Salt Water Soother Magnesium Bath Bomb from Lush

Straight after Christmas 2022, Lush released a range of magnesium-based products. The new collection contains 3 magnesium massage bars and 2 Epsom salt bath-bomb-cubes. Today I am reviewing one of the Epsom salt bath-bomb-cubes, the Salt Water Soother Magnesium Bath Bomb.

The magnesium range was created with exercise and muscle recovery in mind as magnesium is said to have many benefits on your body before, during and after exercise.

While each of the magnesium products within this line have been made to help support exercise performance with a focus on your muscles and mind but you’ll be fine using them without exercising before/after too. 😉 *exhales a sigh of relief*

As a wheelchair user, exercise isn’t really my thing but anything that I can use that helps with aches and pains is a must try for me. The Deep Sleep Magnesium bath bomb is more focused on winding down after exercise, while the Salt Water Soother bath bomb is all about adding a spring to your step afterwards.

Epsom salt is very popular to use in hot baths to help with muscle pain, even though I don’t exercise as much as I’d like due to illness, I do get a lot of muscle pain. This is what drew me to the magnesium range and if I’m honest, pain relief is why I first got into Lush in the first place.

The Salt Water Soother bath bomb is cube shaped, 1 half of it is yellow and the other is blue. They are approximately 180g each so a little bit smaller than the average sized Lush bath bomb.

The Salt Water Soother bath bomb contains, peppermint, eucalyptus and spearmint oils. It has a super uplifting scent, just one sniff could wake the sleepiest of souls. The eucalyptus and peppermint in it are what my nose picks up on the most. I can see this bath bomb also being a good pick-me-up if you have a cold or worst still, a hangover!

As soon as the Salt Water Soother bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with a loud hiss. The yellow and blue colour that spills out of the bath bomb are bold and bright. Like the aforementioned bath bomb, Deep Sleep Magnesium, the Salt Water Soother is a very quick dissolver and didn’t create any bath art.

The Salt Water Soother bath bombs scent intensifies and engulfs your bathroom from the moment the bath bomb touches the hot water. Within just 2 minutes the Salt Water Soother bath bomb has fully dissolved leaving you with super soft, neon green bath water. This bath bombs star qualities are its scent and how it leaves you feeling both physically and mentally.

My skin lapped up the wonderfully soothing magnesium infused waters, it left my skin so incredibly soft and really did make a difference to my aching muscles. Laying back in its waters leaves me feeling energised and refreshed.

Overall, I loved everything about the Salt Water Soother bath bomb. Its scent and its ingredients really do leave my muscles soothed and ready to take on the rest of the day. Used in the morning it really does make a difference on how my day goes.

If you’re chasing a boost of energy in a nice and relaxing atmosphere, I couldn’t recommend using the Salt Water Soother bath bomb more. Although I no longer do much exercise, it really does put a spring in my step!

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