Gold Rabbit Bath Bomb from Lush

The Gold Rabbit Bath Bomb is a product specifically made for the Lunar New Year celebrations. It was released at the end of December 2022 just in time for the start of 2023, the year of the rabbit.

Last year, Lush created another product for Lunar new year with the release of the Lucky Tiger bath bomb, I really liked it so I was incredibly excited to see that Lush had once again decided to celebrate the Lunar New Year with yet another, year-of-the bath bomb.

The Gold Rabbit bath bomb is just a little bit smaller than the standard sized bath bomb weighing in at 180g. It’s created in the shape of a flower-decorated rabbit. Its colour and golden shimmer is very similar to the likes of the aforementioned Lucky Tiger, Rose Gold and Partridge in a Pear Tree bath bombs.

The attention to detail makes the Gold Rabbit such a beautiful bath bomb, the intricate flowers etched into it makes it hard to believe that Lush bath bombs are hand pressed. Since 3D printing technology has improved (making it possible for more complicated bath-bomb-mould designs) the details of Lush bath bombs have gotten better and better.

Gold Rabbit is a pale red (almost cerise) bath bomb coated in plastic-free, shimmery golden pigment (mica). It’s an incredibly sparkly bath bomb so not for the faint hearted, ALTHOUGH – I always feel like I must explain in my reviews of products like this that there’s no need to be afraid of anything from Lush that is sparkly.

When I first got into Lush the thought of using ‘glittery’ products terrified me. However, it’s not at all scary and after just one ‘glittery’ bath I was sold on all things shimmery. Bath bombs such as the Gold Rabbit make for very pleasant experiences, it’s not like jumping into a giant pot of glitter, I promise!

Gold Rabbits scent is from Lush’s scent family, Grass. It is a hugely popular, Lush-retro-fragrance that has featured in copious amounts of different Lush products, in several different formats over the years. There has been a reboot of the shower gel most recently, I will be reviewing it on here sometime soon.

The Gold Rabbit bath bomb contains a long list of ingredients including the likes of: Sandalwood, bergamot and neroli oils. Its scent is best described as being very similar to freshly cut grass. It’s earthy, fresh, and warm.

As soon as the Gold Rabbit bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with a gentle hiss. Small cerise bubbles fizzle out of it as the water quickly turns an orangey pink. The golden shimmer also starts to spread around the water too, as the light captures it shimmering, I couldn’t help but ‘ooo’!

Much like last year’s Lunar-new-year bath bomb you don’t get any bath art out of Gold Rabbit and it’s not a foamy bath bomb either. The star points of Gold Rabbit are its scent and the beautiful shimmering water it leaves behind.

It’s a fast fizzer so you’ll be able to lay back to enjoy its sparkly waters in no time at all. The Gold Rabbit bath bombs scent remained on my skin right through until the next day and left my skin soft and refreshed too.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Gold Rabbit bath bomb, it’s a fantastic product inspired by a beautifully reflective and special time of year. I am looking forward to seeing what Lush come up with for Lunar new year, 2024!

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