Mimosa Shower Gel from Lush

The Mimosa Shower Gel is a brand-new, limited-edition, Mother’s Day product that first became available in the UK in the middle of February 2022. I have well and truly grown bored of Lush’s small collection of all-year-round shower gels so was very excited to get a brand new one in the shower with me.

Mimosa shower gel is a beautiful shade of golden orange, when the sunlight hits it, it really reminds me of a fresh bottle of Calacas shower gel, it glows in exactly the same way. Lush have done the impossible with this shower gel, it is quite literally the sun in shower gel form.

It has a thick but easy to get out of the bottle consistency and since its release, has been popular throughout the Lush Community. There is something about it that is so incredibly moreish.

The Mimosa shower gel contains a long list of ingredients; elderflower infusion, fresh orange juice, wine lees oil, mimosa absolute, sweet wild orange oil, and carnation absolute to name just a few.

Give or take a few ingredients such as the mimosa absolute, the Mimosa shower gel shares a lot of the same ingredients as the Celebrate and Bubbly shower gels. I was really surprised when I first sniffed the Mimosa shower gel straight from the bottle, I was expecting it to smell a little like the shower gels I mentioned earlier but not quite as much as it did.

At first, I really was convinced that the Mimosa shower gel was just yet another version of a Celebrate scented shower gel. I thought Lush had cheated with their claim that Mimosa was a new scent entirely. Some products scents, particularly shower gels do however change in use so although I was sceptical of it being a new Lush scent, I kept an open mind.

As I said earlier, the Mimosa shower gels consistency is quite thick but not so thick it’s hard to get out of the bottle. It lathers up easily and a small amount goes a very long way too. Once the hot water and steam of the shower meets the shower gel and you begin to lather it up, its scent becomes less like the Celebrate shower gel and more of its own.

It is still very similar to the Celebrate shower gel scent wise BUT it has a floral twist that becomes less subtle and more dominant during use. As the mimosa note of the shower gels fragrance becomes more apparent the more, it reminds me of warmer weather and the sunshine. It literally washes away your Winter blues, it’s the perfect pre Spring pick-me-up.

My favourite thing about the Mimosa shower gel is however how it leaves my skin looking and feeling. After I’ve used it, the scent doesn’t last on my skin for very long (if at all) BUT it does leave my skin feeling incredibly soft. It’s also very hydrating; it seems to lock in moisture just as well as a body lotion does.- Overall, I really do like this shower gel, it’s perfect for this time of year. It’s quite literally a bottle of shower-gel-sunshine!

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