Sunflower Bubble Bar from Lush

Sunflower Bubble Bar WM

The first thing that I noticed about the Sunflower Bubble Bar was its sheer size. It’s a whale of a bubble bar and to this day I think it is still one of the biggest Lush products I’ve ever owned. When I found myself in front of the huge pile of them in Oxford Street I couldn’t help but ‘oooooo!’. Back in the Mother’s Day period of 2016, the Sunflower bubble bar was a product that was exclusive to Lush’s flagship store. It did feature in some gift sets but it was only available to purchase on its own at Oxford Street.

Back then this bubble bar was one of the most sought after and popular cosmetic products on the market, I was lost for words when it didn’t make a return for Mother’s Day 2017.

A lot of 2016’s Mother’s Day products had a citrus element to them of some sort. I can only assume that this was a conscious decision on Lush’s part to add a bit of happiness and zing to our Spring. Although I quite like the idea of a variety of different scents, citrus scents are one of my favourites so I didn’t complain, the more citrus products to get me through the week the better!

When I first see the Sunflower bubble bar on Instagram I assumed it would be a floral or grassy scented product, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The bubble bar’s scent is lemon through and through, it’s a beautiful scent, just zesty enough to help refresh and revive your mind, body and soul without blowing your head off.

Lush have perfectly captured a real life sun flower within this bubble bar. Its warm yellow and orange tones alongside the light decoration of scattered sunflower petals reflects upon summer so adequately that it takes your mind straight to a day of sunshine, clear blue skies and bird song.

A little of this product also goes a very long way when making bubbles with the Sun Flower bubble bar. At first I thought maybe its larger size compromised for its ability to supply you with good quality bubbles but I was wrong.

Yet again Lush have made a product that is not only the best of quality but also of great value. For one product this bubble bar might appear to be a little pricey but considering you can get 6 plus generously bubbled and highly scented bubble baths out of it, it really is a perfect product in every which way possible.

Going back to what I said earlier about the Sun Flower bubble bar not coming back for Mother’s Day 2017. Even though this year’s Mother’s Day range has now been and gone I am still in complete disbelief about Sun Flower not being a part of the range this year. In my original review of it back in 2016 I said that I wanted it to stay as a permanent product, I still stand by this statement as it’s quite simply too good a product to not have on tap.

Luckily, the Lush Kitchen are making a small batch of them on the 18th of this month, this is what has prompted me to update my review on it, TAA DA! – I hope that Lush decide to bring it back as at least an Oxford Street exclusive at some point as the Sunflower bubble bar really is one of Lush’s best products to date.

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This post was originally posted on this website on the 3rd of March 2016. I have been slowly updating each post on this blog as with time my photos have improved(ish) as has my product knowledge – Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time

Scrubee Body Butter from Lush

The Scrubee Body Butter has made its way on to my list of favourite, top 3 products from Lush’s 2017 Mother’s Day range. Scrubee is quite the product, it’s the perfect mix of both a body butter and exfoliator. It does a brilliant job at both hydrating and exfoliating your skin ALL at the same time.

I love a versatile product and this is why I hold Scrubee with such high regards. Containing plenty of soothing, antiseptic honey and creamy cocoa butter, Scrubee is an incredibly hydrating product that leaves your skin soft, hydrated and perfectly polished for days.

Scrubee also contains ground coconut shells and almonds, these have been added alongside the honey and cocoa to not only hydrate and soften skin but to gently exfoliate your skin too. Its scent is very similar to products with the Honey I Washed the Kids scent it however isn’t quite the same. There’s something a little bit more chocolatey about it than in products such as the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.


A little bit of the Scrubee body butter goes a very long way, upon my first use I overindulged way too much and as fabulous as my skin felt it was just a very obvious waste of product. Now, a quick rub of it on my arms, legs and torso suffices. I’ve used some of Lush’s solid exfoliating products before and they are great but they rarely last past 2 uses. My Scrubee is on use 5 now and it doesn’t look much different at all, it is only a tiny bit smaller from use, there’s plenty of it left yet.

Do make sure you leave it somewhere it can dry off properly though, being constantly wet will stop it from lasting as long.

I am really pleased with the Scrubee body butter, it suits my skin so well, it actually feels like it was made for me. I will be so sad to see these go once Mother’s Day 2017 is over, I however have 2 in my storage until and if they both last as long as my first one has I don’t need to worry about living without it for quite some time!

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Elsie The Giraffe (You’re Havin’ A Bath) Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush

There is just something so moreish about the Lush products that are made into little creatures. Elsie the Giraffe (You’re Havin’ a Bath) is a brand new reusable bubble bar, never before been released, its cuteness has caused quite the stir. Elsie is a part of Lush’s 2017 Mother’s Day range and is the perfect Spring time pick me up.

