Eggy Wegg Bath Bomb from Lush


The Eggy Wegg Bath Bomb first featured in 2021’s Easter line, with it being my favourite colour, it was the very first product within the line that caught my eye. Bright pink with 3 fried eggs on its top-half as decoration, it’s hard to not be drawn to it.

Eggy Wegg is similar in design to the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb, instead of 3 clouds the Eggy Wegg bath bomb has its 3 fried eggs. Others have also compared Eggy Wegg to the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, while both have 3 unique decorations on its top half, unlike Eggy Wegg’s fried eggs, the golden stars in Shoot for the Stars are mini bath melts.

I don’t like the comparison of Eggy Wegg and the aforementioned Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, I find the added bath melts in a bath bomb really do make for a completely different bathing experience. If you’re like me and don’t always enjoy super hydrating baths, then Eggy Wegg is well worth a try.

The Eggy Wegg bath bomb includes ingredients that I wouldn’t ever imagine working together, strangely they do however work. Sicilian lemon and spearmint oil blend together to give Eggy Wegg a fragrance a bit like a big bag of pick-and-mix sweets.

Its scent has a tropical-fruit twang and also a generous helping of invigorating spearmint. Both scents round each other off, it’s a unique scent but one I’d love to see in other product formats in the future.

As soon as the Eggy Wegg bath bomb comes in to contact with the bath water you are greeted with a hiss of hot pink, fizzing bubbles. It doesn’t take long for the beautiful bath art to begin spilling out of the bath bomb, charging around your bath tub.

Pink, yellow and white swirls begin to dance their way around the water surface, creating the most beautiful swirling bath art. The photos I have included in this review do the Eggy Wegg bath bomb no justice at all.

The yellow and pink patterns created by Eggy Wegg clash perfectly, if you’re familiar with the Angels Delight bath bomb, expect the same type of stand-out bright yellow and warm pink bath art.

Once the Eggy Wegg bath bomb has fully dissolved you are left with bright pinky-orange tinted water. The water is silky-smooth and leaves your skin appearing and feeling softer and brighter.

For a bath bomb with a mix of such dominantly scented ingredients (lemon and spearmint) you’d expect its fragrance to be really strong on your skin, it is however a very subtle fragrance, not at all in-your-face. I could see the fragrance working very well in a body lotion format.

Overall I am very much in love with the Eggy Wegg bath bomb, it didn’t smell how I imagined an Easter product to smell but I think that’s what has made it so perfect. I’ll be very sad if this bath bomb doesn’t come back next Easter.

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