The Olive Branch Bath Bomb from Lush

Very recently I found an old USB full of photos of Lush products that I thought I’d lost in a house move. I thought I’d explain that, as I am sure that a lot of my readers will be wondering where the sudden influx of old-Lush-product reviews have come from… I have had notes on certain products written up for years sat without any photos to use, hence me not ever officially reviewing them on here BUT with my old USB of photos it’s now possible to finally finish my reviews on them all!

Today I am reviewing, The Olive Branch Bath Bomb. The Olive Branch bath bomb first came out in the UK as a part of a huge community release back in November 2018. Before then it had only been available in one Lush store in the world, in Harajuku, Japan.

As its name suggests it shares a scent with The Olive Branch shower gel. The Olive Branch bath bomb is the standard shaped and sized bath bomb, being the same size as the Intergalactic and Avobath bath bombs.

To look at, the Olive Branch bath bomb is designed and made in exactly-the-same way as the Tender is the Night bath bomb, but where Olive Branch is orange, Tender is the Night is pink. It’s a very simple but cute looking design.

The Olive Branch bath bomb contains, orange flower absolute and the following essential oils, bergamot, lemon, Sicilian red Mandarin, and fair-trade olive oil. It’s a stunning and delicate citrus fragrance, perfect for anyone who is wary of the stronger Lush scents that Lush are often associated with.

Other products that share its scent are the Pop in the Bath and the, The Christmas Penguin bubble bars.

As soon as the Olive Branch bath bomb touches the water, small orange and white bubbles begin to spill out of it. More bubbles trickle out of it as it gently hisses away, bobbing around your bath like a tiny speedboat.

The Olive Branch bath bomb isn’t huge on bath art, its unique selling point is definitely its gorgeous scent. After approximately 5 minutes The Olive Branch bath bomb has fully dissolved leaving you with the silkiest, orange-tinted-bathwater. My skin has never felt better.

The Olive Branch bath bomb is incredibly hydrating because of the fair-trade olive oil in it BUT this doesn’t mean it leaves you feeling super oily, Lush seem to have the ratio of olive oil within this bath bomb just right. It’s just enough to moisturise your skin without you feeling at all greasy or overly oily.

Although the scent of The Olive Branch bath bomb is so gentle it can still be detected on your skin long after getting out of the bath. After using it, my skin still feels incredibly soft throughout the next day.

Yes, The Olive Branch bath bomb isn’t as exciting to watch perform in the bath as some of the other bath bombs included in the November 2018 community release such as the Marshmallow World and Melusine bath bombs but its scent and the way it leaves your skin feeling, after using it is like no other bath bomb.

I really loved this bath bomb and am sad that it has now been discontinued, it was one-of-the-best of the plainer bath bombs that Lush have ever released. I am hoping that one day, Lush will bring it back. 

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