Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream from Lush

Santa's Christmas Shower Cream

The only Lush shower creams that I have truly been head over heels in love with both got discontinued earlier this year, (2017). I was therefore in two minds when I heard about the Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream. Never before been released, Santa’s Christmas shower cream is a brand new Lush product made for 2017’s long awaited Winter line. The shower cream is bright and bold, it radiates ‘Christmas’ with its pillar-box-red colour.

Just as Lush shower creams are meant to be, Santa’s Christmas is a fantastically thick formula. When I read its ingredients list; cinnamon, black pepper, lime oil and coffee, I expected it be something in between the likes of the Hot Toddy and Sonic Death Monkey shower gel. The tradition of me predicting a new products scent fantastically wrong (after just reading its ingredients list) wasn’t broken. Its scent is like neither of the 2 aforementioned shower gels at all.

Santa’s Christmas shower cream smells just like the value cola you get in your local supermarket. I rarely drink cola but after taking off the lid of the Santa’s Christmas shower cream I detected the bitter-sweet and creamy cola scent straight away. It takes me straight back to my childhood and all of the parties where all we did was drink fizzy drinks, eat jelly and ice cream and just get more and more hyper, wreaking havoc wherever we were.

Upon use I find creating a decent lather very difficult when using Santa’s Christmas shower cream. I find it a little easier when the water is as hot as I can stand it (which isn’t ideal). I feel as if I have to use a lot more of the product than I am used to with Lush products just to get the desired effect of a shower cream. The scent also gets lost on me during use which leaves me pretty underwhelmed.

Although I was a little sceptical, I really did think that Santa’s Christmas shower cream was going to fill the void that the discontinuation of The Comforter and Yuzu and Cocoa shower creams had left in my life. In some aspects Santa’s Christmas is a good shower cream but I just feel the aforementioned original duo were so much better. They brightened, hydrated and soothed my skin, both of their gorgeous scents also lasted on my skin hours and hours after using them.

After using Santa’s Christmas, my skin is left feeling soft and definitely appears brighter it however doesn’t feel particularly hydrated. I don’t dislike Santa’s Christmas shower cream by any means, I just feel as if it’s not the best that Lush have created thus far. I will not be letting my one bottle of it get dusty on my shower cream shelf, I will carry on using it until it has all gone but I will not be buying a another bottle. If I did attain another bottle it would be from a Lush gift set that I hope to pick up in the boxing day sales on Tuesday.

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Author: Lulu

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