Packed with a citrus medley of zingalicious ingredients grapefruit, lemon and lime. Not only does Elsie put a spring in your step but also refreshes all of your senses making you sparkle from the inside out.

Reusable bubble bars are slightly different to the normal bubble bars such as, The Christmas Penguin or Ultraviolet. With the normal bubble bars you’d break them up and run individual pieces under a running tap to produce bubbles.

Having a reusable bubble bar however brings a whole new meaning to making one product stretch over several baths. You don’t have to break a reusable bubble bar up, you simply run it under the tap holding its stick, until you have the desired amount of bubbles in your bubble bath.img_4395

Elsie The Giraffe (You’re Havin’ A Bath) Reusable Bubble Bar is a sharp, zesty and refreshing bath time treat. I think its scent is very similar to the Whoosh shower jelly although, some people disagree. Some say it’s more sherbet scented while others say it’s a hybrid of both the Whoosh and Refresher shower jelly. Even with this conflict of opinion. the one thing we can all agree on is the fact that Elsie is super zesty. If you are a fan of all things citrus then Elsie is a great choice for you.

For the first 3 times that I used Elsie I run only its head under the tap, it wasn’t until after my third time of using it that I noticed that it had actually started to show any sign of usage. It isn’t indestructible, it does however last so much longer than any other reusable bubble bar that I have tried before. I can easily get 6 or 7 bubble baths out of just the one Elsie and every single one of those baths have plenty of bubbles to relax under too.

Bubble bars are not a one trick pony, they also turn the water underneath the bubbles a different colour. For example, The Comforter bubble bar turns your bath water pink and the Green Green Bath of Foam bubble bar turns it green.

I tend to find that the reusable bubble bars aren’t as colourful as the normal bubble bars are. Although Elsie’s scent and the amount of bubbles it creates rocks my socks, the colour of the water is a little weak. With all the bubbles it however went almost unnoticed.

The Elsie The Giraffe (You’re Havin’ A Bath) reusable bubble bar is a fantastic addition to Lush’s Mother’s Day 2017 range, I do miss last year’s range though, Elsie is good but it’s not the Sunflower bubble bar.

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Pink Custard Shower Jelly from Lush

My love for the colour pink is almost as strong as my love for Lush Cosmetics. When I see that they were releasing a new shower jelly in the 2017 Mother’s Day range that was called Pink Custard, I just couldn’t help but get ridiculously excited about getting my hands on a pot or two.

Not only is it bright pink but it’s also jam packed with some of the most gorgeous ingredients. Lush have stated that the Pink Custard Shower Jelly shares its scent with the Think Pink bath bomb. While they both share key ingredients such as; vanilla, lavender, neroli and tonka absolute I can’t quite get my nose to identify them as the same.

At one point I thought a good description for its scent was a mixture of the Unicorn Horn bubble bar and Prince Charming shower cream, after however using it every other day since getting my pot in February I have changed my mind. There are elements to it that are similar to the Unicorn Horn but the addition of vanilla seems to make it a more rounded and almost musky scent. I think initially it was also the vanilla that made me think of it as similar to Prince Charming.

The Pink Custard shower jelly lathers up much quicker than any I have used before. There is however a bit of a downside to this, the jelly doesn’t seem to stay intact for very long, falling apart after just the one use.

There are so many ways to use a shower jelly, I prefer to use mine in the same way as you would a bar of soap, whole. Some people however chop their shower jellies up using a few pieces at a time. Although it’s not my favourite way of using a shower jelly I think chopping it up is most probably the best method when it comes to using Pink Custard. I’m not sure what it is that makes its consistency that little bit more weaker than other shower jellies, it being chopped up is however a perfect solution to stopping it from crumbling.

Pushing the Pink Custard shower jellies frailer consistency to one side I am still very pleased with it as a product, so much so that I’ve put it in pride of place in amongst my other top shower jellies; Santa’s Belly, Big Calm and Twilight. It lathers up well, leaves my skin soft and lightly scented for the rest of the day and it’s my favourite colour, pink!

What better qualities could I possibly want in a shower partner? 😉

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Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar from Lush

Lush’s Mother’s Day 2017 range contains 4 bubble bars, 3 of which are brand new, never before been released. The Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar is the biggest of the 4 and anyone who has read my previous reviews on the larger sized bubble bars know that I like nothing better!

The first thing you notice about the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar is its bright, bold and beautiful colours. My inner 6 year old rejoices at the combination of pink, yellow and blue. Sharing its scent with the Frozen bath bomb I knew before I’d even got hold of one that it had great potential, no pressure Lush…

Size wise it’s just a little smaller than the giant bubble bars such as The Comforter or Brightside. I would actually love to see further giant bubble bars become staple store products as they are what originally got me hooked on Lush Cosmetics.


