Merry Christmas Shower Gel from Lush

The Merry Christmas Shower Gel is a fairly rare shower gel as (at the time of writing this review) it is currently only available in Lush’s 2021 advent calendar, behind door number 4.

You’ll recognise its scent from the discontinued, Valentine’s Day product the Cherryish body scrub.

Cherryish happens to be my most favourite of all of Lush’s body scrubs so I was very excited to try its shower gel equivalent.

The Merry Christmas shower gel is jam-packed with the prettiest golden shimmer, getting a photo of it was a very difficult task, the photo above is the best I could capture, and it does the real thing no justice at all. You really have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate how beautiful it is.

To look at the Merry Christmas shower gel is quite similar to the Hot Toddy shower gel, it is however a lot brighter shimmer wise and also more transparent. Consistency wise, the Merry Christmas shower gel is thick but still very easy to get out of the bottle.

The Merry Christmas shower gel contains aloe vera, agave syrup, cocoa absolute, cinnamon, and almond essential oil. Its scent is a very soft cherry fragrance with a small hint of chocolate.

Its scent is both warm and tangy like a sweet jam. As I said earlier its consistency is thick but not so thick it’s hard to get out of the bottle. It lathers up in your hands easily and the chocolate element within it really comes through when mixed with the hot water and steam of the shower.

I will admit that I find less-is-more when it comes down to using this shower gel. Its scent is a lot stronger in this shower gel form than it is in the Cherryish body scrub.

I find that using too much of the shower gel at once gives me a bit of a headache. Luckily a very small amount of the shower gel goes a very long way. This is also a bonus when you consider that this shower gel only comes in 100g bottles in a very expensive advent calendar set!

Merry Christmas’ scent although a lot more subtle now, can still be detected on your skin once you’re out of the shower. It also leaves your skin appearing brighter, as well as softening it too; It’s perfect to use in the cold Winter months.

I would love to see bottles of the Merry Christmas shower gel becoming available outside of this year’s advent calendar (2021)

We were given 2 brand new Winter shower gels in Jolly and Plum Duff this year, I think Merry Christmas would have complimented those 2 as a trio really well if they were all sold individually.

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