Jolly Shower Gel from Lush


The Jolly Shower Gel was recently released by Lush; It is a limited-edition product that is a part of Lush’s 2021 Winter line. It’s a brand-new product and a brand-new scent!

Jolly is bright orange and has a thick but easy to get out of the bottle consistency. Consistency wise it is very similar to the Bubbly shower gel from past Winter lines.

Jolly contains a very Christmassy list of ingredients; cinnamon stick, orange infusion and the following essential oils – clove bud, Brazilian orange, and tangerine. Jolly’s scent is a strange one – (by strange I don’t mean it is unpleasant) it’s just very different from what I am used to from Lush.

Jolly’s scent is in my opinion, incredibly complex. My nose picks up on several different things all at once. One part of its scent is a mouth-wateringly juicy orange then another is spicy because of the clove bud oil in it, it reminds me of chewing gum or some type of toothpaste.

Its scent is both warming and refreshing. As I said earlier Jolly’s consistency is thick but not so thick it’s hard to get out of the bottle. It lathers up in your hands easily and the warmth from the cinnamon and clove bud oils really comes through when mixed with the hot water and steam of the shower.

I will admit that I wasn’t blown away with Jolly when I sniffed it straight from the bottle, some aspects of it I found incredibly moreish and others I wasn’t so sure. Its scent did however grow on me once I’d tried it in the shower. My husband has requested a bottle for Christmas and another for his birthday which tells me he’s keen on it!

Jolly’s scent although very subtle can be detected on your skin once you’re out of the shower. It also leaves my skin soft and warm making it perfect for cold Winter months. It also cleanses my skin well and leaves it hydrated enough to get away with not moisturising after your shower.

While the Jolly shower gel hasn’t got me as excited as past Winter shower gels such as Cinders, Hot Toddy and Calacas, it has grown on me the more I have used it. I don’t think it will be the most popular out of the 2 new shower gels in the Winter line (we have been given the brand-new Plum Duff shower gel too) but it is the more Christmassy of the 2.

It’s rare for a shower gel outside of Snow Fairy to make an appearance two years in a row/year-in-year-out. I would love to see Jolly come back but know that Lush love a one-hit-wonder product, especially when it comes to their Winter-product line ups.

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Author: Lulu

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