Karma Yantra Bath Bomb from Lush

The Karma Yantra Bath Bomb started off it’s Lush life as a Lush Spa exclusive, it wasn’t available to purchase and was exclusively used only within the Karma spa treatment. I haven’t been lucky enough to have the Karma treatment yet BUT I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to experience it one day in the not so distant future. 🤞

Back in 2019 Lush released a shed-load of limited edition bath bombs in celebration of 30 years since one of the brains-behind-Lush, invented the bath bomb.

Luckily one of the bath bombs out of the long list of limited edition releases happened to be the Karma Yantra bath bomb; Therefore for a small amount of time, people could buy it and try it outside of the spa treatment!

Karma Yantra’s scent is from the Karma scent family. Karma is a hugely popular fragrance that features in copious amounts of different Lush products, in several different formats.

The Karma Yantra bath bomb has a long list of ingredients, on paper you’d think all of them would never work together but in reality – all of them blended together really work. Each ingredient compliments one another perfectly.

The most prominent ingredients that come through when I sniff the Karma Yantra bath bomb are the patchouli, orange and pine oils. The scent is very refreshing – which I think is down to the orange and pine oils in it. The patchouli also adds a peppery almost spicy layer to its fragrance.

The Karma Yantra bath bomb quite simply oozes happiness and good vibes.

Karma Yantra is a flat, rather large bath bomb. Its size and thickness is very similar to the Skydancer Far From The Madding Guns and Granny Takes A Dip bath bombs. It is a fantastically bold orange colour with raised yellow indents; the yellow indents show a sun-frame-like circle with an equilateral triangle inside; Inside that triangle is another equilateral triangle and so on.

Once placed in to the bath water you are greeted with a hiss of fizzing orange bubbles. With the bath bomb being flat and therefore skinnier than the normal round bath bombs, it doesn’t take very Long to dissolve. It’s not a bath-arty type of bath bomb either, it’s beautifully designed but I think the highlight and main selling point for this bath bomb is its breath-of-fresh-air, welcoming scent.

Overall I really enjoyed using the Karma Yantra bath bomb, my skin felt fabulous after use and the Karma scent remained on my skin well into the next day too.

I hope that I can experience the Karma spa treatment one day. I have my fingers crossed, it’s very high up on my bucket list! 🤞

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