Apple Crumble Bubble Bar from Lush

The Apple Crumble Bubble Bar finally became available to purchase in the UK back in April 2021. Its initial release had been delayed several times before then and the wait for it felt like an eternity, so much so that I had started to believe that the UK weren’t ever going to get it… 

I’m a huge fan of all things apple so was very excited to get a hold of the apple-shaped bubble bar.

The Apple Crumble bubble bars scent is a brand-new Lush-scent-family (to me anyway). A lot of customers including myself assumed that the bubble bar shared its scent with the Once Upon a Time body spray, at first, I admit to being a little disappointed that it didn’t share a scent, the disappointment however evaporated away as soon as I finally got to give Apple Crumble a sniff!

The Apple Crumble bubble bar contains myrrh resinoid, orange flower absolute, fresh apple pulp, shea butter, cinnamon leaf oil and organic cocoa butter. Its scent is delicious, it smells just like freshly sliced apples sprinkled in cinnamon sugar.

After spending months looking at the Apple Crumble bubble bar on Lush customers outside of the UK’s Instagram accounts, I was very surprised with its size once I finally had it in my hands. 

At 200g each the Apple Crumble bubble bar is the exact same weight as the Brightside and the, The Comforter bubble bars.

The one thing I love about bubble bars is that they can be spread out over several baths while bath bombs can only really be used in just the one bath. I was therefore pleased to find out that a very little amount of the Apple Crumble bubble bar goes a ridiculously long way.

To use the Apple Crumble bubble bar, I put broken up pieces of it into a sieve and let the running bath-water trickle over it. I find this the most effective way to use single use bubble bars. This method is also the best way to ensure none of the bubble bar gets accidentally wasted and through trial and error, I have found that this method makes the most bubbles.

The first time I used the Apple Crumble bubble bar I decided to chuck half of one into a sieve, the bubbles began to grow very quickly, within just a few minutes I regretted using so much. It was like I’d stepped into my very own private foam party.

The water underneath the thick blanket of fluffy white bubbles is the deepest, most shimmery red colour I have seen created by a bubble bar from Lush in a very long time. It looks very similar to the beautiful waters created by the Poisson D’Avril bubble bar BUT Apple Crumble is so much silkier on your skin.

I don’t think my skin has ever felt so smooth after a bath before, there was no need to moisturise once I got out and the scent stayed on my skin for the rest of the day too.

Overall, I am super impressed with the Apple Crumble bubble bar. I am really looking forward to future products sharing its same delicious scent… I am also looking forward to reviewing the other fruit crumble bubble bars for you in the near future too!

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