Lakes Bath Bomb from Lush

The Lakes Bath Bomb was first released by Lush as a product that was exclusive to August 2021’s Lush Kitchen subscription box. Shortly after this super-exclusive release it became a part of Lush UK’s regular line, giving more customers an opportunity to try it. At the time of writing this review it is still currently available.

Back before the Lakes was even released in the Lush Kitchen box, I read on one of Lush’s co-founders Instagram accounts that the Lakes bath bomb was inspired by a song written and performed by bestselling artist, Taylor Swift.

The Lakes bath bomb is a pretty little thing and is one of my favourite bath bomb releases from 2021. I am ecstatic that it has become a part of Lush’s permanent line. It would be a crime to have not made it more readily available for all to try.

It is a pastel green and pastel pink colour. To look at, it is very similar to (but not the same) as the charity bath bomb that was released by Lush a few years ago, Mermaid.

It is a standard shape and standard size bath bomb at 200g. There is just something about Lake’s pastel shades that make me instantly feel relaxed and refreshed. It’s plain but beautiful – sometimes less, is more.

The Lakes bath bomb was also inspired by the tranquillity of the Lake District, somewhere I have been lucky enough to visit back in my twenties. If I ever get to visit again – I’ll be sure to bring along a Lakes bath bomb.

The Lakes bath bomb has a long list of grounding and calming ingredients; labdanum resinoid, osmanthus absolute, myrrh resinoid, Siberian fir needle oil and oakmoss. Laying back in its waters really does make you feel as if you are reconnecting with nature.

The Lakes bath bomb’s scent is one I would love to have in perfume form. It’s fizzy like sherbet and both earthy and refreshing too. It’s not an easy scent to describe. The best I can come up with is that it’s like a breath of crisp, fresh air. One you’d only experience on a walk in the countryside.

As soon as you put the Lakes bath bomb into your bath water there is an explosion of green foam, as it bobs around the waters surface pink streaks begin to foam out of it too. The green and pink are both very cool shades which all adds to the tranquillity of the Lakes bathing experience.

Lakes is a slow fizzer, where its colours are of pastel shades, you don’t get any striking bath art, the colours do however create subtle light pink and green patterns. Lakes’ unique selling point is 100% its glorious scent.

As I said earlier, using it is just like you’re reconnecting with nature itself. If you shut your eyes and take a deep breath while lying in its waters it’s almost as if you’re bathing outside in the middle of a meadow, birds tweeting around you.

The Lakes bath bomb takes a good 10 minutes plus to fully dissolve. The water left behind is very similar to the water left behind by the Avobath bath bomb, however, Lakes’ water has a milkier more pearlescent finish. The water is silky smooth, my skin has never felt better after a good soak in the bath with a Lakes bath bomb.

Overall, I am a huge fan of this plain but beautiful bath bomb. I wholeheartedly stand by my earlier statement that it is one of my favourite Lush releases from 2021!

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