Luigi Shower Gel from Lush

Lush’s most recent collaboration with the, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is Lush’s most popular collaborations to date. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Luigi Shower Gel. This neon green shower gel has been flying off of the shelves since its release.

Both shower gels from the, The Super Mario Bros. collection, Luigi and Mario, are remakes of older shower gels. Mario is a remake of Santa’s Christmas and Luigi is a remake of the So White shower gel.

Remakes of older products can sometimes be a little boring and feel stale but Lush have really outdone themselves with the Luigi shower gel, IT IS PERFECT. Everything I wasn’t too keen on in the So White version has been perfected in Luigi. I absolutely adore the Luigi shower gel; I’m going as far as to say that I think it’s my favourite shower gel Lush have ever released. EVER. It puts all of the others to shame.

As I said earlier, the Luigi shower gel is neon green, the scent it comes in is from the So White/Once Upon A Time Lush-scent-family. I much prefer the Luigi shower gel over the So White shower gel because the formula is much better; It’s thicker and doesn’t need a good shake before using it. With it being a much thicker formula, it doesn’t slip out of the bottle so easily, So White was always very watery, which is the complete opposite of Luigi.

Even though the Luigi shower gel is quite thick it’s easy to get out of the bottle making it perfect for people like me who have bad hands. You can see from the photo above how sturdy the formula is by how well the blob in the photo is formed.

The Luigi shower gel contains a long list of ingredients; bergamot oil, Brazilian orange oil, rose absolute, neroli oil, orange flower absolute and fresh apple juice, to name just a few!

The So White/Once Upon A Time Lush-scent-family has always been my favourite from Lush. It’s best described as crisp, freshly sliced apples. Past products that share the same scent include, the Rumba shower jellyOnce Upon A Time body lotion and body spray, the Partridge in a Pear Tree, and Atom Heart Mother bath bombs.

The scent of the Luigi shower gel is at its best when it comes together with the hot water and steam of your shower. I have tried this scent family in so many product formats before now, but none have carried the scent as well as the Luigi shower gel.

The sweet apple scent is so incredibly mouth-watering; it just works so well in the shower gel format. The scent of the shower gel quickly fills your bathroom and remains in the air and on your skin, long after you’ve got out of the shower. After use, my skin is left super-clean, perfectly hydrated, and silky-smooth to the touch.

I am devastated that the Luigi shower gel is only a limited-edition product as it really is the best Lush shower gel I have ever used. I have my fingers crossed that the Super Mario Bros makes as many films as Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts combined so that there’s always an excuse for Lush to stock it. 😉

What more can I say about this incredible shower gel? I didn’t think it was possible to get so excited over a shower gel but here I am! Do I recommend the Luigi shower gel? YES!!! Grab it while you can and make sure you save a bottle or 4 for me while you’re at it!

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