I mentioned above that the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar was a part of the Frozen scent family. Lush Cosmetics master scents. Once a scent is mastered, over a very long period of time (sometimes years) they create an abundance of products that share that mastered scent. This is where the Lush term ‘scent family’ comes from, if a product shares the same scent as another new or old one, it’s a part of that scent family.

The Frozen scent has proved extremely popular over the last 3 or 4 years and there has been a handful of products produced with its scent, my favourites being the bath bomb and Snowie bubble bar.

Although products share a scent, some may differ ever so slightly. I am first to admit that my nose isn’t up to much, I however feel that the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar is more alike to the Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioning hair perfume than the Frozen bath bomb. To me, it smells slightly sharper. Less fruity and more floral.

The smallest amount of the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar goes a very long way, this is a common feature to most Lush bubble bars and the main reason why I love them so much. Copious amounts of bubbles are created with just a few chunks, I can easily get 6 to 8 baths out of just one bubble bar. If you want both bubbles and brighter coloured water I however recommend using a little bit more, the more bubble bar you use the greener your water will be.

There is no right or wrong way to use a bubble bar, if you want to use a whole half of one for one bath then go for it, I tend to use as little as possible as I like to spread out my baths because I have a lot… I find that 9 out of 10 of the bubble bars are more than capable of being spread out.


A Your Mother Should Know bath leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and in better spirits. Even when you only use a small amount there are oodles of fluffy white bubbles, the bath water is also a great treat for your skin, it brightens, softens and makes it appear perfectly polished.

Overall I am very impressed with this bubble bar, it’s cost effective, has an uplifting fragrance and is more than pleasing on the eye with its bright colouring. I don’t think I love it in quite the same way as I do the Snowie bubble bar but I have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the Frozen scent through yet another brand new Lush product.

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Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb from Lush

When the photos of Lush’s 2017 Mother’s day range were released the Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb is what first caught my attention. Shaped just like a giant daisy their bright and bold colours are perfect for the Spring time.

Some have confused Ups-A-Daisy as being available in 2 different colours like the Mum bath bomb however, this in not the case. One side of the bath bomb is orange and pink, while the other side is yellow and turquoise. Both sides are visible in the photo above.

The Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb is actually great value for money. I honestly expected it to be a lot more expensive, getting anything cheaper is of course always more than welcome. I know many people have noticed that there has been a slight price-hike in some Lush products, although this is frustrating, it’s just one of those things. Ingredient prices are always expected to fluctuate depending on a huge number of different factors that are beyond anyones control.

The only thing that doesn’t fluctuate in regards to Lush products is their outstanding quality. The best of quality is always a guarantee when it comes down to Lush,  I therefore don’t mind if the price of a product does go up a little, obviously the cheaper the better (I’d be mad to say otherwise) BUT, always getting great quality, ethically sourced products is what is the most important thing to me.

The one and only thing that stopped me in my tracks when it came down to the Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb was deciding what side of it I would put face down in the bath water. It sent my OCD into overdrive. I am a huge geek and like to experience every last second of a Lush product, it killed me to not be able to have both sides on top, I however had picked up 2 of these bath bombs so that I could try it the other way round in another bath – all was not lost!

Upon first use I used the Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb orange and pink side up. As soon as the bath bomb hit the water it began to foam. Slowly but surely the Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb fizzes away creating pretty streaks of orange, pink, yellow and blue.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how long it took to dissolve. I love a slow fizzer as I like to take pictures of all the pretty patterns a bath bomb makes, after 10 minutes I however got bored and dunked them under as you can see in the 3rd photo, above and below.

Scent wise, I have heard a lot of people compare this bath bomb to Frozen. I can see what they mean, Ups-A-Daisy is however less sweet and more floral. I’m not a huge fan of floral scents and it did take me a while to get used to this bath bomb, once in the bath I was however very happy with it.

When the bath bomb is orange and pink side up, to look at it reminds me of the Yoga bath bomb. When it is yellow and blue side up it reminds me a little of a mixture of the Yoga and Fizzbanger bath bomb.

Looking on Instagram I can see a lot of people seem to favour having it orange and pink side up. Both sides were beautiful, I found that the yellow and blue side up was a little more colourful though. I also recommend waiting for the bath bomb to do its thing, it is a very slow fizzer but the colours that streak out of it at the very end are on par with last years Somewhere Over the Rainbow bath bomb.


Overall I really like the Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb, it isn’t my favourite of the Mother’s Day range but it does put on a very beautiful show and I am glad that I tried it both sides up. I definitely recommend trying this bath bomb twice as either sides put on a very different show.

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Ladybird Bubble Bar from Lush

Ladybird Bubble Bar.pngWhen the Ladybird Bubble Bar was first released as a Mother’s Day product last year (2016) I was so, so excited. There’s just something so intriguing about the products that Lush make into little creatures.

