Green Coconut Jelly Bomb from Lush

Green Coconut Jelly BombWhen I heard of Lush’s latest invention the Jelly Bath Bomb, I was a little weirded out but equally curious and excited too. The Lush Jelly Bombs look just like an ordinary Lush bath bomb they however have a magic ingredient, sodium alginate. This ingredient is what divides the normal bath bombs to the jelly ones. Jelly bombs are meant to work in exactly the same way as the normal bath bombs, the difference between a jelly bomb and a bath bomb is, instead of just exploding with colour jelly bombs produce a foam-like-jelly that floats on the surface of the water instead.

Although I was initially a little freaked out at the idea of potentially bathing in slime, I found my first experience with the jelly bombs very pleasant. I tried the Dark Arts one first as I thought I’d hate that one the most, upon using it I was shocked at how much I had enjoyed it. It made for a very lovely bath. Which of course left me feeling terrible, (as always) as I had yet again doubted Lush by questioning Lush’s decision to release such a ‘weird’ product.

The Green Coconuts scent was not what I had expected at all, the clue of it being coconutty is in its name but I was expecting it to be very similar to the Big Calm shower jelly and Yellow Submarine bath bomb. I feel it is a lot smokier than Big Calm, it also has a splash of spice from the cinnamon leaf oil in it. When I first had it in my hands there were aspects of it that reminded me of the Yog Nog bath bomb, this association didn’t however last as soon after that I decided that I thought it smelt like korma sauce.

Once I had the korma sauce comparison in my head it was all I could smell, it made me worried to use it, a korma is one of my favourite meals but this didn’t mean I wanted to bathe in it?.

Instantly after coming into contact with the water Green Coconut begins to spin, spreading green foam across its surface. I noticed that unlike the Dark Arts jelly bomb, the Green Coconut foam took a lot longer to form into a jelly layer. It also didn’t have nearly as much as the Dark Arts had too.

It’s scent once in the bath became a lot more subtle, I was glad of this as it was now a fragrance I was happy to bathe in, although it did still leave me craving an Indian takeaway.

Eventually a layer of silky smooth jelly formed on the baths surface, my skin had never felt so well nourished before, the effect the seaweed based sodium alginate ingredient has on your skin is like nothing I have experienced while using Lush before, I am so, so impressed so much so that I am struggling to put it into words.

After about 10 minutes the jelly dissolves into just bath water, it thickens the water ever so slightly but in a smooth way, the water just feels so much softer. Green Coconut is by far the most moisturising baths I have had to date. If silk could be made into liquid form I suspect the bath water that Green Coconut creates would be it. I honestly believe that my skin wouldn’t feel this hydrated and soft even if I went swimming in a gigantic pot of Sleep body lotion.

After everything has dissolved you’re left with bright green water, it’s not quite as bright as the Fizzbanger bath bomb‘s green, I’d describe it as more of a bright but pastel green. Overall I am really impressed with this jelly bomb, so much so that I have more on the way. What I thought was going to be a novelty product has opened my eyes and I now intend on trying every jelly bomb Lush ever create!

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