Marmalade Jelly Bomb from Lush

Marmalade Jelly Bomb

The Marmalade Jelly Bomb is the last of the 4 recently released jelly bombs that I have yet to review. At first I really wasn’t sold on the idea behind the jelly bomb however after trying and enjoying The Big Sleep, Green Coconut and Dark Arts jelly bombs I was eager to try out Marmalade. When the information on these 4 jelly bombs leaked online, I admit that out of the 4 of them I was most excited to try Marmalade as I am a sucker for anything citrus.

Including a long list of brightening, uplifting and awakening ingredients – Brazilian orange, grapefruit and orange flower absolute to name just a few, I was so sure that sharing a bath with the Marmalade jelly bomb was going to be an amazing experience.

When my postman delivered my parcel containing the Marmalade jelly bomb I opened it up and was instantly greeted with a very bitter and sharp citrus scent, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. The grapefruit in the Marmalade jelly bomb was completely different from what I had grown to love throughout the use of the Frozen bath bomb. The Marmalade jelly bomb’s scent is very intense, so much so that I was hoping that the scent dampened down somewhat once put into the bath water.

Unlike the other 3 jelly bombs Marmalade has an extra hidden treat, inside is several chunks of orange slice reminiscent of the, The Sicilian bath bomb. As Marmalade comes into contact with your bath water it begins to ferociously hiss, sending a thin layer of small orange bubbles with a jelly like foam consistency across the waters surface. It was at this point that I realised the scent of Marmalade wasn’t going to dampen down, instead of the bath water diluting the jelly bombs scent it in fact strengthened it. It was at this point that I realised I’d finally come across a citrus based Lush product that I didn’t like.

I called my husbands name, I have very unstable joints so need assistance when getting in and out of the bath, I didn’t want to stay in the bath or the bathroom for another second. With the jelly bombs I advise being in the bath when you use them, this is because as the jelly forms it can make the bath quite slippery. I find that the slippery surface does however disappear as the jelly slowly dissolves into water. I got out and because I hadn’t given the jelly a chance to dissolve the bath tub needed a good hose down.

Even though I was only in the water with the Marmalade jelly bomb for a few minutes I did notice how soft and hydrated my legs felt once out. If you can stomach this jelly bombs scent then I’d definitely recommend it if you have dry skin, the effect the seaweed based sodium alginate ingredient within the new jelly bombs has on your skin is like nothing I have experienced while using Lush before. Each of the jelly bombs have left my skin in the perfect condition. Soft, hydrated and bright.

I personally won’t be using the Marmalade jelly bomb again based just on its scent. Unfortunately it’s just not a scent I enjoy. I get a lot of comments on my Instagram account saying that I ‘big up’ all of the Lush products regardless of how I actually feel about them. This isn’t true at all, I always tell the truth and I guess this post is proof. It’s not often I dislike a Lush product but sadly when it comes down to the Marmalade jelly bomb I’m not keen. It does have good qualities too and I have mentioned them above, scent is however very important to me when it comes down to Lush products so on scent alone I won’t be buying this jelly bomb again.

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