Time to Relax Bath Bomb from Lush

The Time to Relax Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product from Lush’s 2023 Mother’s Day line.

Time to Relax is not the average type bath bomb, it has been specifically designed so that it can be used over 3 baths, although most people (including myself) use it all in one, as it makes one truly epic bath!

The Time to Relax bath bomb is 3 different products in 1, the photo above is all of the bath bomb pieced together. The photos below show the bath bomb with its lid off, inside of it are red bath salts.

As I said earlier, I used all 3 parts of this product in one bath starting with tipping the red bath salt into the bath water as the bath was filling up.

I was really surprised at how quickly the red bath salt changed the colour of the water, the water very quickly turns a light shade of pink and a few bubbles are created too. The salt is mixed with little pieces of what looks like the strands that Lush make into their shampoo bars.

The bath salt not only turned the bath water light pink, it also left the bath water so incredibly soft.

Next, I placed the bath bomb back together again before putting the Time to Relax bath bomb into the water.

Upon putting it in to the water you are greeted with a burst of light blue foam. As the lighter blue part of the Time to Relax bath bomb is hollow it doesn’t take long for the darker blue lid-part of the bath bomb to come into contact with the water too.

Blue, dark purple, violet and pink foam slowly starts to create swirling patterns on the water’s surface, I wasn’t expecting so many colours at all, my photos in this review do the bath bomb no justice at all.

After about 5 minutes, all of the Time to Relax bath bomb has fully dissolved, and you are left with slightly purple tinged, dark blue coloured bath water.

Now that I have talked through how I personally used the Time to Relax bath bomb let’s get into its scent.

The Time to Relax bath bomb shares its scent with the Deep Sleep bath bomb. Its scent is both soothing and relaxing, this bath bomb really does live up to its name.

The Time to Relax bath bomb contains Epsom salts, lavender absolute and the following essential oils, lavender, chamomile blue and neroli. Scent-wise my nose mostly picks up on the lavender. It’s a very sweet and herbal scent.

As I said earlier, the Time to Relax bath bomb takes approximately 5 minutes to fully dissolve, bath salts included. Other Lush bath bombs that include sea salt such as the Geo Phyzz bath bomb have much bigger chunks of salt in them so can scratch your bottom when you first get in your bath.

Time to Relax bath bombs salt is a lot more gentle as it is Epsom salt, it seems to dissolve into your bath water long before you’ve even had a chance to check if any remnants of it still remain. 

Laying back in the bath water left behind by the Time to Relax bath bomb is a true escape from the stresses of real life. It really does give you the chance to put some time aside just to relax.

The bath water is silky smooth, and my skin laps it up, upon getting out of the bath my skin feels and looks hydrated. The relaxing scent lasts on my skin for a good few hours after getting out of the bath too.

Overall, I really enjoyed some much needed me-time made even more enjoyable thanks to the Time to Relax bath bomb. I hope to see more Epsom salt-based products in Lush’s future!

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