Mario Shower Gel from Lush

Lush’s most recent collaboration with the, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is Lush’s most popular collaborations yet. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Mario Shower Gel. This bright red shower gel has gone down a storm with Lush customers and has brought in a whole load of new customers too! Interestingly, Mario isn’t the first bottled shower product that Lush have released in its scent. You’ll recognise its scent if you were lucky enough to try the Santa’s Christmas shower cream back in the Winter of 2017.

The most obvious difference between the 2 products is that Mario is a shower gel and Santa’s Christmas was a shower cream, but both are used in the same way. As someone who has had a chance to use both I can say which of the 2 I think were better. Without hesitation I’d pick the Mario shower gel every time.

As you can see from the photographs I have included in this review, the Mario shower gel is the brightest of reds, fitting in with Mario the character perfectly.

As I said earlier, I much prefer the Mario shower gel over the Santa’s Christmas shower cream that shared its scent. The formula is so much better, it’s a bolder red and so smooth that it oozes out of the bottle.

The Mario shower gel contains fresh pomegranate juice, benzoin resinoid and the following essential oils, Persian lime, aniseed, and black pepper. Its scent is magnificent, it’s just like a tall glass of fizzy cola with a slice of lime on its side, it’s tangy, sweet, and packed full of energy.

This truly beautiful shower gel is thick but easily glides out of the bottle, it is, in my opinion the perfect consistency for a shower gel. Another great thing about the Mario shower gel is that a very little amount of it goes an incredibly long way. You only need the smallest amount of it to wash your whole body. It lathers up quickly and cleans your skin with ease.

The scent of the Mario shower gel is at its best when it comes together with the hot water and steam of your shower. The scent fills your bathroom and remains in the air, long after you’ve got out of the shower. It not only leaves my skin clean, hydrated, brighter, and incredibly soft it also leaves it lightly scented with the cola scent too.

If you have read my review on the Love shower gel, you’ll know how disappointed I was for all of the UK customers that couldn’t get it in a bottle (Lush UK decided that the UK would only be offered the sphere options in 2023). I am thanking the Lush gods that Lush decided to scrap the spheres as I’d have been devastated to miss out on a bottled Mario shower gel. I doubt Lush would have released the Mario Bros. shower gels in anything but a bottle regardless of scrapping the spheres or not though…

2022 was Lush’s best year for shower gels, I didn’t think it was possible to top it but Lush have well and truly topped 2022 shower-gel-wise and we’re only 3 months in to 2023! Do I recommend the Mario shower gel? YES, YES, YES! Go grab a bottle before it’s too late!

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