It’s a very clever move on Lush’s account, giving a product eyes gives it some personality and because of this it makes them more desirable, buying a Ladybird bubble bar is like getting a new pet and the best kind of pet too as it doesn’t poop!

Unfortunately bubble bars are meant to be used so try not to get too attached, I promise you chopping or crumbling the Ladybird bubble bar up is well worth it. Once you’ve used it in a bath you will have no regrets in chopping up your new little buddy.

Other popular character bubble bars are the Mumkin, Tweet and Snowie bubble bar.

There is quite a few, none have however been quite as dinky and cute as the Ladybird bubble bar.img_5125-1

I couldn’t resist giving the Ladybird bubble bar a go even though I actually really hate ladybirds. Don’t shout at me, I have my reasons…

My other half and I moved into our new house just over 2 years ago and we have unfortunately had several huge ladybird invasions to deal with since. They love the old style windows, I’d do anything to get the windows changed but we have a listed house so the windows have to stay just as they were back in the Victorian times. *cries*

I used to adore ladybirds but after cleaning them out of my house for what seems like the millionth time, they kind of lose their ‘aww’ factor.


Ladybirds hate anything menthol and this is how we ward them off from our house now. Diffusing anything menthol in your house makes them move out, it is the kindest and most natural way to get rid of them. It doesn’t cause them or us any harm, we have a ladybird free house and not because we’ve squished them all, it’s a win, win situation.

Ironically the Ladybird bubble bar’s main ingredient is in fact PEPPERMINT. Once I knew that key piece of information I welcomed several bubble bar versions of Ladybird into my home with open arms.

Bye, bye real life ladybirds the big boys are moving in!


I only ever use a small amount of the Ladybird bubble bar as that’s all you need for a multitude of fluffy white bubbles.

The Ladybird Bubble Bar’s scent is a completely new one that I don’t recognise from any other Lush product. I’m still not 100% sure that I like it. By all means it is not an unpleasant scent, it’s just not one I’d normally go for.

The peppermint oil in it isn’t quite as strong as it is in the Intergalactic bath bomb. The geranium oil that is also in it softens the strength of the peppermint oil a great deal, the two mixed together give it a soft minty  and musky scent.


Before using the Ladybird bubble bar I had never thought of floral and menthol complementing each other so well.

Underneath the canopy of soft, white bubbles is the most beautiful shade of berry-red water.

Overall the Ladybird bubble bar gave me a very good bath. I can’t see any real particular faults with it and I guess this is why it has come back in 2017 as a part of the Valentine’s range!

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Please note that this post was originally posted on this website on the 20th of March 2016. I have updated each post on this blog several times as with time my photos have got better as has my product knowledge.
Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream from Lush

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream

I have finally found a moment to blog about one of the new Mother’s Day products from Lush. This year (2016) we have been treated to a brand new product, the Yummy Mummy Shower Cream. Previous to this, Yummy Mummy had only ever been released as a shower gel.

*Lush did also create a body conditioner with the same name but for the purpose of this review I am talking about the change from Yummy Mummy shower gel, to Yummy Mummy shower cream*

I guess turning the shower gel into a cream brings the best parts of the shower gel and body conditioner into one product. I know that not everyone is happy with the switch from gel to cream, I however love the change. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Yummy Mummy shower gel, I just always seem to favour the shower creams over the gels. For me, the shower creams feel just that little bit more luxurious in comparison to the gels.

Obviously the first thing that catches your eye with Yummy Mummy shower cream is its beautiful lustre-infused purple colour. The Yummy Mummy shower cream looks and feels like liquid velvet, it’s a real treat for dehydrated skin.

Once you have used the shower cream its sweet, fruity scent lingers on your skin long after getting out of the bath or shower.

Yummy Mummy shower cream shares its scent with the 2015 winter ranges bubble bar, the Peeping Santa. I loved Peeping Santa and was very happy to see the Yummy Mummy scent making a return in yet another format for this years Mother’s Day line.

What pleases me even more is that the Yummy Mummy shower cream is not the only product available in this years Mother’s day range that shares the scent, there is also the Roller bath bomb and Flutterby bubble bar too.

Photo 03-06-2017, 20 21 03.png

Although I’d say this shower cream is primarily a fruity scented product, the added geranium oil within it, though not very strong, gives it a very unique and soft, almost musky edge. It reminds me of freshly chopped strawberries which makes a change as most of the other fruity products that I normally go for are citrus based.

I really do hope that they bring this wonderful shower cream back for next years Mother’s Day.  I am so tempted to buy several to keep in my Lush stock but I’m trying to be good. I will have to just use the shower cream sparingly, which might I add isn’t a negative at all as a little of this shower cream goes a very, very long way.

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