Uluru Bath Bomb from Lush

Described as the next best thing to experiencing the truly beautiful Australian outback sunsets I can never help but grab a few Uluru Bath Bombs when they become available in the Lush Kitchen. The Uluru bath bomb is an orange and dusky pink bath bomb designed in a very similar way to the Frozen bath bomb, it is mostly orange but has a dusky pink belt around its middle. The colours of this bath bomb have been very cleverly selected for showcasing a kaleidoscope of Australian sunset colours; Oranges, yellows, pinks and corals.

The Uluru bath bomb shares its scent with the shower gel that goes by the same name, the shower gel is another Lush Kitchen item I always grab if and when possible.

The Uluru bath bomb has a wonderful mix of summery ingredients, Brazilian orange, sandalwood and lemon myrtle oils to name a few. Scent wise the Uluru bath bomb is quite literally Summer in bath bomb form.

The Uluru bath bomb is a gloriously rich, citrus-scented product. If you have read any of my previous Lush reviews you’ll know that I favour the citrus products as I feel they are an easy way to add a little bit of energy and cheer to your day. The Uluru bath bomb on its scent alone is a citrus fans dream product and once it gets plonked into the water it just gets better.

Although design wise the Uluru bath bomb is similar to the Frozen bath bomb, it isn’t a smidge on par with its level of foam producing once in the water. This means it lacks in the bath art department however it has talents elsewhere. The Uluru bath bombs scent totally dominates the bathroom and lulls you into a calm and refreshed state of mind.

Packed with a shed load of coarse-sea-salt, the Uluru bath bomb is not only an excellent product for your skin when it is in need of some love, softening and hydration but also great for tired and sore muscles too. When ever I use the Uluru bath bomb it always gives me a boost no matter how low or tired I feel.

The Uluru bath bomb is quite a fast fizzer which isn’t a negative point from me, its quick reaction with the water means that I can lay back and relax a lot quicker than I can when using other bath bombs, it also means I get a little longer to soak in the beautiful Uluru bath water too.

Up against its shower gel equivalent, the Uluru bath bomb is far more moisturising for your skin, both leave your skin appearing brighter and feeling softer but the bath bomb is definitely the better option for dehydrated skin for sure.

Overall I am immensely impressed with the Uluru bath bomb, I was a little disappointed with the lack of bath art it created but it has more than enough positive traits shown in its appearance and performance elsewhere.

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Author: Lulu

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