Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb from Lush

The Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited edition product from Lush’s 2021 Mother’s Day collection. When I learnt that it shared its scent with my all-time favourite Lush bath bomb (So White 2016 edition) I ordered 2 as soon as they became available.

The Atom Heart Mother bath bomb is light blue in colour and decorated with 3 white clouds on its top part, a lot of people have been comparing the cloud design to the ‘Woody wallpaper’ used in Andy’s bedroom in the Disney film, Toy Story.

A lot of Lush customers have become rather perplexed at the point of discovering the Atom Heart Mother bath bombs peculiar name. I myself was very confused, as well as slightly annoyed with its name. As someone who never stops talking about Lush a name that doesn’t roll off of the tongue can be some-what bothersome! 😉

After a quick Google I learnt that Lush didn’t just throw 3 random words together; The Atom Heart Mother bath bombs name was in fact inspired by the name of Pink Floyd’s first number 1 album.

I personally couldn’t name or sing/hum a single Pink Floyd song even if my life depended on it. I am however confident that many older customers (or those with a wide range of musical knowledge) will get the reference immediately.

According to Google, the rock band came up with the albums bizarre name after coming across an article in a newspaper that was about a woman who had been fitted with a ‘nuclear-powered pacemaker’. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether that is true or not!

Now that the Atom Heart Mothers peculiar name has been explained some-what, I can begin to let you all know my thoughts on the bath bomb itself.

When my parcel containing the Atom Heart Mother bath bombs arrived, I was pleased to see (or should I say smell) that its scent was exactly the same as the So White bath bomb that I mentioned earlier. Containing a blend of rose absolute, bergamot, neroli and Brazilian orange oils the Atom Heart Mothers scent smells just like crisp, freshly sliced apple chunks.

As soon as the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb comes in to contact with your bath water you are greeted with a gentle hiss of small blue and white bubbles. After a minute or so pink bubbles begin to materialise from it as well.

It doesn’t take long for the pink bubbles to become the most dominant of the 3 colours spurting out of the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb. Slowly but surely pink, white and small flecks of blue-bubbly-foam make beautiful swirling patterns on the bath water’s surface as the Atom Heart Mother charges around like a miniature power boat.

Underneath the blanket of beautiful bath art left behind by the bath bomb is silky soft, lilac coloured bath water. Unlike some Lush bath bombs the Atom Heart bath bombs scent remains through-out the entire time you are in the bath. Once out of the bath the apple scent also remains on your skin for the rest of the day.

I always come out of an Atom Heart Mother bath feeling instantly refreshed, its scent is incredibly uplifting and always gives me a real happiness-boost. I can’t help but top up its scent with the Once Upon A Time body sprayAtom Heart Mothers body spray equivalent.

Any product that has the So White/Once Upon A Time fragrance will always be one of my favourites as, as I said earlier it is one of if not my favourite Lush scent family. Since taking the colour out of the So White bath bomb back in 2019 the Lush Community have been crying out for a colourful tantamount and the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb does not disappoint! 😊

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