Zesty Body Spray from Lush

Previously known as the Calacas body spray, the Zesty Body Spray’s scent happens to be one of my most favourite Lush scents of all time. My first experience with a Zesty/Calacas scented product was when I ordered the Calacas shower gel back when Lush was all shiny and new to me.

I fell hopelessly in love after just one use and just like that, my Lush-life’s mission became trying anything and everything Lush brought out with the same fragrance.

Before the body spray’s release, I had been putting in weekly requests to Lush for a Calacas perfume for what felt like an eternity, it had been my most wanted product for well over 5 years. On the 1st of December 2018 Lush finally came through. The Lush Kitchen made a Calacas Body Spray! Since then, it has not only had a name change but has also been made into a mainline product thanks to it being so popular.

The Zesty body spray was inspired by the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico during the last week of October and first few days of November. It is a celebration in honour of the family and friends who are no longer with them.

Zesty contains lime, frankincense and neroli oils, the Zesty scent is sweet, sharp and thanks to the neroli oil an instant mood booster. Lush have joked that it’s so zingy it could wake the dead.

The Zesty scent is hugely popular within the Lush community and Lush have made it into many different product formats, my favourites that share its scent (other than the body spray and shower gel) are the Monsters’ Ball bath bombMan in the Moon bubble barThe Enchanter bath bomb and Calacas body lotion.

Zesty is a beautiful, citrus body spray. Another thing I really like about it is that it isn’t super-duper in your face strong like some other citrusy scents. One quick spray on to my clothes leaves me smelling of it all day.  I can often still smell it on my top if I wear it the next day too.

I love wearing it on special occasions so that whenever I do get a whiff of it, I feel special.

Another thing I like to do with it is spritz it on the ends of my hair. Several people have asked me what shampoo I use as my hair smells so lovely. Overall, I am over the moon with this body spray. It has pride of place on top of my dresser next to my Celebrate and Once Upon a Time body sprays.

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