Rose Gold Bath Bomb from Lush

The Rose Gold Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited edition product from Lush’s 2021 Mother’s Day collection. The care and attention to detail that Lush have put in to designing this bath bomb blows me away, it’s a piece of art, so much so that it took all of my willpower to put it in to my bath water.

I really, really didn’t want to see it slowly disappear only to go down the drain never to be seen again…

As you can see from the above and below photos, the Rose Gold bath bomb is incredibly detailed, Lush really went to town with the 3d printer when creating the mould for this bath bomb.

The more I stare at the Rose Gold bath bomb, the more type of flowers that seem to appear in the bath bombs design, it looks like the Lush gods carved it with unicorn horns! 😉 I see daisies, roses, ivy… The list goes on and on.

The Rose Gold bath bomb shares its scent with the Winter Garden bath bomb from 2020’s Winter line. Containing benzoin resinoid, ylang ylang and bergamot oil its scent is a rich yet musky, floral blend.

The Rose Gold bath bomb is as its name suggests, a rose gold colour decorated with a light sprinkling of natural golden shimmer.

As soon as the Rose Gold bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of dark pink. I wasn’t expecting much bath art from the Rose Gold bath bomb as Lush had put in so much effort with its exterior design BUT after a few minutes, orange and pink swirls began to fizzle out of it. Leaving pretty patterns across the water surface.

Bath art wise, the Rose Gold bath bomb is incredible. My photos in this post do it no justice at all. If you’ve used the Christmas Sweater bath bomb it’s just as spectacular as that in the water.

Once the Rose Gold bath bomb has fully dissolved you’re left with bright orange, silky-soft bath water.

The musky floral fragrance lasts right up until the last drop of water goes down your plug hole. It also stays on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day too. I normally find the more floral-based-ingredients that bath bombs have, the dryer they are on your skin. The Rose Gold bath bomb however left my skin perfectly hydrated and appearing and feeling much brighter.

Overall I really enjoyed getting to know the Rose Gold bath bomb, the clear winning factor of it is definitely its design, I don’t think Lush have ever created a more intricate, visually pleasing bath bomb!

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