Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush

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When it comes down to Lush’s reusable bubble bars I am more than willing to admit that I either love them or hate them. For me there is no inbetween. This is because I find that some of the reusable ones just aren’t as colourful and vibrant in the water as the ordinary ones are.

A good example of a reusable bubble bar that wasn’t as good as I’d envisioned colour-wise was last years (2016) Santasaurus. Don’t get me wrong, it was perfectly fragranced and left my skin soft, it is just the colour it transformed the bath water into that let it down, it was a very murky green and it didn’t make me feel very Christmassy.

There are however a few reusable bubble bars that do match up to the ordinary bubble bars standards so I always give each one a go at least once. What had me intrigued about the Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar was the fact that there are 3 colours to try in just the one product purchase, orange, purple and pink…

The Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bar shares its scent with the Snowman shower jelly, I would however like to point out that its scent is not at all one I would associate with Christmas. It is in fact quite the opposite, it includes a mixture of lemon and bergamot oil and actually reminds me more of the Spring time. I guess this is why Bunch of Carrots has been released as an Easter product over the last few years.

Its scent is cheery and refreshing. I would love to try more products with its scent, I really do like it and an added bonus to it is that it reminds me of my nan and grandad’s house when I was little, not only does it smell beautiful and refreshing it also brings to light many happy memories for me too.

Surprisingly each carrot lasted for 2 baths each. The colour they turned the water were also all very vibrant, there wasn’t as many bubbles as I’d normally get though. The scent however stays throughout the whole of your bath and the lemon and bergamot in it really helps give you a boost. I can’t wait to try this years batch (2017). I will update this post if there’s any difference, (larger amount of bubbles ect) also the photos in this post need updating… I’ll get on it as soon as Lush Easter arrives! 😉

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