Singing Daffodil Bubble Blower from Lush

The Singing Daffodil Bubble Blower is yet another reusable bubble bar from Lush that can also be used to blow bubbles. A part of 2021’s extensive and colourful Mother’s Day line, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

Containing everlasting flower absolute, ylang ylang and tagetes oils the Singing Daffodil reusable bubble bar has a very distinctive floral fragrance. Along with the floral base notes from the ylang ylang oil, the scent from the tagetes oil in it tricks your nose a little bit, giving the Singing Daffodil a very subtle zesty scent-layer to it too.

The Singing Daffodil bubble blower supposedly shares its scent with the Santa’s Grotto bath bomb, while I can certainly identify their likeness to each other I’d say that the Singing Daffodil’s fragrance isn’t nearly as powerful as the aforementioned bath bomb. I find it a lot more gentle.

To use the Singing Daffodil bubble blower for a bubble bath, all you have to do it hold it under a running tap as your bath fills up. A layer of bubbles begin to collect in the bath tub fairly quickly.

To use Singing Daffodil to blow bubbles, simply dip it in and out of your bath water then blow through the hole! – Unfortunately this novelty aspect of the bubble bar didn’t work for me as well as previous Lush bubble blowers did. I’m not sure if this could be because like the Blow Me A Kiss bubble blower, Singing Daffodil didn’t have a stick but I just couldn’t get nearly as many bubbles.

I can get 2 adequately bubbled bubble baths out of just one Singing Daffodil so it is reasonably good value for money. Underneath the blanket of bubbles your bath water is a light, glowing yellow colour, to look at, the water actually really reminds me of cloudy lemonade.

The bubble blowing side of this bubble bar was a bit of a disappointment but bubble bath wise it worked ok. I’m always honest in my reviews and I have to admit that for me this bubble bar wasn’t as enjoyable to use as others have been.

It’s a very subtle bubble bar – colours and scent wise. Although I haven’t rated it very high I can see this being a firm favourite amongst those that like a more gentle Lush bath. I however, personally just prefer a little bit more going on when I have a Lush bath.

A good point that I can end this review on is that I often find that the reusable bubble bars are a little drying on my skin, BUT the morning after using the Singing Daffodil bubble blower my skin feels lovely, soft and perfectly hydrated with no need for body lotion which is always a good thing if you’re always in a rush like me!

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