Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush

img_4776To look at, the Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar is pretty much my dream product as I LOVE flamingos. My house is decorated heavily with them. Why? because they make me happy, what could be cooler than a big pink bird?!

The Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar was first introduced to the public on Lush Oxford Street’s opening day back on the 24th of April 2015. When I very first see it splashed all over Instagram I couldn’t help but be beside myself with excitement about getting hold of one.

Most of Lush’s reusable bubble bars are on sticks. For me, this makes using them a lot easier as all I need to do is hold it by the stick while letting the bubble bar bit go under the running tap. (I’ve explained in almost every one of my bubble bar reviews previous to this, how the bubble bar works etc. I have also gone into detail on how I have to use a sieve for the ordinary bubble bars as I don’t have a dual-temperature tap). This reason alone gives the stick based reusable bubble bars an advantage (in my house anyway!)


I however often find that Lush’s reusable bubble bars when compared to Lush’s standard bubble bars such as Pop in the Bath aren’t as good when used. I find that the reusable bubble bars don’t produce as many bubbles and I also find that the water colour they create is never as bright or bold in comparison unless you use almost most of the product which means it isn’t a reusable product at all. In spite of this, I was still very eager to try the Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar as Lush have proved me wrong on so many previous occasions.

Pink Flamingo is scented just how I had imagined. It has a very gentle citrus scent, one that reminds me of a fruity cocktail, what makes this bubble bars scent so unique from every other Lush product is its use of the bergamot and ylang ylang oils. Together they both give off a subtle fruity fragrance and appear to counteract each other somewhat. The scent although softened down by this clever mix of ingredients, is still very noticeable yet, not too in your face. It is the perfect summer scent that leaves you feeling uplifted and stress free.


At the start of this bubble bar review I predicted how the Pink Flamingo would perform in the bath. Unfortunately I was actually right for once, well.. Half right any way. The ordinary bubble bars run rings around the reusable ones performance wise. With Pink Flamingo I did however manage to get 2 more-than-adequately bubbled bubble baths out of just the one bar, it just took a little longer than I am used to.

Naturally with a reusable bubble bar I’d expect copious amounts of uses (so more than 2) but when you compare Pink Flamingo to the likes of the smaller bubble bars such as Yuzu and Cocoa or Granny Takes A Dip, it’s actually not that much different and is probably one of the better reusable bubble bars that Lush have released.

It takes a lot longer for the bubbles to emerge with this reusable bubble bar, though this is probably more of a reflection of my poor levels of patience than a reflection of the bubble bar itself. Even though the bubbles are slow to materialise the scent instantaneously fills my bathroom with a delicate citrus fragrance while at the same time it slowly turns the water underneath the thin-bubble-blanket a very bright, shade of pink.

Although I am a little disappointed that I could only get 2 baths out of the one Pink Flamingo it was a lot better than I had expected when comparing it to other reusable Lush products such as the Santasaurus. The only other thing that I feel is worth a mention is that the Pink Flamingo didn’t create particularly moisturising bath water for my skin to enjoy. Again I find this with all of the reusable bubble bars that I have tried so far so it wasn’t a very unexpected surprise.

With all of this in mind I have stored the Flamingo reusable bubble bar in the novelty-product-collection section of my brain. It was a lot better than I had expected off of a reusable product but hasn’t quite made it to my list of top 10 bubble bars. It is however a very beautifully designed product that never fails to catch people’s attention!

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