Bombardino Bath Bomb from Lush

I had always passed on ordering a Bombardino Bath Bomb when it was in the Lush Kitchen. When money is tight and you’re not sure what a product even smells like, it is safer to just save your money for something you know you’ll love. This attitude makes it very difficult to find and explore new products but sometimes it’s just not possible to do so. As much as we’d all like to buy everything Lush ever made it’s not very realistic. Unfortunately the Bombardino had fallen into the ‘maybe another time‘ category, every time it came up on the Lush Kitchen menu for me.

Now that the Lush Kitchen has however stopped being a weekly affair, I thought I’d try out the Bombardino as it was a part of the Lush Kitchen Winter exclusives this year (2017). Upon the bath bomb’s arrival I realised that what I had ignorantly regarded as a bit of a novelty product was actually one of my best Lush discoveries yet.

The Bombardino is a relatively small bath bomb and is not much bigger than the original Think Pink bath bomb. Its smaller size is reflected in the products price so I didn’t feel to hard done by. Everyone also knows that size doesn’t matter, especially when it comes down to Lush bath bombs! Although each Bombardino bath bomb is designed to look the same, where they are hand made each have their own unique quirks. I particularly like the Lush products that are designed as little creatures, the handmade variations of each individual item gives every single one their very own personality which is all a part of Lush’s charm.

I had never actually heard of a Bombardino until Lush made the bath bomb. I had to look it up on Google (how did we ever get by without it?) and apparently it is a hugely popular drink throughout Italy during the Winter season. For this odd but incredibly cute bath bomb Lush have taken inspiration from a best served hot, Winter drink which also happens to be just how I like to take my baths…

The Bombardino bath bomb has a unique blend of ingredients, it contains vanilla absolute and both lemon and bergamot oil. Its scent reminds me of vanilla custard, brown sugar and shortbread. A lot of people have compared it to the Yog Nog bath bomb, I can see what they mean however, the Bombardino has a scent all of its own. I am in shock that Lush haven’t tried to create more products with its scent as it’s beautifully moreish, even before you’ve plonked it in the bath.

Once the Bombardino bath bomb is in the water it starts to quickly fizzle away, it wasn’t until it was in the bath that I realised it shared some elements that were very similar to the Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream. I think this was because of the cocoa butter that is in it. As soon as I detected the similarity between the two, I grabbed a bottle of the shower cream to use with it.

The Bombardino bath bomb is a very fast fizzer, this was what I had however expected considering its size. What really stood out for me with this product was how quickly it changed the bath water, within seconds of it entering the bath the water became so much softer and silky to the touch. It created the perfect environment for my dehydrated-Winter-beaten-skin. My skin lapped it up and felt and looked at its best for the next couple of days.

Overall I am really impressed with this bath bomb and very unimpressed with myself for not trying it a lot sooner. I have a million and one cocktail ideas spinning in my head right now, the Bombardino bath bomb is so versatile. I think it would pair nicely with Let the Good Times Roll Fresh Cleanser, the Pumpkin bath bomb and of course the The Magic of Christmas bubble bar, I really, really wish that I had ordered more.

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