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Back in May the Lush Kitchen team put a list together of Lush’s most popular scents. We (the Lush community) then had to pick our ultimate top 5 scents from that scent list. With this list the Lush Kitchen had promised to make several never-before-been-released products with those chosen top 5 scents.

I was thrilled when I see that the Brightside scent had been chosen as one of the five, I wasn’t however surprised as it’s a beautiful scent family and one that I think Lush should have expanded long before now. Previous to this I believe there had only ever been two other Brightside scented products, the bubble bar and the Sunrise soap.

BSBL-FThe Brightside Body Lotion was therefore a very much welcomed member of my Lush product collection. Just like the bubble bar of the same name Brightside body lotion has your full attention as soon as you open its lid. Its scent is sweet and zesty which is to be expected with its generous citrus based ingredients list, it contains Mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oil.

All of these ingredients compliment each other beautifully, Brightside’s scent is delightfully cheery, refreshing and uplifting. Unlike the bubble bar and soap the Brightside body lotion however has cocoa butter in, this is totally understandable as the three products are all very different formats, naturally they won’t contain a match by match list of ingredients. After all, a body lotion wouldn’t be a very good lotion without any cocoa butter!

Although the body lotion’s scent is almost identical to both the Brightside scented bubble bar and soap the inclusion of the cocoa butter changes it ever so slightly. Upon first sniff I am reminded of my favourite type of chocolate, orange chocolate. The initial cocoa buttery scent does however dampen down once you get down to applying it.


The Brightside body lotion is quite thin in consistency, it’s not nearly as creamy as the likes of Sleepy or Celebrate body lotion. I actually quite like it like this though, I thought a small amount of Sleepy body lotion went a long way but nothing compares in this department to the Brightside body lotion, lotioning my self up with it makes me feel like I have bathed in unicorns milk, (because that’s a real thing…) It just makes my skin look and feel amazing.

So far all I have used of it is the excess lotion in the lid, with this I have moisturised my arms, legs and chest 5 maybe 6 times already, I love a product that lasts, even more so when it is an exclusive one. Once on your skin the Brightside body lotion isn’t at all greasy, it hydrates my skin just right. It looks and feels brighter.

Unfortunately the scent of the Brightside body lotion almost completely fades fairly soon after application. You can still detect it although it is very, very subtle. I’d love to see a shower gel or cream made in this scent. I have my fingers crossed for the future!

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