Black Rose Bath Bomb from Lush

Black Rose Bath Bomb

The Black Rose Bath Bomb was 1 of the 6 Lush Japan, exclusive bath bombs that were available to purchase in very limited amounts at the 2018 Lush Showcase; Each of the 6 bath bombs were sold for one hour only over the 2 day event.

Fortunately at the time of posting this review, the Black Rose is now readily available online and in Lush stores that have chosen to stock it as a part of the 30 years-of-bath-bombs celebrations. For anyone out of the loop, thirty years ago the bath bomb itself was invented by Mrs Lush (AKA Mo Constantine) in her garden shed.

A very happy 30th birthday to the bath bomb. They’re just a little bit older than me! 😉

The Black Rose bath bomb is quite the piece of art, made to look just like a black rose with red petal edges (that are hand painted on to each individual bath bomb might I add). The bath bomb’s attention to detail is just as beautiful as its scent.

Black Rose is a part of the Rose Jam scent family, you will most likely recognise it from the Rose Jam shower gel. The Rose Jam fragrance features heavily in several different Lush products throughout the year, it’s very popular so I could tell upon first sniff that the Black Rose bath bomb would sell well.

The Black Rose bath bomb contains rose, geranium and Sicilian lemon oil. Although Rose Jam is primarily a floral based, rose-rich scent, it also has other depths to it with the addition of the lemon oil, this pinch of sourness really rounds off the scent, it’s almost musky. Rose scents are stereotyped as a scent for older people but the Rose Jam scent is and can be enjoyed by both youngsters, old dears and all those in between!

Now I think I shall address its colour, this isn’t the first mainly black bath product Lush have released. The first black one in my memory was the Secret Arts jelly bomb. I will admit before using that for the first time I was terrified at the prospect of a very dirty bath after use, much to my surprise it wasn’t messy at all and neither was the Black Rose bath bomb.

With every bath bomb (even the light coloured ones) I do recommend using them in a clean bath as any bath bomb colour will cling to residue left in the tub (even the almost invisible stuff like soap scum.) If you do find yourself in a situation where a simple rinse with the shower head doesn’t work, my secret weapon is dish washer soap.

A sponge, hot water and dish washer soap cuts through grime and grease fantastically! I actually use it to clean my bath weekly.

Once the Black Rose bath bomb hits the water you are greeted with an explosion of black foam sizzling out of the bath bomb, slowly turning the bath water a dark and shimmery black.

As Black Rose charges around your bath spreading black foam it doesn’t take long for the hidden purply-pink innards of Black Rose to make an appearance. The photos I took and have put in this blog post do the bath art that Black Rose creates no justice at all.

It’s a fairly slow fizzer but once it has all gone you are left with jet black, shimmery water. The Rose Jam fragrance really suits the bath bomb format, I will be surprised if Lush do not use the scent for another future bath bomb too.

Overall I really did enjoy using the Black Rose bath bomb, it left my skin smooth and soft to the touch, its light scent remained on my skin for several hours after getting out of the bath too.

While it’s not one of my favourite bath bombs (you know how fussy I am if you’ve read any of my other reviews) I would happily use it again. Its design is almost too pretty to let it go down the drain, I was sad to see it go but it made for a super relaxing bath that I highly recommend. 😊

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