ‘Christmas’ with its pillar-box-red colour.

Just as Lush shower creams are meant to be, Santa’s Christmas is a fantastically thick formula. When I read its ingredients list; cinnamon, black pepper, lime oil and coffee, I expected it be something in between the likes of the Hot Toddy and Sonic Death Monkey shower gel. The tradition of me predicting a new products scent fantastically wrong (after just reading its ingredients list) wasn’t broken. Its scent is like neither of the 2 aforementioned shower gels at all.

Santa’s Christmas shower cream smells just like the value cola you get in your local supermarket. I rarely drink cola but after taking off the lid of the Santa’s Christmas shower cream I detected the bitter-sweet and creamy cola scent straight away. It takes me straight back to my childhood and all of the parties where all we did was drink fizzy drinks, eat jelly and ice cream and just get more and more hyper, wreaking havoc wherever we were.

Upon use I find creating a decent lather very difficult when using Santa’s Christmas shower cream. I find it a little easier when the water is as hot as I can stand it (which isn’t ideal). I feel as if I have to use a lot more of the product than I am used to with Lush products just to get the desired effect of a shower cream. The scent also gets lost on me during use which leaves me pretty underwhelmed.

Although I was a little sceptical, I really did think that Santa’s Christmas shower cream was going to fill the void that the discontinuation of The Comforter and Yuzu and Cocoa shower creams had left in my life. In some aspects Santa’s Christmas is a good shower cream but I just feel the aforementioned original duo were so much better. They brightened, hydrated and soothed my skin, both of their gorgeous scents also lasted on my skin hours and hours after using them.

After using Santa’s Christmas, my skin is left feeling soft and definitely appears brighter it however doesn’t feel particularly hydrated. I don’t dislike Santa’s Christmas shower cream by any means, I just feel as if it’s not the best that Lush have created thus far. I will not be letting my one bottle of it get dusty on my shower cream shelf, I will carry on using it until it has all gone but I will not be buying a another bottle. If I did attain another bottle it would be from a Lush gift set that I hope to pick up in the boxing day sales on Tuesday.

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Peeping Santa Bubble Bar from Lush


I first used the Peeping Santa Bubbleroon back in Winter 2015 and it was love at first sniff.

It’s cute dark chocolate eyes helped win me over too. What more could you want in a bathing partner?

It has a sweet, fruity scent, reminding me of fresh strawberries which makes a change as most of the other fruity products that I normally go for are citrus based. I was delighted to find out that it was coming back again as a part of the Winter 2016 line, my review is a little bit late but here I go!


You may have noticed that I have titled this post as the Peeping Santa bubble bar but have referred to it as a bubbleroon in the actual review. Performance wise there is no difference between the 2, both are primarily bubble bars.

The bubbleroons however resemble the small circular cakes, macaroons. Any of the bubble bars that resemble a macaroon are therefore bubbleroons. They have a top, creamy middle and then a bottom piece, placed together just like a miniature sandwich. I think Lush decided to call it a bubble bar on their website just to prevent any confusion.

Peeping Santa has proved very popular since its original release back in 2015. It shares its scent with a number of some of the best selling Lush products from the Yummy, Yummy, Yummy scent family. The Roller bath bomb and Yummy Mummy shower cream being 2 of my favourites from that particular line.


You could easily get 3 baths out of just one Peeping Santa, I however share it over two because I am greedy and simply can’t get enough of its sweet strawberry scent.

The amount of bubbles that it makes when run under a tap is more than enough. Once you’re in the bath tub with it, it really is like a strawberry scented foam party for one.

When I very first used Peeping Santa I can remember how beautiful it felt on my skin hours and hours after bathing in it. Not only does Peeping Santa’s beautiful scent stay with you hours after using it but it also perks up and hydrates your skin right through until the next day.


I quite like using the Peeping Santa on its own as its scent really does stand out. I have however tried out a few Lush cocktails including it and my favourite so far is Peeping Santa and the Intergalactic bath bomb. It sounds crazy but the peppermint and strawberry scent works really well together.

I hope to see these cheeky little bubbleroons again in next year’s Winter line!

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